Day 11 of 56: Respite

Usually, at least for an introvert like me, staying home and doing nothing is all the respite needed to recharge. That all goes out the window when you’re stuck at home with nobody to talk to but the cats.

Did a little more reading for my business ethics class, vacuumed a spider that violated our peace treaty, and got myself sucked into Facebook. A little after 2 I realized I was running extremely low on some supplies. After a little more time-wasting online I started getting ready to leave. Got a Marco Polo from my best friend, so we chatted for a little bit. We usually meet up once a week and go shopping, it’s been almost a month since we last did that. We decided we were going to go shopping together but apart. Athena was being adorable and kept trying to steal my shoes by their laces under the door, so I had to let that play all the way out.

The Foodening

My friend and I met up in our respective vehicles, rolled down the windows, and tried to figure out where we wanted to eat. We’re both so tired of making our own meals. I was craving Hawaiian or a hamburger, we decided on Hawaiian. Went to the best Hawaiian restaurant in town; I got my favorite plate: teri chicken, teri beef, noodles, and rice. I usually get mac salad instead of rice, but I’ve been eating a lot of mac salad lately. Next time.

After we picked up food, we went to Fred Meyer. We pulled our cars next to each other and rolled down the windows again so we could talk and eat. It’s kind of our thing. We did the responsible thing and made sure we were physically at least 6 feet apart. We may have needed to do our normal routine, but no need to be irresponsible.

The Shopping

We both feel the same way: shopping in the current situation creates a lot of anxiety. Fred Meyer was a lot less crowded than it usually would be (though my frame of reference is a weeknight, not midday) but there was still way more people there than either of us felt comfortable with. Once cool thing was that there was an associate at the door with the carts and he told us that all the carts had been sanitized so there was no need to wipe it down again. Super cool, good job Freddies!

We were able to stay 6 feet away from each other, that wasn’t very hard. It was keeping everyone else away from us that proved difficult. I saw a few people with masks, and I’ll admit I was a little jealous. I grabbed a container of pre-cut watermelon, because I’m worth it. It took us about 3 tries to get to the spaghetti, every time we went by that aisle it was PACKED. Finally got everything we needed, sans toilet paper still, and headed to check out. Self check was wrapped all the way to the Starbucks kiosk, and if you stand in line for any of the others you have people who have to walk within a couple feet of you to get past. Not ideal.

The Unwinding

Since it’s been raining/snowing and will for the next week or so, we decided to go to the parking garage downtown. Since its construction we’ve always gone to the top level to hang out, but with the rain and the fact we have to be in separate vehicles, we opted to go one level down. Talked for over an hour, catching up on everything. I was able to convince her to start doing the podcast over Discord since we have to shelter, so we should hopefully have our first episode up very soon.

I think that with us talking at the parking garage like we’ve done for the last 12 years gave us the sense of normalcy that we both needed. We were physically apart, but for an hour back together.



Thankfully, I have a can of Lysol so I sprayed a bunch of things down. The store in the village is small and sparsely occupied, while Freddies had so many people. It just felt like the safer thing to do.

Turnip has all but destroyed his mouse toy, so I bought him some catnip yarn poof things. He wanted nothing to do with it at first, but then I sprayed it with some more catnip and now he’ll suddenly run across the room and fling it around. Little asshole is an asshole and then does all this cute shit. So I can’t really hate him too much.

Some of my leftover Hawaiian deliciousness, and continuing my Deep Space 9 marathon.



I’m not really sure why, but it feels like my entire day consisted of this trip to town vs. the village. It could have been the time-suck that is Facebook making my time not in town was much shorter, or it could be the stress of going where there’s more people. I’ve been home for 5 hours now, am a couple glasses of wine with watermelon in, and I’m just now barely starting to calm down.

These are the times we live in, and we just have to do our level best to get through them.

I’m just gonna add some random GIFs that I like.

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