Day 44 of 56: Delivery

Oh God, after trimming the facial hair yesterday I can blow my nose and not feel weird. Hairs aren’t going UP INTO MY NOSE when I put tissue to face and blow.

So that’s the opening statement that I’m going with. The post only gets worse from here.


I need to get a weed eater. I actually need a lot of yard care equipment. A weed eater is the biggest one, though. Electric, though. I don’t want to have to deal with keeping gas around the place. I have an electric mower and it’s great. There’s a lot of grass so I mow about half, charge the battery and take a break, and then finish the rest when it’s ready. Built-in union breaks, bb!

I also should plant some flowers soon, as soon as it stops freezing at night. Potentially starting on my birthday. Keep an eye out. It rained today, and forecast says it’ll rain again Wednesday before getting warm and not freezing starting on my birthday! I have a couple packets of seeds sitting by my front door, Thursday I’ll just get up and pour them out. It’s gonna be great.

My birthday is on Thursday and I already have it all planned out: make some margaritas and mow the lawn. That’s it. That’s all I want to do. I lead a very exciting life.


I knew when I moved out to be close to work that I wouldn’t be able to get delivery from the pizza place out here. Thank god, when I lived in town I had pizza delivered like twice a week and I weighed so much. So much. I’m pretty sure in the last two and a half years I’ve lost like 40 pounds, simply because I can’t get food delivered. Ten of those pounds came off since work closed, because every meal is homemade and sometimes I forget to eat. Also some muscle atrophy, but still.

Actually, I kind of can’t get over FORTY POUNDS LOST. When I was in town, chilling around 220. I was working out a bit so some of that may have been muscle, but seriously I was eating out for almost every meal. Bought this house and live alone so I can’t split bills, had to start cooking for myself because there’s only like five restaurants out here and eating out in a resort community would quickly bankrupt me. Now I’m around 180, was at 190ish the last time I went to work. Even though most of my dinners were homemade, I would always forget to pack a lunch so I’d go to Subway, Mexican, or pizza for lunch.

Where was I going with this. I got distracted by losing 40 pounds.

Oh. Delivery. Right. So when I lived in town we still didn’t have Uber Eats. I think it launched like two months after I moved. Thanks. That was a two years (ish) ago, more restaurants have signed up, we have DoorDash, PostMates, and whatever else I don’t know about. The delivery area stops about 15 miles down the highway.

But, like, I don’t get that? If I lived at the south end of town and ordered from a restaurant on the north end, that’s like 20-30 minutes easy delivery time. I lived south-central and it was 22 minutes door-to-door to work, I now live a few minutes from work. All the restaurants I would love to be able to be delivered are on the south side and/or close to the highway, so it’d be 30 minutes. So why not make it available based on distance?

I’m just salty because one of my favorite restaurants is the Mongolian BBQ place and I got an email saying they reopened for takeout, and all I want now is a bowl of noodles. They’re taunting me with delivery. DoorDash doesn’t come out this far.

Unrelated to delivery, related to noodles, my best frand and I are going to do a physical separation hangout on Monday and you can bet we’re going to get takeout noodles.


Yesterday when I went to the store, there was an alert that deer migration is in progress. Score! That means my deer friends will be back! One of the selling points for me on this house was that deer hang out in the yard. I love that. I had a mom and her baby hang out for a while. Baby would freak out when I went to the car, but I was able to talk to the mom and keep her from running away. Pretty soon I didn’t have to say anything, they’d just chill as I left for work. There’s also a couple families at work that sleep in the traffic circle and come up to the building so they can eat the grass.

I had a thought that since the neighbors got their dog last year I haven’t seen any deer friends, especially since they can’t control him and he just roams the neighborhood. While checking Instagram for the last time I saw them, turns out they were last here in July. So maybe I’m just early.

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Deer friends are back!

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But yeah, fuck that dog. Total asshole.

Daily Reflections

Watching Jenna and Julien’s videos while I write this, and they’re talking about the car crash they were in. In Jenna’s video she talked about getting an IV and then getting contrast to check for internal bleeding. She was like “my blood got hot.” When I had it done, I wished they had warned me that my butt hole would feel like it was on fire. I can’t wait for next Sunday’s post. I wrote an awesome text describing the entire ordeal of an appendectomy and it needs to be shared with the world on the anniversary of my first real hospital visit. That’s going to be an amazing post.

After I posted yesterday, I stayed up and watched some old recordings of shows I worked on. Not really sure how that started, but long story short I drank a lot, sang along very loudly, and didn’t go to bed until 5. Needless to say, I woke up late today and everything needed to be quiet for a while.

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