Day 15 of 56: Meh

Yesterday I told myself I’d keep the TV/YouTube off so I wouldn’t be distracted and would clean up the house and get the guest room situated. Well, that didn’t happen. So today is going to be a short post.

Didn’t do much today. Got caught up on COVID-19 updates, saw that the CDC is recommending masks, looked for masks, and checked on my aunt who lives by herself near me. Started getting freaked out, so I decided to spend a couple hours playing Minecraft to clear my head.

Turnip’s food arrived today. When the driver dropped it off, I waited until he was well past the porch before opening the door to say thanks, but he was too far away (and it was too loud with Floof-n-Boof barking at him) for him to hear me. Thanks, FedEx Guy, for keeping the world running.

Had an all-associates call with the GM and Director of HR at work, and after hearing them I became much calmer. A lot of companies tout that they’re close-knit and a family, but my company truly embodies that. Just from the call, I could tell they both were upset about the current situation and wanted us all to be able to return to normalcy. Our management company says the same, but you can tell our local leaders actually mean it from their heart, not because they have to.

After the call I watched some podcasts, played my mobile game, and just sort of stayed chill.

Played some JackBox with an old friend over Zoom, had the last of my taco meat, and then played a couple rounds of Apex with another friend.

Which brings me to now. I’ve had a couple glasses (3 as of the moment) of wine and am ready to head to bed early.

So I’m going to bed now. An entirely non-productive day. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just weird because usually I’m trying my hardest to stay busy.

Have a great weekend.

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