Day 20 of 56: Basic SQL is just too basic…

Warning: extremely nerdy post ahead. But first, catching up since I last hit “Publish”

The Time In-Between

After I put up yesterday’s lengthy monstrosity, I got up and went to put the last of the groceries away. ONLY TO FIND OUT that Turnip, that furry little asshole, bit through the plastic and ate THREE SLICES OF BREAD.

He is on a special diet, and it DOES NOT INCLUDE BREAD. YOU. ASSHOLE.

And it wasn’t even the first three, it was like right in the middle! Asshole. I have been saying for a long time that I wish I could buy half-loaves, and with where he ate it was about half a loaf. So maybe he did me a favor, I can’t eat all that bread fast enough. He’s the reason I bought a bread box.

Come to find out, he also got into the little thing of hamburger fat from when I made spaghetti last night. Bad cat. Also bad Joe for leaving the fat out overnight instead of throwing it out when it finished cooling. Couple of bad boys over here.

Too Advanced for Your Basic Questions

That paper I turned in yesterday that I phoned in? Passed on the first try. Either I actually hit all the points in the rubric or the evaluators are equally just phoning everything in. If I turned that pile of garbage in in high school my teachers would have just laughed at me. Whatever, a pass is a pass is one step closer to getting that piece of paper.

I took the pre-assessment for my next math class yesterday, need to do a lot of work there but we knew that. Took the pre-assessment for the other class today. They call it “Data Management – Applications” but it’s really just Intro to Databases. Unrelated to the content, but I took this same class in-person at the community college and slept through most of it and still passed. I like data, what can I say.

To make a long, boring story even longer, after tests I always check the report to see what I got wrong so I know what to review. Even ones that I do well on. I like being right (but if I’m wrong I’ll be the first to admit), so I really just have to know. Out of 58 questions, I missed only 1 of those marked as “Advanced SQL” while I missed at least a quarter of the ones marked “Basic SQL”! There were a couple different categories, so all-in-all it wasn’t that many wrong questions. Still passed each area with at least a “Competent”.

I think where I was going with this was I missed far more of the basic questions than the advanced, and that’s just crazy to me! Guess I need to get back to basics. Thanks, Megan for that groaner…


I’ll be taking the actual assessment tomorrow. Didn’t take a shower today and slept weird so my hair was funny. I know the proctors don’t actually care, but I care, damn it.

Crap. I had more stuff to go here. I have Deep Space 9 on in the background and it’s the episode where Jadzia gets hurt and Worf abandons the mission to get her to a hospital. That made me think about my surgery last year and how excited I am to share my story about that on its anniversary. I’m especially excited to tell you my favorite thing I said to the nurses (SPOILER: “I’m bleeding”).

Anyway, all the reminiscing about my amazing nurses took far too much time and if I don’t post this right now it will be after midnight.

Didn’t play any games on my phone for once, spent the day testing and reading news/Reddit/Facebook. Also made dinner, but I think the meat I bought yesterday has already started to turn, it was just weird. Played a couple hours of No Man’s Sky, too. Still haven’t gotten my old worlds and progress back. Oh well. Now I can start anew knowing what I know, like if a Sentinel is near you DON’T DO ANYTHING. That’s how I died the first time.

Oscar Mike, ladies.

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