Day 32 of 56: Recipes

The last few days (read: month) I’ve been watching a lot of Jenna and Julien videos. Jenna does Jenna stuff, and Julien has been doing a lot of cooking videos. I’m not vegan, and I don’t need to eat gluten-free, but dang some of those recipes look mighty tasty.

That got me thinking: next time I go to the store I should actually meal prep and shop accordingly.


A few years ago I got that “Cooking Comically” book from some friends. Love it. Right amount of humor, love the illustrations, and I’ve made a few things from it. Couldn’t find it, thought I put it in the pantry, because Past Joe thought that would be a good idea, but it wasn’t there. Need to find it. Thinking about that jambalaya recipe.

After I bought my Crock Pot, I got another cookbook with a bunch of slow-cooker recipes and cook-ahead. Since I live alone, I figured I’d use it a lot. Not really.

A few months ago I got back into the home-cooking game and got a tried and true Betty Crocker book.

I also have a book from my high school’s culinary class, but we don’t talk about that book.

The Planning

Since I’ve been watching a lot of Julien’s videos, my first stop was ones that he’s done recently. Some great ideas. Like the tamales? I would LOVE to make those at home. But the country store doesn’t have the widest selection, so I highly doubt I’d be able to get the supplies. I’ll check, but that recipe may have to wait until social distancing is lifted.

Yes, I can go to the big stores that have better selection, but until we have a vaccine or at the very least a better treatment they give me too big an anxiety attack. I’ll be fine with my small store and limited products. Actually, the store at the north end of town has different selections. I needed soba noodles for something and they actually had it. It’s also not as busy, I may check that one, too.

Anyway, since Wednesday seems to be my shopping day, I figured I’d start planning for at least the next week’s worth of meals. Given that my appetite has been pretty low, making things that can be stored for a while was pretty important.

Based on the cookbooks I could find and Julien’s recipes, I settled on chili, bangers and mash, and pozole rojo.

Now the recipe I have for chili serves 8, so I can immediately freeze half of that. Bangers and mash, I can make a big thing of onion gravy and fridge/freeze a lot of it; mashed potatoes are easy, just have to cook the sausages. Pozole rojo, however, is going to be the toughy. I’m pretty sure I can get the main ingredients (I don’t want to do pork shoulder, I’d probably do sausage or something), but finding the ingredients for the adobo sauce is going to be difficult out here.

If I can find my Cooking Comically book, going to add jambalaya to the rota. That’ll also keep in the freezer.

So yeah, that was the biggest thing that happened today: I decided what I was going to cook for the next week, and figured out what could keep in the freezer for later. Since it’s only me. And I’m eating like crap.

Daily Reflections

Yeah, the cookbooks were pretty much the highlight of today.

Woke up at a decent hour, stayed in bed until like noon because Athena was giving me snuggles.

Played my find-the-thing game for way too long. Addictive.

Defrosted and cooked a cube steak I had in the freezer. Friend texted me so we played a couple rounds of Apex. Did pretty well! Top 10 the first two times, 2nd place the last. Not a bad night. Mashed a potato and reheated the steak. It was as terribly freezer-burnt as you’d expect. Next time maybe no foil just get all the air out of the bag.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since I was last at work. These last few weeks have been a blur. When I make my weekly trip to the store, I drive through and it’s just so eerie how empty everything is. It’s just so weird for the hospitality industry to see things empty.

But, things will settle, we’ll eventually get back to normal and I can’t wait to see guests again.

Okay, time to go to bed. Night.

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