Day 43 of 56: Blocks!

See? I knew I’d get to use that title for something 😜
I drafted this generally last night after I put the last post up, and Drinky Joe had a lot of thoughts. So we’re going to try to expand on them now. Let’s try to tie them in to their own headings. It’s gonna get messy.

Godspeed, the three of you that read this.

Last Night

After gaming after yesterday’s post and then the update, I stayed up for quite a while longer watching the Jenna & Julien podcast.

I started thinking about getting a new computer that can game and run a stream, so I opened NewEgg. How can I get a computer that’s suited for streaming for a decent price? Do I get a pre-built or build my own? Need to compare directly. Need to do some research to see what’s good. Also add in green screen, an okay camera, and some sound equipment. Didn’t get too far; when I tried to directly compare specs from pre-built to custom-built, the custom always ended up several hundred dollars more. I just want to build my own computer, yo. Why it gotta be so spendy.

Checked Informed delivery and it shows that I got a letter from ODOT. What would ODOT be sending me a letter about? My first thought was REAL ID, but that would have come from DMV. Is the road usage charge program being discontinued? They’re re-doing the highway by me and I can’t get out?

Okay, that was what I did last night after posting, so now it’s time to expand on Drinky Joe’s thoughts so I can get to the daily reflection and just wrap up this giant post.

Lots of Blocks

Today I played a LOT of Minecraft. By accident. But this picture of my computer (sorry) taken last night shows 4 of my 12 turtles that hatched!

The single egg hatched first (not pictured, keep reading) and he wanted to go swim so I opened the fence, and then I read that mobs target baby turtles so I looked around and couldn’t find him. So I was convinced my baby died and I was very sad. I waited until the hatchlings finished growing before releasing them to the wild. Be free, my children.

Anyway… today I made a lot of progress on my villager spawner. Raised the population enough to need to expand to another room. Golems started spawning on top of the building, so I’m thinking that I need to build a raised platform above it that forces them into some lava. BAM. Iron farm. Still need to do some research as to how the new village mechanics work, I’m going to throw a wild guess and say that the old iron farms won’t work since the latest update.

And that’s what I love about Minecraft: everything changes and there are always new problems that need to be solved. That, and it’s just blocks. Turn off that brain some time, bb!

Aspirations of Normalcy

We are very far from getting to any sort of normal right now. And that’s okay. But it’s important to think about what that new normal will look like.

For my department specifically, the majority of our work can be done from home. We still need one person on property to do some physical stuff (move computers, plug things in, manual interventions, etc.) but I think we can work one at a time in the office. There’s only three of us: me, afraid to get the virus because if I get super sick who’s going to take care of my cats; the boss, who has young children and doesn’t want to endanger his family; and the other tech, who is more at risk of serious infection. So at least, my department has a strong motivation to continue distancing as much as possible until a vaccine can be found.

We had an all-associate call today with the GM and Director of HR, and they said they’re working with a local company to get masks for everyone, and that the company will donate masks to those that need it. So we’ll be helping out the community. That’s one of the things I like about where I work, we try to benefit the community as much as possible. My theory is all the work-provided masks will have our logo on them, can’t wait to see if I’m right or not. My theory is that since we’re buying them that we’re going to logo them in some way.

I read the title of an article suggesting it would be a year or two before a vaccine was available so we’d have to continue distancing. Since I did pretty well in my science classes in school, I’m okay with having to wear a mask in public for however long it takes. I understand the concept of herd immunity.

All the crybabies saying that wearing a mask and physical distancing is infringing on their rights: I can only assume you failed every single one of your biology classes, you have zero empathy for your fellow man, and you got a small dick. Even if you don’t have a dick, you got a small dick if you can’t grasp the concept that limited the spread buys us time to gain herd immunity because you want a fucking haircut. Once the immunity is in place, feel free to not vaccinate your kids and bury them by their 8th birthday, as is your right. Until then, shut the fuck up, the adults are being responsible.

Daily Reflection

Okay, Drinky Joe had a lot more things to say last night, but it’s late now, and I’ve already hit three sections. Time to just call it. Check back tomorrow for 3 of the 6 remaining thoughts.

Besides playing Minecraft today, I also went to the store. The last time I went was last Thursday, so looks like I can make two boxes of wine last four days each. That’s the only reason I went to the store. Well, that and frozen pizza and laundry sauce. I still have enough leftovers to last me a few more days, so I’ll probably go some time early next week. My birthday is Thursday and since the weather will be nice I want to grill a steak and have a margarita. Need to get propane, steak, and tequila.

The mask I received last week from that local company didn’t fit quite right when I tried it on literally an hour after I opened the package. My cancer-patient-beard was keeping it from hugging my jawline. So today before my shower I took a trimmer to my face. Got rid of the neck beard portion, and then trimmed the rest to 7mm, which I felt was a respectable length for facial hair. I have a couple bald patches, but for the foreseeable future I won’t be showing my face, so who cares. Maybe two months wasn’t long enough for those sections, let’s see how long it takes for them to get with the program that I want a Real Man Beard.

Anyway, after my trim sesh I discovered the hair was much longer than I thought, and the mask fit so much better. No regrets. Plus, it looks cleaner which I think helped a little with the fight against Crippling Depression.

I read an article a while ago saying to wash your glasses in soapy water to help prevent fogging. Did that right before I left the house, still was walking around the store in a haze. Next order from Amazon, besides a Tub Shroom that Freddie’s hasn’t had in stock for MONTHS, is going to be something I can spray on them to stop that. If I’m going to have to wear a mask for a while, I need something to help me continue to see.

And that’s another thing: I am only slightly farsighted. I really only need to use glasses for the computer. But since I work with computers for a living, I really need to wear them all the time; my optometrist gave me a weak prescription (that I can just pick off the rack at Walmart, TBH), I just wear really expensive readers. I’m kind of lucky that way, I don’t actually need my glasses to see, but it’s super nice that stuff is slightly bigger with them. My annual exam is at the end of the month, I wonder if they’re going to be open again by then? Also I need to cancel my vision insurance because it’s through the same company my work health plan uses and long story short you can’t combine coverage. So I’ve thrown away a couple hundred dollars for nothing. Bye-bye.

That short rant reminded me to email them, so I did just that. Basically either tell me how to cancel my plan, or give me the instructions for my optometrist so I can take advantage of the two plans I pay monthly for.

This post written on my newly-upgraded desktop computer. Texted the boss to make sure it was okay, but when I went to the store I stopped off at the office first. Went into my office, was sad for a minute and then confused because there were 30 empty iPod boxes on my work bench, and the box they were sitting in was empty. What? Why. Back in the day we had a Tupperware full of old memory modules, so I spent a while looking around for that. Then I remembered we trashed it all because they were old (DDR1/2). “Hmm… where am I going to find a memory module for that 3010 I have?” *walks past stack of decommed 3010’s to my room* “Crap, thought I had something in here” *walks past 3010’s again* “Where the hell…” *notices 3010’s* “Oh. Idiot.”

8GB of RAM is great. And having 4 cores is great. My laptop (8GB and 2 cores) is okay for basic stuff, but sitting in a desk chair and hammering out a post is so much nicer than a laptop. I don’t believe in laptops as a workstation, but I know me and it will be a long rant so that statement has to stand right now. Maybe in a few days I’ll come back to that.

Okay, after midnight, still my same day so shut up, time to log off.

JoDrRe: OUT. *drops mic*

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