Day 24 of 56: Down

Okay so yesterday you know how I was like “I had two hot dogs for lunch, not really feeling dinner?” Yeah, I never ate dinner. Around 10 I was thought about making dinner, and then forgot to.


Because I’m weak, I stayed up until 3 watching YouTube videos. I was looking for a specific version of a song. Didn’t find it.

So I slept in until like noon.

My pillow was humming very loudly and licking me this morning.

Started watching a show that I am a little embarrassed to admit right now, saving that for a podcast. Know when to hold ’em, folks. For a while I was like, “Oh, cool! Netflix turned off the still watching prompt! Because they KNOW!” And the next episode was disappointed.

Sat down on the bed for a second to spend some time with Athena and promptly became a bed.

I was made bed. I accepted my fate.

I’m craving Chinese food something fierce. There aren’t any restaurants out here, and I can’t really justify a trip all the way to town. My last trip to Fred Meyer was absolutely panic-inducing so I’ve been relegated to shopping at the small store out here. Yeah it’s more expensive (resort pricing) but it’s better for my sanity. To be honest, probably my health, too. Less people going through, less chance of infection.

I had a thought, and my one brain cell decided to forget it and watch three more episodes of this show. It was going to be deep, and probably was about food. And how much I miss eating dishes that I DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE. I swear, as soon as distancing ends I’m going to eat at different restaurants every day for a month.

Unrelated, I was thinking about my next trip to the store. I made some dishes that should be able to hold in the fridge for a while longer, so I’d really just be going to get wine. FUN FACT: I was able to find a website I could order from. More expensive than Fred Meyer, less expensive than the country store, but might equal out with shipping. I could buy like 4 at a time to make it more cost effective. Then I wouldn’t need to leave the house for a lot longer, I have enough frozen food to last a while!

No, I think I should go to store once a week. I need to get out of the house.
I also need the weather to change so I can putter around outside. 50F is fine, but I gotta be comfortable. 65F is gonna get me out from under my blanket.

I gave you real-life cat pictures, so no GIFs today. Also the Giphy search function in WordPress really sucks.

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