Day 14 of 56: The importance of water

I’ve really been digging these last couple stream of consciousness posts, it’s so easy to just save a draft and update it throughout the day. Yesterday I was in the living room all day. The day before that I stayed in my room. Today I’m probably going to stay in my room. I’m not splitting the difference very well over the course of a day, but I seem to be doing just fine if I dedicate a day in each room. It may be simpler once I fix the guest room back into an office/streaming area.

Woke up this morning with a cough, what I thought was shortness of breath, and felt like I had to puke. Oh no, this is it, I’m infected. Well, I’m not warm, I’m not sneezing, the coughing went away after a little bit as did the shortness of breath (I can still breathe deeply without issue). You know what the problem is? I’m dehydrated. For the last couple weeks I’ve gone from coffee to a couple sodas for lunch to wine at dinner. No water, and those are all diuretics.

I had an appendectomy almost a year ago, and the one thing they didn’t tell me was that I needed to drink a lot of water for a lot longer than you’d think. Last summer I couldn’t eat at restaurants more than like 1/3rd of whatever I ordered before I’d suddenly feel nauseous. It would go away after a minute or two but there’s no eating after that. A lot of takeout boxes last summer. No problem eating a large meal at home because of how I was sitting on the couch vs. a restaurant’s chair (leaned back vs. straight).

I mentioned to one of the managers that I kept feeling like I had to throw up and something had to be wrong with me, and she said that I was dehydrated because of the surgery. This was 3 months later, there was no way! I took her advice and got some Pedialyte, instantly felt better.

So last fall and this winter I made a concerted effort to drink half my weight in ounces, like I was taught in HS Bio. Problem is I also have a couple glasses of wine every night (before you think anything, I’m not an alcoholic, I just like to have wine.) so sometimes I’d dehydrate myself again. Pedialyte and Gatorade, feel better. At least two full Hydroflasks while at work and then half of one at home. Bam, 100oz right there, more than enough.

Well, since starting working from home and now not working just isolating, I’ve not been drinking any water. None. I’m about halfway through my first Hydroflask and I feel so much better already. I will admit that the last couple nights I’ve gone a little overboard with the wine (seriously, a couple pieces of watermelon in your sangria is the best). Last night I didn’t have my first glass until like 10, but somehow still managed to have like 4 or 5 glasses. That’s a little much.

So at the very least for tonight no wine. Just water. My body will thank me.

I used to have a “no alcohol on school nights” rule but that gradually went away. Since I don’t have school nights until the resort opens back up, it became really easy to drink like it was the weekend. Not good on the liver or my wallet. I’ve already lost like 5 pounds since I’m not eating out for lunch any more, I would be curious to see by next Friday (assume wine tomorrow and Saturday nights) how much I can lose by cutting out that sugar for just 6 days. Last time I didn’t drink for a week I lost 10 pounds. Which is scary and I don’t want to think about it.

SpongeBob title card "Approximately 10 Hours Later..."

Seriously, like 10 hours later

Well, I did the autosave thing, opened my school assignment and put a Jenna Julien podcast video on to the side, and promptly did nothing else.

Made some dinner, chili dogs, and started organizing the guest room. Didn’t get very far. I have a lot of crap in boxes. Lots of work to get things organized. I hoard papers, so I need to sift through and just get rid of everything that isn’t actually important. No, I do NOT need to keep this giant stack of credit card offers.
Just to be clear, I don’t have a giant stack of those letters, but they’re just scattered everywhere, taking up space. Get rid of them.

I’ve had almost 100oz of water today, feeling better. Tomorrow before I start my weekend partying I’ll just need to make sure I’ve drank enough.

So yeah, water. It’s important, folks.

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