Day 28 of 56: Dreams (literally)

We are now officially halfway through my work’s closure! We did it! The weather tomorrow is going to be very nice, and the next few days 65F! It’s also 3 weeks until my birthday, pretty stoked to have mowed the lawn some time around then. I had a couple really cool dreams last night, so I’ll talk about them, but dreams are boring unless they’re your own so this is a post in three parts.

Since last night

Warning, this section turned into a stream of consciousness. Not to be confused with my normal Reflections section.

Last night’s post went up at what, 11:50? Something like that. Fed the Turnip Monster, moved my plates to the kitchen because the Turnip Monster eats paper towels and pizza crusts. Read a chapter of a book, went to bed. Dreams in the next bit.

Slept pretty well, woke up briefly around 8 to turn off my alarm clock, felt a little crappy still, went back to sleep until 11. Got up, fed the Turnip Monster, contemplated making coffee because by this point it’s noon, decided against, sat down and turned on some JennaMarbles. I’m in a better place mentally today, and I don’t know why but she just keeps me calm. This is the first one I watched, instant calm. By accident it happened to be her video for the week.

DAMN. Oregon’s “Stay Home. Save Lives.” commercial is pretty hard-hitting. It opens with “Did you accidentally kill someone today?” and continues on with the number that you could be responsible for killing (3, 9, 27, etc. because I don’t want to math right now). Damn, Oregon, way to drive the point home.

And then I got an ad for Insight, like I don’t already use them for a lot of stuff at work. C’mon, Al Gore Rhythm… get it together…

Finished writing the dream section around 3, still watching JennaMarbles videos, still haven’t eaten anything at all. I’m thinking pizza because I still have half a pizza left. Maybe for dinner… chili dogs? I have like 4 hot dogs left and a whole bunch of chili. I think I’ll just eat the random crap until I have to go to the store again. I really should figure out some meal plans. I could make my own chili. You know how hamburger goes bad a few days after you buy it if you leave it in the fridge? I kind of want to try that Beyond Meat stuff, maybe start messing around with tofu. I think they’d stay good in the fridge longer. Or I need to not be afraid to put meat in the freezer. I think I’m afraid it’s not going to defrost right and either be damaged or not taste good. Personal problem, I guess.


All right. Tie this post together. Dreams. I only remember vaguely three of my dreams, and even then not the whole thing. Hopefully if anybody is reading this is good at deciphering dreams they can give me some insight. Because I can’t figure out what they’re trying to say.

I know listening to other people talk about their dreams is really boring, so you have my absolute permission to skip this whole section.

Dream 1 – Athena Clone

I was living/working in a place similar to my dad’s first place, an apartment above a shop. Doesn’t really matter what my job was in the shop area, I think it was something space/science-themed, what’s important is that Athena was down there with me. So I go up to the apartment, and Athena is there. Cool, she made it there before me! And then Athena walks into the apartment and sits near Athena.

She then told me, in a man’s voice, that one of them was a clone. Somehow I was able to determine which was which, I think I had to make a mark on her leg so it wouldn’t show up on the clone? Not sure.

I actually woke up a little distressed and had to make sure that there was only one cat sleeping next to me.

Dream 2 – Subaru of the Future

So I pull into work, which is how you know this is a dream, and there’s a fancy Subaru in my boss’ spot. Like one of their taller SUV models? It looked sick. So the boss and I get in, and the interior is surprisingly roomy. But there’s no windshield? Just like a television and a screen that rolls down from the ceiling. Let’s be honest, it looked like the bridge of like the Defiant or the Enterprise but with only two seats and no stations on the side.

No steering wheel, when you sat in the “drivers” seat there were some switches and basic input. You didn’t face the forward screens, you were turned to the left to watch a screen over there.

Also where the turbolift door would be at the back-right of the bridge there was a door to a bathroom.

It was actually pretty cool. I’m putting this out in the universe right now, I may have had a prophetic dream of sorts of Subaru’s first fully self-driving car. Calling it right now. I’d buy it, it was sick.

Dream 3 – Music Competition

I had a dream a couple nights ago where I composed a song that had everyone go into a round with a really dissonant minor scale up and then down.

So in last night’s dream, I came into a large performance space where my old Music Theory professor was conducting for what can best be described as a regional band competition. There were little robots doing things, but mostly it was people with instruments waiting for their turn to play.

First up was a song written by someone I know from middle school (did I go to high school with her? Don’t think so…) and that song was AMAZING. I can’t remember anything about what it sounded like, but it was absolutely gorgeous and was moving. Even though I was in the competition I wanted her to win.

My song came up, and I was so proud of how it turned out that I tried recording it on my phone discreetly. My professor caught me but I kept recording. Then the little robot dudes started swarming near me and I had to get out of there, but not before I recorded that same discordant round from DAYS AGO.

Also I snuck a peek at both of our sheet music and they were all written in treble, no bass clef. That I’m going to chalk up to me not really knowing how to read bass notes. I mean, I do but all the instruments I played were all treble.

Regardless, I woke up feeling calm and at peace, thanks to the beautiful and at times discordant music I dreamed up.


Would you be surprised if I said nothing happened after I finished writing the above? Well, nothing happened! More JennaMarbles, played my find-the-thing game until well after it got dark out so I was sitting in the dark on my iPad.

Had a couple pieces of pizza for lunch today, by the time I was thinking about dinner it was 9 and just not feeling making food. Plus, I want to make what I have last, so if I eat the last of the pizza before moving on to other stuff, I’ll be in good shape.

My brain has been shut off most of the day, what with the find-the-thing game, so no thoughts on anything for today. Jenna helped with that, also mostly staying off social media.

Might play some video games before going to bed at a somewhat respectable time (midnight, duh). Have an all-associates call with the GM tomorrow, looking forward to that. I should also think about working on re-taking that test. Only have like 5 classes left and until the end of June to do them. I also need to find either my graphing calculator (if I can fix it) or my scientific calculator for this stupid math class.

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