Day 47 of 56: Subscriptions

Return to Normalcy

No, not real normalcy. Just a return to feeling better in general. Like yeah for the last few weeks I’ve been more or less okay, but every once in a while that sneaky panic creeps in and just kinda shuts you down, you know?

But, as we near the end of the work shutdown it’s helping a lot. Knowing that there is an end within sight. While things will definitely be different for the foreseeable future, my life will have structure again, and that’s all that matters.

Since I was feeling more okay about stuff, I finally finished and returned the practice test for my database class. The instructor returned it with corrections (only a couple wrong things) but hasn’t yet approved the second attempt of the actual test.

But, hey. I’ve got these classes left:

AND THEN I’M DONE. I just need to keep this feeling of normal long enough to knock them all out. Honestly, the hardest ones are going to be the math from the current term (but now that I’ve found my calculator that should be much better), and the web development one because I’m terrible with CSS.

A Rant About the Restrictiveness of Subscriptions

As a Millennial, it’s kind of my job to have subscriptions to services, right? Like, I have Hulu, Netflix, Sling, Spotify, Quip, Amazon Prime, Creative Cloud, and a bunch more that I can’t think of right now. That’s a lot. Why does everything need to be a subscription? From a business standpoint I get it, subscriptions generate guaranteed income.

The following paragraphs brought to you by Yesterday Joe who just wanted to read an article relating to the coronavirus:

Apple News+ is such bullshit. I’m almost annoyed enough to get a subscription but that just plays into their plan. Especially stuff relating to the virus, that shouldn’t be behind a paywall. It’s a public health emergency, let me read all related information for free. Because I am a public and I have my health to worry about.

At least twice a week I see an article that I would like to read, but it’s subscription only. I get it, Apple and the news outlets need to make money somehow, but I already have subscriptions to so many things. I want to have less subscriptions. But I can’t. Hulu and Netflix have different things, some stuff is only on HBO GO or whatever.

I think that speaks for itself. Drinky Yesterday Joe, and all.

So much stuff now is behind a paywall. I’m lucky enough to have a job where theoretically I can afford all these different things, but that creates an inequality in society. “Only those that can afford all these disparate services shall know the information.”

Again, I get it, it’s capitalism and everyone needs to make money somehow, but it’s definitely not fair. And then those same companies get upset that multiple people are sharing accounts. Because not everyone can afford them, Susan! It’s so much more accessible for one person to pay (or a group of people pay one person a smaller amount) than paying for your own account.

Let’s say I shared all of my streaming accounts (Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Sling) with three friends. That’s $70 for one person, but if the other three throw me $17.50 every month then that’s much more manageable. I’ve been there. That other $50 could have been all I could afford for food. Again, I’m not in that place any more and am grateful I don’t have to deal with that, but still. I must pay close to $200 a month in various things. Past Joe working as much as possible but still not able to fully pay rent on time would never have been able to afford that. And then Apple wants to charge me however much for “premium” access to a global pandemic? I’m really close to explicitly saying something here, I hope you can infer where I’m going because I don’t want to say it outright.

This will definitely be revisited. Drinky Yesterday Joe was mostly upset that stuff relating to the virus isn’t available.

Daily Reflections

I think I did a pretty good job with putting the daily reflections up top. Maybe one day I can forego this section. Not today, though.

Woke up late today for some reason. Well, the reason is my alarm went off at 9, I was having some good dreams, so I went back to sleep. Because why not, I’m not working right now.

Made a coffee, did some Facebooking, got caught up on the Internet, and then finished working on my practice test. Submitted, and then was like, “Well, got to wait for the teacher to grade that so I’ll just play some Minecraft for a couple hours!”

That was at 3. By 6 I realized I was finally hungry, so I popped a pizza in the oven and kept playing. Next thing I knew it was 9. Made some good progress in the game and started working on my first mine (I literally need one diamond to finish my AFK fish farm).

Well, time to sign off the computer and keep cracking on my Apex goal of battle pass level 88 so I don’t have to pay $10 for the next season! That’d just be ONE MORE THING I WOULD SPEND MONEY ON. </rant>

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