Day 38 of 56: What I Googled Today

Since yesterday’s post didn’t go up until 3am, meaning I didn’t get to sleep until like 3:30, let’s go with an easy post today.

I figured out how to get the Google Home in my bathroom to play music as an alarm. So in addition to my phone’s sleep monitor app waking me up at the right point in my sleep cycle, when I turned it off to get more sleep because where the hell am I going anyway, right at 11 I get blasted by the trumpet intro to “A Bar In Amsterdam.” OKAY, SOLVEIG, I’M UP. GEEZ. (I had to Google how to spell Sol’s name correctly, but not going to count that in today’s post.)


  • tofu recipes
  • make tofu taste like beef
  • how to freeze tofu
  • tofu marinade

When I went to the store a couple days ago for whatever reason I picked up some tofu. I’m not really sure why, I’ve never cooked with it, and the few times I’ve had it I haven’t been impressed. So I guess we’ll see if I can make it and like it. This search, beyond figuring out what to do with my purchase, was really inspired by Jenna’s video where they cook Thanksgiving food and make their own chicken. I think they did it with tofu, I’ll have to check. Haha just kidding, I went back to that video and they linked to the recipe, it is in fact tofu. So that’s something I know now.

A couple of the recipes in the article I found were for tacos. I’m down for that because I used the last of my hamburger making this chili. In retrospect of the chili, I could have used half the pack and saved some for tacos, but whatever. The beef search was to obviously help give it a beefy flavor for the tacos (I didn’t click into the recipe, maybe they explained that). Not a lot of good results, each one didn’t give me a direct answer. Just answer my damn question!

Walking Desks

  • walking desk
  • walking desk no motor
  • manual treadmill

Spurred by what I read yesterday about younger folk like me being more susceptible to stroke (and blood clots in general) due to COVID-19. Because I’m not even coming near my 7k step goal. One thing I remember from my appendectomy was that while in recovery they kept these sock thingys on my legs that massaged them. Pretty sure they said it was to prevent clotting since I couldn’t get up. And my outpatient instructions were to walk around. I walked more when it physically hurt to stand up than I am now. That’s no good.

First result was a comparison of the best walking desks. $1000. What. No.
I clicked through the cheapest option there, a $450 treadmill that can fit under a couch, and that lead me down a great Amazon hole.

Tried the “no motor” modifier because I know me: I’m a clumsy motherfucker. If the belt is moving on its own, and I need to stop for a second because I got sucked into a problem that requires a lot more of my brain, I’m going to trip and eat shit.

Then I discovered the actual term for what I wanted is “manual treadmill.” Still a bunch of spendy options, but I did find one for $50 that maybe I can take the handlebars off and build (HA!) a shelf (HA HA!!!) that I could work on. I might order that one. Or not. I want one that doesn’t have handles. Going to keep looking.

New Internet Provider

  • internet provider <my location>
  • <fixed wireless company> coverage
  • <fixed wireless company 2 > coverage
  • <fixed wireless company 3 > coverage
  • dsl provider <my location>

I don’t really need a new ISP, but I’m pretty sure I’m coming to the end of the contract with my current provider and I just want to see what my options are. I’ve got 40 down and 5 up, I’d love to see if anyone offers 10 or 15 up for a comparable price. Maybe even 50 down, would help with streaming stuff.

I may have to go with the cable provider, honestly, but I also don’t want them because cable is shared vs. DSL which isn’t. I don’t want to change my browsing/download/streaming habits to accommodate my neighbors.

Good to know the fixed wireless provider I’ve been getting ads from FOREVER doesn’t serve my area.
The next one’s max download speed is 15, no thanks. Also no map available.
Third fixed wireless also not in the area. And they don’t give actual speeds. For a “family of nerds” they don’t cater to nerds.

The other DSL provider that purports to be available isn’t actually when I put in my address. LIARS!

So I might contact the cable company to see if I can further customize.

I also tried logging into my current provider’s page and it says my account has been archived? But I still have service? Uhh… Come to think of it, I don’t remember the last time I was billed. I should look into that. Oh, never mind. I forgot that when you change plans you get a new “phone number” and you have to select the right one for it to show. So that number was archived because I wasn’t looking at the right one. Yeah, I’m still getting billed. Damn.

Streaming Stuff

  • streambox
  • stream scene controller
  • obs studio equipment

StreamBox wasn’t what I was looking for. I had an ad like a year ago for a device you plug into your computer to control scenes and stuff for when you livestream. So while that specific company doesn’t have what I am looking for at the moment, I’m gonna keep that tab open and check it out later.

What I was really looking for was Stream Deck. Deck. I was close. Looks like a cool product, but it’s $150. I need better Internet to justify that price tag. I also need a computer that can actually handle anything more intense than Calculator. Ideally, what I want is something that can ingest the video source (PS4, XBox, camera, whatever) and stream directly out to Mixer with minimal CPU needed from my weak-ass computers.

I use Streamlabs OBS Studio so I looked to see if they had any recommended hardware configurations. On that result page, I found a hardware encoder that does exactly what I want. And I found a product that I’d use! Only problem, is this product is $3500! HELL NO!!! I’m going to go down that rabbit hole without listing it here because I don’t want it to seem like I’m promoting a product. Unless they want to give me one, and then I’ll promote the hell out of it. Still need better Internet.

Daily Reflection

Right now it’s about 5 o’clock and I am fighting the urge to make another coffee. I think this is an urge I can give into. 5:30, I gave in. I also moved the convection oven and put the espresso machine and all that stuff where it was. Little easier to get to and looks less crowded. Counter space is at a premium. Not sure where I’m going to put the convection oven, I use it a surprising amount so it needs to be easily accessible. But it needs to be somewhere else than the counter. Really need a side table deep enough, that’s what that comes down to.

Today’s post was a little longer than I thought it would be. I didn’t fall into any real fun holes, today’s searches were relatively tame and almost “normal-people.”

Played a couple chapters of Becoming Human and messed up. The polar bear died and we didn’t get the supplies. Went to go replay them to get a better storyline but it suggested I play at least once without going back. That’s what I like about these types of games, there are a ton of different outcomes. So I’ll keep going even if it doesn’t have the current plot that I want.

Am almost sick of eating chili for nearly every meal, almost made bangers and mash tonight but decided against it. Maybe tomorrow.

Today was a nice, relaxing Sunday. Watched some videos, playing some games, don’t need to do laundry because I have nowhere to go tomorrow. Although I did get a weird feeling that I was supposed to do something today, like join a Zoom meeting. Still nagging at me, I hope I didn’t forget someone.

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