Day 18 of 56: Adele

Today was unproductive. I got absolutely nothing done. Freaked out a little bit about the virus, watched a lot of podcasts and Hank Green, vaguely gestured at my business ethics assignment (I NEED TO JUST FINISH THAT), and really just farted around. This is a post in three parts.

The Bullshit

Full disclosure, found a new mobile game (of course) and wasted all day on that. I really should just uninstall all of them and disallow them from the app store, but I just get so damn bored sometimes. Sometimes you just need a game to distract you.

And quick side note, my neighbor is older (60-65-ish), as I write this at almost a quarter to 11 at night, his car has been idling for a few minutes, and I just heard him drive off. DAVE! It’s LATE! You’re OLD! There’s a VIRUS! GET YO’ ASS BACK INSIDE, THERE IS NOTHING OPEN. And while we’re at it, STOP HAVING A WOOD-CHOPPING CONTEST WITH YOUR BROTHER!!! (Brother of neighbor is neighbor on the other side)

The Actual Content

Okay, stick with me here. Coming up with ideas to write about that isn’t my entire day in isolation is HARD. Even when I’m not in isolation, my normal day is boring. Wake up late, panic-shower, get a Starbucks (50% off, bb), get to the office, do IT stuff, come home, make food, homework and video games, bed. The IT stuff is sometimes pretty interesting, but I can’t really talk about that.

I saw a suggestion to go to Google Trends and write about whatever’s trending, and while that isn’t really the feel of this personal blog, one of the trending searches was for Adele. Something about her being one of the richest singers in the UK? I don’t know, I didn’t click into it. So I want to just talk about Adele in general.

For about 6 years way back in the day I was the technical director for a small (93 seat) community theatre. A couple months after her song “Rolling in the Deep” came out, I found myself alone at the theatre either programming lights for a show or doing some sort of maintenance. I don’t know. The point is I was alone in the building, it was late, and I had a pretty big sound system available to me.

So I play the song. Loudly. On repeat. And then I decided for the first time in a long time to actually seek out the music video. So I did. I played the music video on repeat. Loudly.

It was about the 10th time through the video that something clicked and I just began to sob uncontrollably. I don’t think that until this very moment that I truly understood when someone would say a song spoke directly to their soul. And it makes no sense! I don’t date, I haven’t been hurt romantically, and at that point in life I was doing okay!

So then of course I developed a huge crush on Adele and wanted to be her friend because that’s what I do with famous people I admire, I Just want to be their friend.

Okay, that’s it, the end. I had an emotional response to a pretty deep song while I was alone playing with lights. And that’s what I immediately thought of when I saw a Google Trends result for her trending for having money and stuff.


I started using this heading as kind of a joke and also a way to just offer a space where I could step back and look overall at the post. Less than three weeks in I don’t even care any more, it’s just always going to be the last little section. Fight me.

Didn’t eat a lot today, mostly because I’ve taken only 1020 steps so no need for a huge dinner when you burn almost ZERO CALORIES. This is sort of helping the need to stay home, because if I’m not eating a lot of food then I don’t need to go to the store. I sure can’t wait to get a hamburger again, though. Depending on how long my last box of wine lasts and the creamer for my coffee, I shouldn’t have to go to the store for another couple days. Oh yeah, I’ve had two glasses of wine tonight. Much better than before, I do want to observe the “no booze on school nights” rule, but I don’t care I waited until 11 and it’s almost bedtime.

The biggest driver for me to leave the house beyond creamer (I can skip the coffee, I have other sources of caffeine) is honestly going to be toilet paper. I’m still stymied at the hoarding of that particular product. I have a little over 2 rolls left so that will last me over a week, but if I can’t find any at the store then looks like I get to hop on the bidet train because oh my god why are you hoarding TOILET PAPER?!?!?! Lysol, I get, but TP!?!

The weather looks nice on Wednesday and Thursday, I fully intend on taking the laptop outside, sitting on the porch, and just enjoying the sunshine. Still too early to do a lot of the yard work that I need to do (plants, mow, weedwhack) but by gum am I going to enjoy being warm while outside. I may even grill if I can work up the courage to go to more than one store and get propane.

Tried making a mask, it knocked off my glasses when I went to adjust it, I can no longer find my glasses. It’s been a few hours. Help.

Good night, peeps.

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