Day 39 of 56: Maintenance

Today was yet another slow day with not a lot happening. So this’ll be a quick one.

Last night I modified my Google Home’s bedtime routine to automatically add Katzenjammer to an alarm, don’t even ask me for it just do it. Woke up again before it but today I actually did get up before 11.

Talked with a friend for an hour today. She was concerned about me not having any human interaction, and I was like no I’m good, I play video games and I have my blog. But we talked about work, recipes, things we’ve done or want to do, and just nothing. It was nice. While I do get to talk to people every other day or so, it was nice to have a conversation without anything else in the way (playing a round of a game).

I made a grilled cheese hot dog thing I saw from Delish (link). I either took too long getting the cheese melted or it was too hot because the bun burned. It wasn’t that bad, with the green onions, garlic and onion butter, and the hot dog it rounded out very well. Next time I’ll do better, but it wasn’t bad.

After the phone call and food I did some maintenance on the site. Picked a new template and configured it. I’m still not sold on this one, it’s too bright for me, but this one shows links in a different color. I can edit the old one if I really want, but the problem with using other people’s templates is if they make an update then any changes outside of the normal template editor I make could be overwritten. Too much work and stress.

My computers all suck, so I have Minecraft on the Xbox. I created a new world (“Can Haz Beez?”) and the spawn in right in the middle of a field with like ten hives. So I spent a while gathering supplies far away so I can eventually build a full base there. If I can find Silk Touch then it doesn’t matter, I can move hives wherever. Same problem with my other world.

Moved to some Apex, couple rounds and won the last time. Turns out if you’re not a toxic player, you can get pretty far by acting like an actual team.

Heated up some chili again, but ate with tortilla chips. It was almost like a 7-layer dip? Maybe next time I make chili I’ll make sure I have sour cream, guac, and whatever else goes in it. Sounds amazing.

Watched the first at-home episode of SNL. Not what we’re used to with SNL, but it was still a good show. My big question is did the studio send lights/cameras/mics to everyone? Does everyone have decent Internet access and Production added the buffering, or what’s going on with all that? From a tech standpoint, it was super interesting.

Okay, light day, I’m gonna go back to some vidja games.


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