Day 22 of 56: Online Proctoring and a Nasty Cat

I go to an online university to get my BS in IT. Not that I need a degree, I already have a job in the field I want, and have had it for 7 years. I really don’t need that piece of paper. But dang it, I want it. I have the option to walk at Disney World, but with the virus I’m going to just forego that bit of ceremony. Plus I’d have to travel across the country, screw that.

Since it’s an online university without a campus, all testing is done remotely. Schedule a time, open a GoToMeeting session, they have you show the room with your webcam and they enter the access code, you take your test, and end the session. I find it super awkward just knowing someone is getting paid to just stare at me while I take a test.

The Test

Today, however, was an absolute nightmare. The last time I took a test I had a bad experience, but this one really takes it.

I logged in early to get the screen share set up because that part takes forever, the proceed button shows up saying a proctor is ready, I click it and nothing happens. I think that maybe I have a pop up blocker on, I turn it completely off and reload the page so it’ll show up. Nope. Now when a proctor is available the button just doesn’t appear.

I think that maybe Safari is broken, so I move over to Chrome. Sure, it’s slower on this old computer, but now I’m 5 minutes past my start time and rescheduling is impossible right now with testing interruptions from the virus. Same thing in Chrome. Okay: panic. I email the exam company with a screenshot, keep trying to get in. I close all the way out, try Incognito mode, nothing.

More panic, email my mentor and the instructor. More trying the same things. Keep getting server errors.
Finally email the assessment department and am just like look I tried. I give up after 30 minutes of trying to take my test.

Then get a call from Maryland. Lies, it’s from India. But it’s the exam support team. Got connected. Did all the normal webcam stuff (check ID, check the room, check my work space). Proctor is taking longer than normal to enter the code.

Athena is on the bed behind me eating chili or something, I don’t know, because all I hear is SLURRRRP SLUUUURRRRRPPP SLLLUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPP

I yell at her to stop being so gross, proctor thinks someone is in the room with me and has me do another room check. I’m like no dude it’s just my cat, see?

20 minutes later passed the exam.

Tried to schedule my other exam for this class but the first open slot is in 5 days. I’ll keep trying to reschedule, hopefully another slot opens that isn’t at like 2 in the morning.

Daily Reflections

Much of my morning was spent getting ready to take this test. Reboot the computer, make sure the Turnip Monster was fed so he’d leave me alone, open the windows to take advantage of the warm day. I tried to open my bedroom window but the neighbors decided to have a screaming match on their deck. Seriously, they just need to break up. They’re not good for each other. But that’s none of my business.

After the test I decided to treat myself to some No Man’s Sky. I spent another hour trying to find that first ship I found (Artemis’) to no avail, so I picked a spot and just built a base. When you play NMS, you’re always looking for an Earth-like planet: no storms, good resources, good environment, no Sentinels… well I found mine. In the second star system! I’ve only found one cluster of Sentinels, but they were guarding a depot station, so that’s fine I just won’t steal stuff from there. Trying to convince myself to keep playing the story, that I can always come back when I’m done, but I can’t bring myself to leave the system.

Turned on DS9, I’m on season 7 which I think is the last one? Too lazy to check right now. Made my deconstructed shepherd’s pie, and here we are!

My life is glamorous and I know it. Not boring at all. I completely understand why I even have a single reader.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, it’s Friday night and I’m logging back onto No Man’s Sky.

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