Day 25 of 56: Atrophy

Today was another boring day stuck at home, alone. Almost a month into this, and I’m starting to regret these daily posts. I’m not really that interesting. YouTube and Hulu day again.

The neighbors have yet again resumed their wood-chopping competition. At 10:30pm.

I have one more test for this MySQL class and it’s scheduled for Wednesday. On a whim I looked to see if I could reschedule it for today, and I could! Well, the times were showing as available. Posted on Facebook to get opinions if I should reschedule and get this class done with or take a nap. The naps won.

I didn’t take a nap. I can’t nap unless I’m sick. When my head hits the pillow I’m out for a minimum of 4 hours, no exceptions. I don’t know what I did today, really, just that 4:30pm rolled around and I knew I needed to take a shower before hopping on to play a game with the guys at 5. I did try to reschedule the test to like 7:30 or some time later, but it kept failing. I think they put restrictions in place for people who weren’t supposed to graduate at the end of last month can’t schedule until Wednesday to let their 14-day extension take effect.

I actually low-key look forward to taking a shower now, it’s the only time I really have to listen to music. Before, I could be guaranteed at least an hour of music-time. 15 minutes in the bathroom, 20 minutes in the car to/from work, and then another like 20 going from Starbucks to the office to the Lodge to lunch. Plus when both coworkers are out for lunch I crank that shit and rock out. When I’m at home, for whatever reason I just don’t listen to music. It’s sad. Podcasts and TV shows galore, but very rarely do I just let Spotify do its thing.

Anyway, we downloaded that COD: Warzone beta and played that since it’s cross-platform. We were all in my Discord server which was nice, playing cross-platform sucks because you’re usually limited to whoever is on the same system as you for chatting. Since the three of us mostly play Apex together it was really hard to not hear Lifeline let us know we were in the next ring. So I created my own voice prompts. Team player.

To tie this rambling mess to the title, for the last couple years I’ve made it a habit to hop on the scale before I shower (beginning of the day, when I work it’s also as I’m changing into my pajamas) so I can establish just a general overview of what’s going on. I used to write everything down in a notebook, but almost a year ago I got a scale that connects to my phone. It graphs everything for me, which is great. ANYWAY, shared a meme on Facebook and commented that I’ve lost weight during this pandemic even though I’m not getting more than 1k steps a day.

My friend, MM, who’s a nurse, said it was because of muscular atrophy. Not going to argue that for several reasons. While that’s definitely a portion of it, it’s definitely not all of it. I’m eating a lot less than normal (just not feeling more than 1.5 meals). In the last month-ish, I’ve lost 10-ish pounds, and according to my scale which should not be used in place of medical advice I’ve only lost about 3-ish pounds of muscle mass. So that’s something I need to figure out how to combat until the weather gets better. I have my resistance bands, I should use them. And when the weather gets better I can go outside (Friday’s lookin’ good!) and do stuff.

No GIFs again today, I’m meme’d out. That’s what I did today: Facebook and Reddit. So. Many. Memes.
Usually I’m a font of collected memes and references, but I meme’d myself out. I don’t want to look at another meme until tomorrow morning.

So yeah, keep moving otherwise your muscles gonna atrophy and it’s gonna suck when you go to do stuff in a month or two when we can get out again.

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