Day 27 of 56: Nap

Quick little post of the day that true to form ended up much longer than I thought it would.

Had a nice night’s sleep, woke up around 9. Don’t remember what I did for an hour, maybe it was Facebook and news? Normal morning stuff. Felt good.

Migrated to the living room so I could review for my test. Crap, I left ALL MY GROCERIES OUT overnight. I think the creamer will be fine, not sure about the bag salad and eggs. We’ll see. Reviewed stuff for the exam and played some games on my phone. For whatever reason when I’m focused on something I don’t breathe very deep, so around 11 when I needed to get up to do something, I was short of breath. And then I started coughing. I’m sure you can see where my mind went from there.

Yeah, thought I had the virus. Cue panic attack. Hard.

Then I started feeling like I had to puke. Oh that’s right, I didn’t eat a lot of food yesterday and had way too much wine and almost no water. Dehydrated again!

Did some deep breaths to prove to myself that I wasn’t actually short of breath, even used my little breath thingy from my appendectomy where you inhale and try to keep this little thing between lines and it shows lung capacity.

I had to logically go through my actions over the past week. A week ago today I went to the store, I was wearing a mask. I wiped down all my things with a bleach mixture, I washed my hands, I sanitized my phone. I did everything right. I only leave my house to get groceries, and I try to keep it to once a week. I live alone and the cats are both indoors, so no chances there. No, I’m just dehydrated and panicking.

Got myself calmed down a little bit, decided to stay off social media and news for the day since that definitely wasn’t helping. Took a shower, that also helped a bit with the panic.

Took my test, got 73% but apparently that’s still failing? That’s a C! C = Competent. Whatever. Emailed the instructor for next steps and laid down.

Last time I was dehydrated like this (my last week at work ☹ ) I went home, took a nap, felt better. So I figured that was what I needed to do.

Downloaded a white noise app because I wasn’t feeling podcasts like I normally sleep to, and the stream noise I picked had a sound every few seconds that sounded like there was a mouse scratching under my sink. I eventually figured it out and could stop freaking out about that, but one of the dreams I had involved Turnip putting a small mouse on the blanket next to my face. That woke me up pretty quick, I had to check there wasn’t a mouse and that Turnip hadn’t somehow gotten in my room. Got back to sleep, it was about a very poorly managed theatre production but also in a space ship. It was kind of cool but also really damn frustrating.

Had a very nice nap. I felt great, and woke up around 4. Started playing a find-the-thing game I played a couple years ago on the iPad, SO MUCH EASIER. Did that for a couple hours in bed, then moved back out to the living room. Still feeling great. No coughing, don’t feel the need to puke, cool. Had a couple pieces of pizza and played that game until about 10:30.

Couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat. Not feeling making anything, and I didn’t want to have pizza again. So more water, I’ll just sleep and have something in the morning. I had a bagel with cream cheese this morning, and two slices of pepperoni sausage pizza for lunner, that’s enough.

Okay back to bed. Night.

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