Day 37 of 56: Egads!

Started this post pretty early today, got distracted by YouTube and vidja games, now it’s half past two in the morning, egads!


There’s a big garage on a lot across the street from me that has been for sale for a while now, and today I saw a realtor and some peeps parked by it walking around. I checked Zillow and it looks like there’s a pending offer. So that’s cool. I wonder what they’re going to do with it. The way the property is laid out with the neighbors honestly they’d do well to knock down the garage and build a house on that foundation. Otherwise their house will be right on the street or the front will be looking at everyone’s back yards. Or maybe they’re gonna pay $100k to store their RV. Whatever, it’s not my money.

Spent an hour looking around the area at what’s available. Saw some cool houses, just a little bit outside my monthly price range. My criteria are wood stove (in addition to forced air), counter space in the kitchen ideally also with an island, and gas stove/heat.

And then I realized I’ve only had this place for three years this coming September, now is NOT the time to look at new places. Especially with my loan, that more or less requires me to live here for 10 years.


The main area of the house is slowing getting cleaned up from the Depression Den Days. To be honest, a lot of it is grabbing boxes and stuff and putting them into the guest room. Not ideal.

After my Zillow sesh, spent a bit of time figuring out how to best reorganize my house. Move that there, move this here, et voila. Honestly, the one pickle is my work computer. I don’t want it to be wireless, yet I don’t have a long enough cable to snake around the living room and go to the office. There are holes in the floor, but I also don’t want to go under the house. Especially without the suits from my office, which is barred from me for another month.

My work-purchased wifi adapter is also sitting on my desk at work. Which I can’t get to. For another month.

I also need a fairly deep side table for the kitchen to hold the convection oven. Said table would house the oven, my Crock Pot, and my drip coffee maker. Things I would potentially use regularly, but need to be off my main counter. After my Zillow search, I need to find a way to make the best of my existing countertops since I won’t be leaving them any time soon.

Daily Reflections

Saw an article that said younger folks infected with COVID-19 are suffering strokes at a higher rate than older folks. All I do is sit in my chair with my feet up, I barely hit 1k steps. That freaked me out a bit, so now I’m looking into walking desks. I will get rid of one or two of my desks if I can replace them with an alternative that reduces the risk of blood clots (i.e.: if I’m walking then there’s a reduced risk of clots vs. just sitting with my feet up, unmoving for 10+ hours). Plus, my average daily steps for the past month have been less than 1k, and I already know that’s unhealthy. My house is small, I need a way to keep moving if I’m going to keep up my health. Also looking into getting a multivitamin delivered since I don’t go to the store regularly and thus have less access to fresh fruit and veg. Another article I read suggested elevated consumption of vitamins C and D would help. I can’t get sick. Who would look after my cats? And if I died, there would be so much stuff left undone. I can’t allow that. I have too much stuff to do. Any of my friends/fam in healthcare please set me straight if I’m wrong.

Earlier today I opened a poll to see what platform I should get “Detroit: Becoming Human”. Turns out, it’s only PlayStation and PC. No XBox. So I bought the PS4 version. JennaJulienGames left us on a cliffhanger, this was the only way to resolve that. Played 5 hours, almost caught up to them, and made some very different choices by accident. As an android I’ve now killed like 3 humans. Not the way I wanted to play. Still want an android as a helper around the house. Not really sure I can be swayed from that. I could mow the lawn, the android could weed-whack. I love mowing, hate weed-whacking. Plus with someone else here I could easily be motivated to do stuff. Even if they aren’t technically real people. Which I know this game is trying to say. It’s also an exposition on slavery, I get that. This game is rough. Lots of feelings.

Took a shower so I could check the mail today, since I didn’t do it yesterday. My mask from the local company arrived yesterday. Not a terrible pattern. I’m not completely satisfied with the mask itself, when I exhale it fogs up my glasses, but I think I can easily sew in a paper clip or similar to mold it to my nose. Not sure what to do with the sides, they aren’t exactly air-tight. But, this is a better mask than I could make myself, and it’s two layers. Without alteration, I would feel okay wearing it in public.

Since the mailbox is within eyeshot, yet far enough away that I don’t want to walk it, I took the car. 0.1 miles for a trip is bad for vehicles, so I picked up the mail and drove around work. Still eerie how empty everything is. It’s a little busier since a few of our outlets will be opening in the next couple weeks, but still pretty empty.

Okay, that’s it for tonight. Now it’s 3 in the morning, I need to go to bed. Will add GIFs later. The morning is calling and it’s saying a lot of espresso since I figured out the right grind size for the beans and an appropriate container to store used grounds in. Hint: it’s an old Folgers can with masking tape that says “OLD GROUNDS.”

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