Day 34 of 56: Jobs

I think I figured out the commenting system, so let’s do this one! Let’s talk about what jobs we wanted growing up! I’ll start.

If you were anything like me, Dear God why and may he have mercy on your soul, but you were convinced at different points in life what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Elementary School

We moved around a bit, but I think my first dream job was a cashier at a convenience store. I was a weird kid, shut up. Something about pressing buttons all day and beeping. If I were a writer, I’d call this foreshadowing.

We moved to Redmond in third grade, and that school district had a little more money and technology, they had a cafeteria worker at the head of the line with a computer charging you for your lunch. THAT was my new dream job! This was when computers were just starting to appear everywhere outside of school labs, so it was very exciting.

Moved back to mud puddle the next year, I don’t recall remember if that school had an electronic charge system, but this was the first school I went to that had a full kitchen. As I do, I befriended one of the workers, Mrs. Potts. I want to say there was a work rotation, but eventually I ended up volunteering as much as possible to wash the dishes. It was SO MUCH FUN. They gave fourth graders access to a working garbage disposal and this monster of a dishwasher with SO MANY MOVING PARTS. IT WAS SO SAFE. But I was good at it, and I was having fun, so I kept doing it.

The next year, same school, I think we weren’t allowed to work back there any more. Stupid child labor and safety laws. Oh well, I was well on to my next dream job: school custodian! I would stay after lunch and help Mr. Baker sweep the floor and clean the tables. He had SO MANY KEYS! I like keys! Keys let you into stuff! Plus, my grandma (mom’s side) was a custodian and that was also so cool.

Middle School

We moved back to Central Oregon and got settled in sixth grade. Back to the district that had more tech. While my previous school still had a card catalog and was slowly implementing a computer-based one, this school was all tech. You asked the librarian where to find a book, she’d tap in the name and tell you where it was, and could even tell you if they were all checked out!

This school had a smaller kitchen staffed by a rota from the district, so no dishwashing. Also the custodians weren’t as visible. I spent a lot of time in the library, helping check books in and out, and again I had fun doing it so I wanted to be a librarian! Books! Lasers and barcodes! Again, foreshadowing.

Our librarian was also in charge of the computer lab and managed the school’s website, taught an elective in FrontPage, and was super cool.

High School

Same problem as before when changing schools, the library wasn’t as friendly a place. You could work in the library, but it was considered a class and I didn’t have any room in my schedule. I had been in band for four years, so I just kept doing that in high school.

Mr. Sime was one of those teachers that really changed my life. I can’t really describe it, but suddenly it clicked and I knew for sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a music teacher. I was pretty good with music, it made sense, it was fun (another theme), plus I’d get to listen to music.

Some issues at home, long story, then I was going to be a chef. Took a few culinary classes, I was also working at a restaurant. Wasn’t my dream job, I still wanted to be a music teacher. Lettered in band, even with all the weirdness that was my senior year of high school.


Jumped hardcore into the music education program. Did it for two years at the community college to get enough credits to transfer to a state university. I was still okay, but working full time, doing theatre tech, and school meant I spent very little time sleeping or studying.

This was also right in the middle of the recession, arts programs were getting cut left and right. I then decided to go with a relatively safe profession that I was good at: computers. I’ve been good with networking, did that at three colleges, and long story short now I’m just getting my basic BS in IT. I may eventually get my teacher’s license because I’ve wanted to be a teacher for so long, but for now I have a job in my field and that’s working okay for me.

Daily Reflections


Played a couple good rounds of my fave zombie shooter, built a database with recipes so I’d be able to get an organized shopping list. Not a bad template I downloaded, but jeez do I need to tweak it. Can’t put in line returns? How am I supposed to put in the instructions?!

Got the ingredient list, now I have to go through what I currently have plus the other things I need, then organize it by aisle so I spend the least amount of time in the store as possible.

No new cases of the virus since Sunday, which is promising! I still want to spend as little time out and about, though. My county also has a very high recovery rate, I’d be interested to know the demographics and what we’re doing differently than everywhere else. We are pretty spread out here which is great for spreading, I’m curious what else is different.

On Saturday I ordered some legit masks, not those one-ply jersey tee burritos, it hit Portland this morning, we usually get things back from Portland the next day. So I’m looking forward to it showing up tomorrow since I tried hand-sewing the burritos and am currently failing. I’d like to have something legit for groceries tomorrow.

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