Day 16 of 56: Something like a groove

The last couple days have felt more like a groove than before. I’m still waking up late (because I’m going to bed even later) so it feels like the day is shorter, but during my day I’m starting to get into something like a groove.

For example, I wake up, check Facebook and Reddit (staying away from news for the most part right now). Get bored after a little bit, get up, start the coffee pot, feed Turnip. Sit down in my chair. Turn on the TV and go to either YouTube (JennaJulienPodcast or VlogBrothers) or Hulu (Deep Space 9).

I’ll poke around on my phone, maybe open the laptop to pretend like I’m going to keep working on my business ethics assignment, but then I usually end up on Facebook or doing some random thing that doesn’t mean anything. Around 2pm I realize that I haven’t eaten anything and my stomach hurts. Make a bagel or a hot dog. Eat that. Go back to farting around.

At 7 I’ll look at the clock and say, “Oh, shit! I need to make dinner!” Then I’ll do that. Since it’s now late enough in the day, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine while I cook and eat. All the while still binging whatever I’m watching. 10 or 11 rolls around, “FUCK! I haven’t written my blog post for today! THE STREAK!!!!!!” and then I come up with some mediocre content to throw up onto the Internet lest I lose my streak/contest with myself.

Then once the post is up, I’ll keep binging, farting around online, feeling bad about stuff, feed both cats, drinking, etc. until it’s 2 in the morning and “OH CRAP IT’S LATE.” Bed, rinse, repeat.

How Today Went

I stayed pretty true to form until about 4, then for some reason I got a bug to boot up one of my old computers. I think I was going to add it to my Folding@Home account so I could help out that much more with their efforts with the coronavirus. For some reason that I couldn’t be bothered to figure out, I couldn’t get it to turn on. Good thing I have another computer! Moved the hard drive over, got that one running. Its old name back in the day was “Hulk” because all the fans were green and it’s just fucking giant.

Hulk, beyond being gigantic and green, is LOUD. Without giving away too much of what he used to do, he has dual power supplies (fun fact: if one of the supplies isn’t plugged in and that outlet is switched off he SCREAMS), a RAID controller that I had to figure out how to disable because I only had one drive, and is just overall a beast. Lots of fans. If this computer went down, a lot of things would have gone wrong very quickly.

Removed a couple of the fans because they were being loud/broken, moved the memory from the old computer to Hulk (DDR2, anyone?), and just in general tried to get it both quieter and faster. Didn’t work too well, even with the removed fans it was loud as hell (I blame the PSU), and was slow with 6GB RAM (again, DDR2). It also probably didn’t help that I’m running Ubuntu 14.10 with Unity.

I spent about half an hour just looking through that old drive, it was from when I was the technical director for a local theatre, so there were a lot of cool things to look through (old scripts, plots, web tools, apps). Eventually the sheer volume of Hulk became overwhelming (and I don’t have an Ethernet cable long enough to just hook it into the network and close the door to the room), so I shut it down and carried on. Looked through some of my old boxes to find a handkerchief for a mask, not in that room. I’ll clean it up later, slowly get new PC components, it’s going to be a great streaming room.

Still had a hair to find that handkerchief, maybe it was with some of my old clothes? Went into my room into my closet, after a little shuffling around BAM THERE IT BE! Couldn’t find one of the cloth napkins I know I have; figure layering the handkerchief with the napkin with a paper towel should filter out a fair amount of things when I need to go to the store soon. I’ve seen the napkin fairly recently, just need to remember what I’d have done with it.

The whole time I was working with Hulk and poking around my things, whenever I was standing my legs were shaking. My guess is that in the 3 weeks I’ve been stuck at home the sheer amount of time spent sitting/laying has caused my leg muscles to sort of atrophy. Granted, even while working I was spending a lot of time sitting, but at least I had the ability to walk around and get at least 5k steps in at least. Now I’m lucky if I hit 1k. I did find the missing handle for my resistance bands, so I’ll be able to get some sort of workout in, even if it’s not very extensive.

Went back to YouTube watching a lot of Hankschannel. Not a lot of food left that looked good so I had the last two hot dogs for dinner, and here we are.

Isolation As A Job

I’ve been saying this for a while, but I really need to clean my house. It’s embarrassing. Just so much shit everywhere. Like, clutter. I’m messy, not dirty. So tonight I decided to treat this period of isolation less like a paid vacation and more like a job. To wit: I will set my alarm and wake up, allocate my time to do certain tasks, and do them. No more YouTube/Hulu time-sucks.

Here’s what I’m going to aim for tomorrow:

  • 8am – alarm
  • 9am – be in the living room at this point to make coffee, check Facebook, etc.
    • Hey, take a shower. You’re demonstrably much more productive after you’ve showered.
    • Also get out of your slippers. Stop shuffling around like Mr. Burns.
  • 10am – Kitchen, specifically the table, it’s nasty.
  • 11am – Sitting area of the living room – Pick up junk, clear off desk
  • 12pm – Main area of the living room – Pick up junk, pile paper into one area for later sorting/disposal, everything else into the guest room for later sorting
  • 1pm – Food, can have a little Hulu as a treat.
  • 2pm – Sweep and mop kitchen and living room, vacuum the two carpets I own.
  • 3pm – Paper sorting. Build a fire, whatever. Just get rid of all those damn pre-approval credit card letters.
  • 4pm – You know what? That’s enough cleaning for one day. Go forth and watch YouTube. Maybe even play some vidja games. Treat yoself.

So in short, the goal for tomorrow is to just keep moving. Cleaning up all the accumulated crap is a side benefit, will help make this place not a depression den any more.

Monday can be cleaning my room and the guest room, Tuesday I can move my desk and the dresser. Who knows. I’ll figure that out later. But moving is the main goal.

Since tomorrow is going to be a work day, I need to head to bed! Early! Create a new groove!

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