Day 46 of 56: Home

Today was a self-care day. Details below.

Trip to Town!

Last night I was browsing Facebook settling down from whatever the hell I did yesterday, playing some rounds of Apex because I have 20 more Battle Pass levels until the next season is free. I have a week. And I’m terrible.

Anyway, someone I know from theatre posted that her computer was randomly typing characters and that she had 20 days to finish her class and HELP!!! That’s like right up my alley, so I commented that it sounded like she had a bad keyboard and to try a different one. Long story short, it was a laptop, it was the built-in keyboard, and she didn’t have a spare. Luckily I’ve amassed a sizable number of keyboards through the years. So we decided to meet up and I’d give her one as a temporary workaround until she can either get the laptop fixed (not my forte AT ALL, they include way too many extra screws) or get a new one.

Cool. I was already planning to get noodles with my best frand, I’ll just come in early, bring the laptop with the car inverter, get some homework done, and then noodles.

Wake up early today, forgot how clothes worked (you have to take them OUT of the washing machine in general, but best BEFORE you take a shower), and tried to do my hair. For the last few years I’ve had a fauxhawk and need to get a haircut every month otherwise it just gets crazy. It’s been three months. I now have a lot of hair. My product just doesn’t cut it. No matter what I did I could get the middle bit to stand up, but not the hair going from the sides to the peak.

Spent far too much time trying to get my hair fixed, gave up, gathered my things and headed out. Made it maybe two miles before I started getting really hot and felt like I had to puke. Uh oh, dehydrated. Again. There’s a theme. Turned off the heat, rolled down a window, chugged some water. It was okay.

Got to the park to make the handoff. What happened next was kind of bittersweet? I get out the car with the keyboard and my mask, see her, say hey, and as we start getting closer we both pull out our masks and put them on. Like, it was sweet but also kind of sad. Sweet in that we both cared about each other enough to put on a mask just in case. Sad because that’s just the reality of living through a pandemic where nobody is immune yet.

Got back in the car and headed home because I didn’t bring the laptop, had decided that instead of staying in town I would go back home and clean out the car. I felt nauseous as soon as I sat down. Yeah, going home for more water would be a good plan.

Back at Home

So the plan was to come home, drink water, feel better, and then go clean out the car. I sat down in my chair with my awesome weighted blanket, and just got the chills. Like, no matter what I did with the blanket I just could not get warm. I had opened the windows for some breeze, so closed them, same thing. It was 68F in my house, I shouldn’t have felt cold.

I remembered the CDC released some new observations about symptoms of The Rona so I checked those. Chills were listed. Uh… I’ve also had this low-key sore throat for the last couple weeks, which is another symptom (not a low-grade one, just says sore throat). I just thought I’ve been snoring at night. I’ve kind of been warm for a while, too? But I don’t own a thermometer so there’s really no way to check. That could just be me wearing this heavy sweatshirt all the time, or trying to connect dots that don’t need to be connected.

Cancelled my noodle plans and wanted to take a nap. I’m convinced all my symptoms are just me not having enough water. Realized I barely ate anything yesterday, so I made a couple corn dogs.

Spent the rest of the day not moving and drinking water. I am feeling a little better with the nausea, why do I keep doing this to myself.


Not feeling chili or bangers and mash, and also wanting something more substantial than ramen, I decided to cook that tofu I bought! Went down a little rabbit hole looking at marinade recipes, tips and tricks, and the history of tofu. Also the difference between tofu and tempeh.

I found this marinade recipe. Pressed the tofu using my CCNA study book, finally getting some use out of that monstrosity. While waiting for it to marinate played some video games with the guys.

I couldn’t decide between soba noodles and rice. Both great options. At some point I pulled the noodles out of the fridge because I decided on them for tonight and forgot; so I pulled out the rice cooker, measured rice, and only remembered I decided on noodles when I went to move the lid and the noodles were there. Tomorrow, idiot.

The noodles came with this soy ginger sauce, and after putting it all together I realized that I either don’t like ginger or just that sauce. I should have thrown it out, I have stir-fry sauce in the fridge that tastes much better.

I’m going to throw out the rest of the stir-fry, I just can’t eat it. The tofu turned out good, so the marinade will make a comeback. But next time I get those noodles I’m going to not use the sauce they include.

Daily Reflections

Some of my reflections are above. Bittersweet feelings, how much I hate that I get dehydrated all the time (YES, I KNOW I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER AND LESS WINE.), thoughts for cooking better.

Today really was just a don’t move and hydrate kind of day. I took pictures of the tofu, fully intending to do like a step-by-step, but I’m just not feeling it right now. Maybe later when I go through to edit the SEO crap after this challenge is over. Just know that for the most part it was delicious.

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