Day 23 of 56: Space. Space. Gotta go to space.

I’m a nerd.
I. Am. A. Nerd.

Today has nothing deep or meaningful, I did Jack Shit today. No tests, no studying, didn’t even clean. Zero anything.

But, today’s theme is SPACE.

Started the day by playing some No Man’s Sky. Still haven’t found Artemis’ ship, but still loving this planet. Maybe I’ll create a stockpile of hyperdrive fuel so if I ever do decide to leave this system and actually play the game. Couple interesting encounters with the Sentinels when I picked up graviton balls (THEY JUST APPEARED), died, but adjusted my strategy and was able to pick up four of them.

Watched some DS9. SPACE.

Played Apex, it’s based in, wait for it… SPACE.

Finished DS9. SPACE. Debated redoing my Star Trek marathon, but I did that a few months ago, it’s still too soon. I hear Enterprise’s theme song and have PTSD.

Coworker emailed me for an interview of sorts for a paper they’re doing for school. How does this tie into today’s theme?! I write a lot! Using the SPACE bar!

Shut up, that was clever.

Now that my DS9 marathon has completed, resumed my SG:U consuming. It takes place. In. SPACE.

I’m still not a fan of SG:U. Maybe that’ll change. Doubt it.

And here we are.

Daily Reflections

I mean, for the most part it’s all above.

Ate two hot dogs for lunch, wasn’t really feeling dinner.

Hit both my weight and body fat goals, kinda surprising since I’ve done nothing this past month but sit and not do anything. I think it’s because I haven’t had a Starbucks in as long. Once this is over, maybe I’ll go sugar-free. I really just want my iced latte.

God, I can’t wait to be able to exercise again. Hate it while I’m doing it, but damn do I feel better.

Last night I bought some cotton face masks, those should be here by Wednesday. Obviously, they won’t do much, but it’ll be nice to have something pre-made I can use when I need to go to the store. Optimistically, if the resort opens back up as planned, this 10-pack will be beneficial. After a day of use, I can hang them in the sun room for 5 days (paper bags and tagged with use date) and then throw in the washer. Hang again for another couple days, and then they can be reused. Five days should be more than enough time for the virus to die on its own, and then washing in hot water should rid it of the fabric, and then another 3-5 days just in case it gets activated again. I’m not a doctor, but given what I’ve seen this should be a good tactic.

We’ll see on Wednesday. Doing good on supplies, should be good until then. Haven’t had coffee in like three days, so if I wake up tomorrow and want coffee then this will all change. Needs mah creamer.

Sorry for not being more interesting, today was boring and I tried not to think too much.

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