Day 29 of 56: Network Stuff

I had a great idea for today’s first post of the second half of this venture, but it’s been an emotional day so instead have a nerdy post while I process some stuff.

The Nerd Strikes Again – Part 1

I go to an online-only university to get a degree in IT. I’ve been working on getting any sort of degree for almost 10 years now; I’ve been enrolled at this university for almost 4 years. Did the community college thing for a while, took some time off, did a different online university that absolutely BLEW, and now I’m with this one that works more at my speed. When I signed up my degree was in network administration, because for whatever reason networking is my passion. After a couple terms, I was informed they were no longer offering my degree. I could stay with it and get the verbiage I wanted, or move to a different program. I decided to move to the replacement program: cloud and systems administration. This was also in line with what I’m doing at work, so it seemed okay. Not ideal, just okay. A few weeks before Thanksgiving I realized that with work and projects I was just getting burned out. Doing a full 8 hours, plus time for work projects, plus cooking and normal stuff, plus school, it was just too much. Talked with my advisor, and she agreed to move me to the basic BS of IT degree.

Honestly, at this point I don’t care that it won’t have the verbiage I want, it’s been 10 years. TEN. YEARS. I just want to be done with a Bachelors. I’ve spent so much money, and for a degree that I already work in. I just want the piece of paper so I can say I did it, and just keep on my merry way.

Regardless of my degree situation, my focus has always really been networking. I just love it when I can get things to talk. My job is more systems admin and user support, and my title is net analyst, but I’m really the net admin. When routers/switches/things need configured, I’m the one that the team turns to. Which is nice.

The boss also calls me his net admin. Not in title, just in practice.

The Nerd Strikes Again – Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

So what does a net admin do when he can’t net admin? Set up his own network monitor so he can monitor his home network, that’s what.

One of the last classes I could take before got switched to the basic degree was my capstone. This is the final paper that culminates your experience. So I did my capstone in December, with a full term remaining. Whatever, let’s get it out of the way. Because my initial focus was networking, and my function at work is a lot of networking stuff, I wrote my paper on how I implemented a network monitor on the work networks.

Figured last night, but mostly today, why not do the same thing at home? I’ve got a lot of things that connect to the wifi, I like collecting data, this is the perfect idea!

Last night I installed the monitoring software, and today I’ve been poking at it to get all my things recognized. Thought if I left it overnight it’d find everything, but I messed up somehow and had to manually add everything today. Whatever, not like I have much else to do.

Now I get to figure out how to get my thermostat, PlayStation, and washer to report useful data besides just connected or not. Especially the thermostat, it’d be cool to be able to see data by minute instead of every 15 minutes like they offer by default. Data. It’s what I do.

So that’s something fun for me but not for anyone else that I can do for the next few weeks.

Daily Reflections

Woke up with a little bit of a puke feeling, only had two glasses of wine last night but apparently not enough water.

Set up the network monitor, some more Jenna and Julien videos, some water, all associate call, more videos. Drank my last Pepsi. I was mildly upset, but then I remembered that before all this I haven’t bought a pack of Pepsi in a very long time. Side note, I used to be addicted to Pepsi. Like, 3L a day addicted. I was able to bring that back to like 2 a week when going out to places. So while I may be out of Pepsi, it’s really not a big deal. I think I’m more addicted to caffeine than Pepsi itself. Another side note, work has a corporate health app that gives us money for healthy behavior, I have over $100 saved up, I might use that to get an espresso machine. I’ve lost 10 pounds since staying home, and I’m convinced it’s because I haven’t gotten a daily latte. Time for that to change. I’ll get some sugar-free syrup, maybe I’ll keep that weight off.

It was 65 today, so I opened the windows. Saw a bumblebee on the back deck when I was washing my hands, shouted “HEY BUMBLE!!!” so now I’m convinced the entire neighborhood knows I’m batshit.

Realized at like 7, after playing some of that new COD game with the guys, that I hadn’t eaten all day. Made some mashed potatoes and buffalo chicken strips.

Finished up my day so far with some more Jenna videos. Might round out the day with some zombie shooter action.

Be well, y’all.

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