Day 36 of 56: COFFEE!!!!!

It’s Payday Pizza Friday, y’all! Except I left the house yesterday so I’m not getting pizza today! Maybe next week! Even more important, the espresso machine I ordered last Sunday is on a truck to be delivered in the next three hours! I’M GONNA HAVE A LATTE, BB!!!!!!

This post turned into a stream of consciousness, but it might be a little funny. So here’s how my day went in real-time!

The Morning

If you can’t tell, I started writing this post MUCH earlier in the day than usual. Last night I put up the post at what, 10:30? I played some more of my zombie shooter, and both groups I joined were full. So maybe it’s a day-by-day thing where not a lot of people play. Good to know there’s still people playing. Off topic. Anyway, like my sister I had too little water and too much to drink so I’m chugging water to make this headache go away. Note to self: cutting the sangria with lemonade is both delicious and dangerous. I had six that were 50/50 lemonade, so really only three glasses. All the feeling of alcoholism but not as much alcohol. So it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Like I wrote in the intro, my espresso machine is on the truck to be delivered. UPS made the unfortunate mistake of sticking GPS in their trucks and making it available to customers. So I’ve just been watching the little dot move around the map.

I started this post on the back-end dashboard in the draft thingy (WordPress users know what I’m talking about) and I just noticed that the Google Analytics widget I have finally started reporting data. 3 impressions from Google Search? That’s nuts. Who is searching for me? Well, you found me. Sorry.

When I wrote that I went out yesterday and won’t go out today in the intro, what I mean by that is mostly I’m lazy and don’t want to leave the house. Mostly that, but also I want to be able to space out trips so it’s easier to track what I’ve done.

One of the masks I ordered arrives in the mail today, so I will go forth and retrieve it (mailbox is down the street) but I will most likely forego the usual shower and just put on pants and a hat. My rule is I can’t leave my front door without having bathed in the last 24 hours. Can’t let the neighbors I’ve never met know I’m dirty. Or that I own anything except pants. My shower yesterday was at like 7pm, so I won’t be breaking my rule. They can’t smell me, thanks social distancing!

The Afternoon

12:10 – Driver is still in the next town over. There’s three big communities between me and latte freedom. I don’t know his route, but I really hope he comes to my community before going to the big one a few streets down. ETA says between now and 3pm, maybe that will be the case

12:17 – Saved this as a draft, switched over to Facebook, friend had their guitar delivered about 20 minutes ago. Driver is near-ish their house, but either I forgot what street they live on or the map isn’t real-time. HEY FRIEND IF YOU READ THIS, WAS IT DELIVERED VIA UPS? LET ME KNOW. FOR SCIENCE.

12:22 – Now it says he’s in my area. But he moved one street over on the map. That’s still 5 miles as the crow flies. C’mon, UPS, measure in street miles. Unless it’s being delivered by drone. Which would be awesome. The map probably isn’t real-time for the driver’s safety. I get that. Still, you can make a pretty good guess and then it’d be easy to find them because of the giant brown van they’re driving. I really need to go do something else, this is driving me crazy.

1:35 – Watched Julien’s new video where he makes Pop Tarts. Was triggered. I didn’t live with a pastry chef for however long to be disrespected like that. Got up and started making chili. Right now waiting for the meat to brown so I can add it to the Crock Pot and then be on my merry way. The onion got me, hoo boy. Also the recipe called for 2 cloves of garlic, but that’s more of a suggestion. 4 cloves, BAM! Right now they’re chilling in the pot with the tomatoes and tomato sauce and spices on Warm. Spiced the crap out of the chili, but also put more on the hamburger while cooking it. Trader Joe’s Everyday Spice and some fresh ground pepper. If you’re gonna cook, cook right, yeah? UPS driver is still where he was an hour ago, just a couple streets closer.

1:50 – Okay, meat is in the Crock Pot and stirred in, set to high for 4 hours, Joe’s gonna have some chili at 6:30! WOO! But now my problem is every hour I’m going to want to stir it. That’s a bad thing because then you lose all the built up heat. I knew I should have done this last night and started it right before bed. Set on low for 10 hours, that would have been tasty. Oh well.

2:45 – I can still smell onions. My eyes won’t stop watering. Send help.
It’s starting to rain a little bit, so I wanted to edit my delivery (he’s like 4 miles away now) to say he can leave it near the street, but there’s no option for that! My driveway is long (to walk), I don’t want him getting any more wet than he has to. Racking my brain, can’t think of anything I have on-hand to make a sign or something that wouldn’t get absolutely ruined by the rain. Looks like he took a different route, gonna be a while longer. I don’t care, though, I’m making a latte even if it’s 5pm. Okay, time to stir the chili. Added a cup of water, not everything was covered by the tomato juice and it was just a little too chunky. I can get it to thicken up later, not a big deal.

4:15 – Yeah, he went to the big community first. Kinda. There’s this dirt road between us and he’s on there right now. Maybe another driver does that community? We’ll see. Laid on the bed with Athena for a while, it’s starting to smell really good in here. OH WHAAAAAT just refreshed and he’s on the other side of the road. Looks like I’m getting it REAL QUICK BB!!!!!

The Coffee

7:30 – OKAY. SO. It arrived at a quarter to 6. I yelled THANK YOU! out the open window, no response. Don’t think he heard me. Oh well, I tried.

Since this was a refurbished unit, I expected not to get all the things. Thankfully, it came with the double-shot installed, I will literally never use the single-shot filter. Didn’t come with the instruction manual, so had to download that. Did the initial priming, and this thing is a little fancier than I thought. It has a little spout thingy to go from the milk frother straight to the cup. So that’s cool. Probably won’t use that, either, we’re going into summer and why wouldn’t I want a nice refreshing iced latte?

Ground up some beans with my awesome new little hand crank thing and got to brewing! First notes, I think I ground them too fine because after it finished brewing there was still a lot of water in the filter. Trying to think back to my barista days in high school, and I think that’s the problem. But it tastes like coffee, and that’s all that matters!

This section feels a little anticlimactic. Sorry.

Heat-up didn’t take very long, and if I get a container or something I can have on the counter to knock the used grounds into then I can easily see this become part of my daily routine even after work opens back up. Make a quick coffee in the morning, don’t have to stop at The Bux, save $3! That’s $15 a week, $60 a month. Pays for itself in less than two months! This won’t stop me with my afternoon pick-me-ups, but savings are savings.

I’ve been trying to grow flowers out front since I bought this place, so I can use those used grounds I think to help with that? Need to do some research on that.

Daily Reflection

Chili finished cooking around 6:30, but the extra water I added didn’t cook out like I thought it would. So I cracked the lid and have been waiting patiently for that to happen. Still haven’t eaten. Am hunger. Turned it back on high, I’m going to give it like 15 more minutes and then screw it I don’t care if it’s soupy.

Still need to email my mentor, maybe I’ll do that while I’m waiting.

Been watching some video game playthroughs today, and it’s super frustrating because the guy operating the controls refuses to pay attention to any details. Spent 5 minutes looking for a clue and the line leading to it had a different color. BRUH. I kind of want to buy this game (only $20!) so I can play it RIGHT. Interesting story, so I think I’d have fun. Not sure if I want to do PS4 or XBox, though.

The game is “Detroit: Becoming Human” and it’s about androids in the near future. Only a few hours into the playthrough, but the whole time I’m like “I would like an android. That’d be cool, somehow to help me out around the house. Why are people hatin’ on these androids?” It would be cool to have androids.

Verdict on the chili: passable. Next time I think I’ll use less hamburger, it called for 2 pounds but I did 1.5. Little less cumin, more chili powder, and maybe some peppers. Still soupy, I’m going to let it simmer for a while longer. Also next time cut the onions up better, seeing a bunch of chunks still.

Didn’t really follow my own advice from yesterday to listen to music. But I feel good. Just watchin’ these playthrough vids, sippin’ my coffee, eatin’ my chili. Life is good.

Good vibes y’all. Good vibes.

NINJA EDIT: Okay, it’s now midnight, I’ve watched four playthrough videos, the last was uploaded two months ago, and they haven’t done any more for “Detroit: Becoming Human”. CLIFFHANGER. I’m going to have to buy this game just to see how it ends. OMG.

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