Day 21 of 56: Will & Grace Love Lucy

As appears to be a common theme these last three weeks, I had no idea what to write about. I talked with my sister for a while, she didn’t take me up on my offer to FaceTime and play Jackbox or CAH while getting drunk. I was going to do a Wikipedia hole but couldn’t get past the first page. So I went onto Google Trends for ideas. I went back a couple days and what do I find out but not only is the revival of Will & Grace in its final 3 episodes, but they did an homage to I Love Lucy?! Here is the article I found from Hollywood Reporter.

I Love Lucy

Anything I say about I Love Lucy would just be redundant at this point. If you don’t love that show, you are seriously lacking and/or are wrong. Maybe you don’t love it, that’s fine, but you have to at least appreciate the show and Lucille’s impact on television.

I’m trying to think, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t have cable/satellite until like 5th grade for me, so I was restricted to whatever was currently on the air. So when I went to stay with my cousin (who had cable) would be when I got to experience the magic that was more than 5 channels. My aunt and uncle would either have TV Land or HGTV on the TV. My cousin and I would stay up late to raid the pantry for frosting, so if we turned on the TV it was usually TV Land and at that time of night they’d be showing I Love Lucy.

I was absolutely enamored. The situations Lucy got herself into were genuinely funny, even to my young mind. Thus, my appreciation for the show was born. I’ve re-watched the entire series at least 3 times in the last 5 years, thank you Hulu.

Will & Grace

I can’t remember when I first watched Will & Grace. I’d like to think it was at my cousin’s house, or maybe over the air earlier than that, but what sticks out is when I had my own TV in my room. I didn’t have a real antenna, so I had to make my own with a paper clip and some creative tin foil work. I only had a handful of channels available with my janky little setup, but I remember watching Farscape and Will & Grace in my room because nobody else really wanted to watch those shows.

Jack, of course, was my favorite character at the time. He was energetic and funny. For a while my MySpace name was JustJoe. I think I even tried getting but it wasn’t available. Maybe for the best, I barely know what to do with this one that I’ve had for coming up on 9 years now.

I don’t really know what to say about this show except that I just genuinely enjoyed it. I’ve seen the original series twice and am a couple episodes behind on the current one.

Will & Grace Love Lucy

Without having seen the episode I linked at the top, I have several thoughts. Firstly, I’m very sad that this revival of W&G is over so very soon. I had hoped for a couple more seasons to see how they both raise their kids. Secondly, now that I’m older I relate to Karen a lot more. With the drinking all the time. She’s still a terrible person. But referring to boxes of wine as juice boxes? I actually do that. (“Big boy juice” is what I write on my shopping lists)

From reading the article, and again not having yet seen the episode, I’m filled with such joy that parts of that beautifully crafted series are being recreated for current audiences. And the fact that Debra Messing was taken aback at the thought of portraying Lucille Ball… truly a testament to her impact on entertainment.

I guess the takeaway from this would be I can’t wait to watch this episode, and I associate my love of both of these shows to my aunt and uncle. I’m smack dab in the middle of my DS9 marathon, but once it’s over I’m going to get caught up on all my shows. I have the time. I can’t work for 5 more weeks.

Daily Reflections

Woke up late, had a weird dream that I don’t care to share but just know I VERY LOUDLY GASPED as I woke. Almost like from a movie. Better than the one a day or two ago where I elbowed the pillow, thank the heavens Athena wasn’t sitting there when I did.

Spent most of the day just futzing between different apps. News, game, Facebook, more news…

I wanted to take one of the tests for my database class today, but I forgot that most of the world is stuck home, including the proctors, so testing space is limited. Got a slot at 12:30 tomorrow for the first, requested approval for the other so hopefully that gets approved. The next open slot was the Saturday after next. No thank you.

Opened the windows for the second time this year. Didn’t make it onto the porch (still in shadow most of the day) but it was nice to feel the breeze through the house and smell the fresh air.

Also entering into the “BO!” season, as I like to call it. Neighbor lady can’t control her dog, also needs to be on her meds, but literally all she does is scream at her dog. He growled at me a couple weeks ago when he got out (regularly) as I went to retrieve my trash bin. Lady, get rid of the dog. You obviously can’t control him and it’s not a good situation for him to be in. Save what’s left of your mental health and get a rabbit or something that can’t go anywhere. I guarantee more to come on psycho neighbor lady.

Okay, back to DS9. Peace out, Cub Scouts.

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