Day 17 of 56: Somewhat productive

Yesterday I laid out my schedule for today, to start treating this furlough/isolation as a job. I did like one of those things.

My day started late. Woke up at 8, fell asleep again until 9, stayed in bed until 10. Then got up, fed Turnip, made coffee. Decided that I couldn’t very well clean if I hadn’t had my fill of coffee, so turned on YouTube (I am a weak man) until I had my required two cups of coffee.

Not really sure what happened when I finished my last cup of coffee at noon (don’t judge), but around 2 I started getting hungry. Pretty sure I was working on Idle Miner and trying to get it built up before the event mine ended. Yeah, that was it. I blame that dumb game. Anyway, at 2 I started getting hungry but was feeling guilty I hadn’t done literally anything, so I resolved to clean the kitchen and then have food.

So I cleaned the kitchen. Dishes done, counters wiped down, things put away, table cleared. Threw that handkerchief I found and my eCloth towel and sponge into the wash. Had chicken wings as a treat. Note for next time: flip the wings halfway through and maybe cook a little longer than they say, the wings fell apart and were slightly soggy on the bottom. Yuck.

Kitchen all-in-all took an hour, like I planned. Ate the wings, watched some more YouTube, and then it all went to pot. I got sucked back into that game and podcasts. Next thing I know, it’s 5pm. Around this time the washer was done so I pulled those out, and since my mop head was in there now I could finally mop the kitchen; so I did that.

More time-sucks, and then at 7 took a shower, listened to the first episode of a podcast made by a friend, then played a couple rounds of Apex with my friend. Cooked some rice and Madras lentils, not really an ideal dinner for me but that’s what I have so that’s what I’m eating.

Watched a video about No Man’s Sky, got a hankering for my stupid base, so started to re-install that game since my old PS4 died (new post idea right there, Swedish Fish Theory in action). Side note: as soon as I’ve posted this, going to jump back into Minecraft In Space.

I’d call today somewhat productive. Yes, I didn’t do all the things I wanted to do, but I got one thing done that was causing me a lot of stress. Tomorrow I’ll focus on at least one half of the living area, which will help with a lot more stress. Baby steps still get the work done.

Also on an unrelated note, I was checking my Folding@Home stats page and there was one more computer listed than I have installed? Was that one of y’all? Or are one of my computers just freaking out and reporting weird? If it was one of y’all, let’s look into starting a team instead of using my name. They’re doing good work but I’d like to keep track of my contributions separately 🙂

Okay. To Space.

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