Day 41 of 56: Teamwork

Once again, full disclosure, I didn’t do anything today. Didn’t do the dishes, didn’t shower, just spent the day on Facebook sharing shitty memes.

Last night after I put up the post, I found a streamer on Mixer that I immediately adored. When I join a stream I lurk and don’t contribute to the conversation until I understand the vibe of the stream. Also, it’s a pain to type when watching on the Xbox so then I’d have to pull up the stream on my computer and that’s just a lot of work. Anyway, this streamer had a viewer who kept bugging her to invite them to her game. BAM, BANNED! That’s the kind of behavior from streamers that needs to happen to discourage that toxic viewer behavior. MedusaChan, you were a random watch and I was absolutely not disappointed. Plus, you’re funny as hell. 10/10, I recommend. If you didn’t click her name up there, click it here. Oops, got distracted by her stream.

I did do two loads of laundry and brought the trash can back from the street the same day as trash day. So that was my required level of Being An Adult for the day. I also unplugged the WAP that ran my old WiFi network name and programmed my thermostat to the correct one, if that also counts. I wouldn’t have to have had my router and a separate WAP if my provider’s equipment could handle two SSIDs without crashing on the daily.

I’ve had a computer just sitting here for a year, so I uninstalled all the stuff that couldn’t be on it any more, upgraded to Windows 10, and installed Minecraft. It has 4 cores, 3.4GHz, despite being 7 years old. Compared to my year-old laptop that has 2 cores and tops out at 2.4GHz. Computer only has 4GB of RAM, which sucks, but since its older RAM I can get a pretty decent price on some new memory. I might be able to use it as a streaming PC if I can get the memory upgraded.

Figures, towards the end of furlough I figure out a setup that would work to be able to stream on Mixer.

This whole furlough I haven’t really done what I wanted to do. Still have a bunch of classes to finish, the house hasn’t been reorganized, and still haven’t really been able to mow the lawn. Today was over 70F, but with the weird rain I haven’t been watering the lawn. It’s also supposed to rain tomorrow, so no mowing then. It’s also supposed to snow on Sunday?! How am I supposed to maintain my lawn if Momma Natty is throwing snow at us in May?! Oops, got distracted by MedusaChan again.

For not doing the things that I wanted to get done, a lot of it is just finally being able to be somewhat lazy. I’ve been working full-time since I was 15, I deserve some time where I don’t have to be productive. Especially since I don’t take time off unless I need to. Moving past finally being able to be lazy for a bit, I lack motivation to do things at home without external motivation. My house isn’t clean because nobody is coming over. I haven’t mowed the front and back yards because I can’t have people out for a BBQ. That’s a little bit of a cop-out, but I need just a little nudge to get going at home. Someone who’s willing to help out, especially for things like gardening. I can do it, I just can’t stay motivated even if I were to start the project on my own.

As I write this right now it’s 2 in the morning. So I missed my midnight deadline by a while, but I will contend that it’s a blog-a-day, and my day isn’t over yet. Don’t come for me.

Okay, tying the title in to the narrative: after I ate chili for the, what, fifth/sixth day in a row? I played a few rounds of Apex. Need to get to battle pass level 88 to get enough coins for the next season to be free. I was ready to stop after a handful of rounds, but I was doing so good that I got it into my head I needed to complete as many of the daily missions as possible. Ended up playing until after 1 when I finally got my damage mission completed. I now have 22 levels to go. Thank you.

I watched a video a few days ago from the developers and they said that the point of Apex was to work as a team. That’s like, my whole thing. I am a huge team player. Even if the team is going in a stupid direction, I might complain a little bit but I’m going to go that direction. This applies to work, too. A hotel I used to work at did a lot of very questionable things that I disagreed with (not illegal, that shit didn’t fly at all with me) but I went along with it because if you can’t act as a team then you’re going to fail.

This post mostly brought to you by the 20-some-odd teams I dropped with that were useless. No communication, everybody running off to do their own thing. I’m doing my best, pinging things, suggesting areas to move to, marking enemies; the other two are just off looting and not trying to play the game. I’m just salty. I did have a couple really good teams where we actually looked out for each other. Props to those teammates. The rest of y’all, screw you.

Okay, I need to go to bed, otherwise in 2-4 weeks when I need to start wearing pants again my sleep schedule will be so messed up the IT team will be 24 hours.

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