Day 45 of 56: Food

Food-Driven Personality

I am very easily influenced when it comes to food. I was watching a vlog and they showed that they got a burrito and right now (00:30) all I want in the world is a burrito. With nacho cheese.

What I really want is something from Super Burrito (downtown Bend) but I’d settle for some Taco Bell. I could also go for some french fries. Going to town Monday for some noodles (plus gas and propane, I don’t make trips I don’t need), I think I’m going to have to also stop and get some fast food. It’s been two months.

I’m meeting up with my best friend for noodles and a physical distance hangout again. Beyond the cashier at the store, I’m almost certain the last person I talked to in person was her, well over a month ago. I’ve had conversations on the phone and in game chat, but more or less I haven’t seen anyone in two months. It’s fine, I’m fine. It’s been like one long weekend, and I stay home on the weekends. Being an introvert helps.

No, Joe, you don’t need to spend money on useless things.

I’m trying to talk myself out of buying a camera. I’ve been watching a lot of vlogs and just YouTube vids in general. I don’t have a computer that can easily edit pictures or videos. I would eventually like to stream or have an actual YouTube channel, but there’s a lot more equipment I need to get first. I have a camera that I use for school, I have a video cam that is older but would work for streaming.

First step is to get/build a computer that can handle gaming and streaming (thus also Photoshop and Premiere), then a green screen, better Internet, sound equipment (which would also benefit if we ever start the podcast), and then at the very bottom of the list is a camera. I have a computer in my pocket that also comes with a camera and I barely use it. Sure it’s only 12MP, but it gets the job done.

Spent some time looking at rice cookers and side tables for the kitchen. These are things I actually do need, but I can’t bring myself to buy them. It could be since I’m not working I feel like I need to save money. Good thing there’s a 12 days until the resort opens back up.

Be Prepared!

Julien shared a video where he shows his emergency bags and I feel like such a bad Boy Scout. I don’t have one of those. My dad and stepmom sent me a water filtering straw and flashlight for Christmas this year, and those would be perfect for a bag. Thankfully no earthquakes, and power outages aren’t very frequent here. But I do live in the middle of a forest. In the high desert. Where there are fires every year.

I should probably have a bag ready to go. But I don’t. Because I was a terrible Boy Scout. An Ad, Yet Not An Ad

I’ve gotten cat food from Chewy for about two years now. This is not a sponsored post. But Chewy, if you want to hit me up with a sponsorship, let me know. Back in the day I would just get whatever food was cheap but still okay for Athena. When I moved out to the forest, I wanted to switch her to a food that I could get out here that was good for her and available if she ran out before the next time I went to town. I settled on Supreme Source. Hey Supreme Source: same offer as Chewy. Give me money and I’ll pimp your product. What I really liked about this food, besides being available at my local store, is that it’s grain-free. Kittehs don’t eat grain in the wild, that made it the best choice. I also got approval from my friend who was a vet tech. May not be the best food for her but it checks the boxes and she eats it all so until a vet tells me otherwise that’s what she gets.

Then I got Turnip. That motherfucker ate food like it was going out of style. He came from an environment with a lot of other cats so it was mostly just resource-guarding. But initially since he was eating me out of house and home, I made the decision to get bigger bags delivered. Supreme Source wasn’t available at Fred Meyer, I can’t remember if I looked at PetSmart or Petco, but I don’t frequent those anyway so Chewy was the best choice for getting the food I wanted to feed my cats.

So I signed up for autoship. I had almost figured out a good schedule for it, I was either a week early or two weeks late, and then Turnip developed a UTI and bladder stones. His vet prescribed him special food to help dissolve the stones. That same day I called every pet store in the area, nobody had it. Thankfully I already used Chewy so that’s where I was able to get him his special food. He got shitty wet food from the store for a couple days until his vet approved the order and it arrived. He was not complaining. I digress.

Turnip has five cans of special food left, so that should last another five days. I ordered food for both him and Athena (bought a bag half the size from normal because now it’s just her on that food again). Decided to also get some toys. Turnip got a toy with a ball on a track that also has a scratching pad since he has claws. Athena’s toy is an automatic laser. Set it on a surface and turn it on, it moves a laser randomly for like 15 minutes. She loves lasers, and I lose interest (slash my thumb hurts from pressing the button) pretty quickly. She’s also getting pretty chonky being trapped in my room. So I hope she likes it and this will help her get more active again. She’s afraid to leave the room even if I have the door open. Haven’t quite figured out how to make the two of them exist peacefully together, Turnip is an asshole and picks on her. Breaks my heart that I can’t spend time with her in the living room. Sucks that the only time I spend with her is right before bed and then just as I wake up. Again, I digress.

Chewy has a warning on their site and sent an email after the order was placed that shipments are taking longer than normal due to increased orders. I was initially confused, like why would they be backed up? That just makes no sense! But then a second later I realized that people aren’t leaving their homes very much, so of course there’s an increase in orders. That kind of sucks for Turnip because they’re saying it’s taking 7-10 days to ship and he has less food than that. Plus the lead time for the vet to approve the shipment for his prescription food. She said no more dry food so I’m glad I bought a big pack of that shitty food, at least he’ll be able to eat while we wait for the shipment.

But yeah. This non-sponsored post basically boils down to if you have pets you should really order from Chewy. I get hand-written cards for their birthdays. They’re generic and definitely just a gimmick that they do to set themselves apart from the rest, but it really does mean a lot to me. The cats don’t care, because they’re cats, but I’m touched that someone spent a portion of their day for my screamy hell demons. The prices are decent, too, especially if you order more than $49 worth of stuff. Which Turnip’s food is. $50 for 24 cans. Not only does he not appreciate me, the bastard is expensive. And monthly vet exams (yet to come, the Rona hit after his diagnosis so we haven’t been able to get in for a followup). Spendy little demon soot sprite.

Daily Reflections

I didn’t realize that the majority of this would be me reacting to the delay from Chewy and also how awesome they are. Sorry.

Round two of bangers and mash tonight. Which means I reheated the gravy I made the other night, and then cooked potatoes and sausages. Not really a round two since I’m only reheating one thing made before. Made two sausages because last time I only made one and wanted two, only ate one. Wasteful. I hate that.

Made some good progress in Minecraft in the village. Built a pretty rough iron farm. For whatever reason the golems hang out on the back end of the spawning building, so I found some lava, dug a giant hole, and now I get like 40 iron a day.

Well, tonight I need to go to bed before 4am. If I have to be awake before noon in 12 days, I need to start re-training myself.

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