Day 35 of 56: Music

9:42pm: Started writing the title for this while listening to music at home for the first time in a very long time and Turnip decided to get the zoomies. Ran from the TV, the length of the house, around the couch, to the guest bathroom where he slipped on the hardwood and crashed into the guestroom/office door. Got up, zoomed to his cat tree and is now cleaning his butt. What even are cats.


I discussed yesterday a bit about how much I like music. So much so I wanted to be a music teacher for a very long time. Not giving up on that dream, but for now I’m an IT guy.

Anything I say about music as an art form would be cliche at this point. It speaks to me, I can feel it in my soul, this song/album/artist describes me as a person… cliche. I almost wrote that I couldn’t understand someone who didn’t listen to music a little bit every day, but then I realized I’ve been doing that for over a month now. So I get it. But the 4 times I’ve gotten into my car you bet your ass I was pumpin’ the jams.

Today I went to the store, and it was the same. Parking lot was a little too full for my liking so I drove around just listening to music for like half an hour. It happens every week, but I felt like I was becoming more myself again after a week of monotony.

When I got home, the first thing I did besides crack open that box of wine was continue playing my playlist on my Google Home. And then I shut the blinds so I could dance while I put the groceries away.

Groceries have been put away for well over an hour, and I’m still listening to music. That’s the power of music, people. Listening to my favorite songs is making me who I was before this whole situation started, and that’s something I think we all need. So go pump those jams. You’ll feel better.


This doesn’t really need to be its own section, really more of an aside. My work does this big event every year to kick off the holiday season. Last year we added a light show to it, and somehow I got put in charge of that. I jokingly complain about having to do it, but really it takes what I’m good at (computers, music, technical theatre) and rolls it all into one thing. Yeah, it sucks when it’s the middle of July and you’re listening to holiday music, but the end result is so worth it.

I bring that up because I know of at least two songs in my “Liked Songs” playlist I’m currently listening to that were strictly for this light show. They didn’t make it in last year, I only finished three songs for the whole season. My goal was like 15.

Well, last year I worked 80 hour weeks to program this thing, the extreme majority in my free time, so why not get a head start on this year and do it now? I have almost nothing but free time now. The only difference is last year I didn’t get officially started until August (was listening to holiday music in June) and it’s almost May now. Wait, that’s not a bad thing. Oops. I know the software now, and I have SO MUCH time I can spend on it. I don’t see a downside, besides listening to holiday music IN MAY. I COULD GET SO MUCH DONE.

Maybe that’ll be my thing starting Monday. My job while not having a job. And since I don’t leave the house, I can split my time between that and school work. You know, to break up the monotony.

A few of the songs on my “Liked Songs” playlist I keep listening to to see if I can build a strong enough case for a “designer’s night” where I play my favorite songs as family-friendly as I can to lights. Like Friday and Saturday as the last thing so less kids. Trying to find good songs for Diego’s Umbrella, Katzenjammer, and Walk The Moon. Leave a comment if you can think of a good family-friendly-ish song from them. I’ve already decided on Juice by Lizzo.

Daily Reflection

I finished sewing two of those shrunken daily masks together today. Not very successfully. It was good enough that I could go to the store, though, so I can’t really complain. I’ve sort of come to terms with this situation, and it’s not that I’m exceptionally terrified to catch it, I’m just scared to spread it to someone who could die, or I could get sick enough I need to go to the hospital and then who would take care of my cats? What if I died? I have too much stuff to do, I can’t die. I saw an article about an IT guy whose only preexisting condition was hypertension and he died. I have pre-hypertension. No thanks. I’ll stay home as much as possible and wear a mask.

On that note, two of my purchases from last week show up tomorrow! The espresso machine is a day early, psyched. The other is one of the masks I bought. I think once I have a professionally-made mask I will be a little more daring and not wait 8 days to go to the store. Today’s bill was almost $200, I’d like to be able to spread that into more than one trip as I need stuff. Although to be fair, I needed to buy a bunch of spices for this chili I’m going to make, and that was like $30 right there.

Since the shutdown I think the only actual vegetable I’ve eaten is onions. Tonight I made sure to get some more. Head of lettuce, package of spinach, green onions, celery, and carrots. With the lettuce, spinach, and carrots I can make a decent salad that will go well with the chili and bangers & mash I plan on making this week.

My student mentor emailed me yesterday about my plan for the next two weeks, still haven’t replied to her. I should do that. Something about having multiple anxiety attacks since I took the test and really needed to focus on me. Maybe I need to play music instead of podcasts during the day, because at this moment I’m stoked to get back on track to graduate by the end of June (still listening to music, right now is “Jenny” by Walk The Moon).

10:22pm: I saw a post on Facebook about adding lemonade to sangria so I did that and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Next time I go into town I’m going to get some sliced watermelon and add it to this super-lemonade sangria, it’s going to be outstanding.

The last 5-15 minutes are usually spent looking for images to spice up the monotony 😉

Night, all! Listen to some music! You’ll feel great!!!

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