Day 48 of 56: Noodles

Today was kind of a big day! My stomach felt better, I was primed to do homework, didn’t, it was great!

I did get out of the house today, but I was most excited when I checked the mail. So that’s going to be the first bit.


After I got back from town, I went to check the mail. I can’t remember if I wrote about it, but Informed Delivery said I had something from the OSU survey center. I watched the governor’s press conference last week where she mentioned the state was partnering with OSU to create a voluntary study of either 10k or 100k Oregonians to test for The Rona. That’s something I’m on the fence about. I would like to do my part and also just know if I get it, but at the same time I really don’t want to take that test. Nothing larger than my finger should be inserted into my nose farther than my finger can go. If I do get invited for the study, I think I’d do it For Science. But I haven’t even been chosen for jury duty, I doubt I would make the list.

Turns out, it was just a survey for ODOT regarding the state of the highways. Cool, I can do that. I live on the edge of the district so a lot of those highways I don’t actually ever use. But I’m glad to do my part. ODOT does a good job overall, in my opinion, so I’m happy to provide feedback.

ANYWAY. The reason I was so excited about the mail: my grandma sent me a birthday card and a HOMEMADE MASK!!! She also wrote a little note on the bag the mask was in, in her disgustingly perfect cursive that I cannot get my handwriting to look anything like, that it was pre-washed and put into the bag with her gloved hand so it was safe to put on as-is. Of course I immediately put it on because she made it for me!

Like the quote block below, I had something in mind that conveyed my pure joy at a hand-made thing but my Google-fu has apparently weakened after almost 2 months not at work. I will find it and update the post.

She printed a card with a nice little note with some cash. Every time I get a card I want to call and say thank you because that’s what you do when someone sends you a gift, but it’s late when I usually open mail and then it slips my mind for a few days and then enough time passes that it would be more awkward to call. So then I just feel like an inconsiderate grandkid. Non, I know you read these, so please accept this as my apology for not calling and my thanks! I swear I’m not trying to be an inconsiderate jerk! I do still have your number memorized, there’s only like 5 I know and yours and Dad’s are two of them!

I swear I have a comic to go here that is apt and kinda funny, but I’ve spent 30 minutes searching for it and can’t find it. Will update later.


Around 3 I was seriously craving tacos so I went to work to see if the food truck was open. Amazing tacos. Walked around the main building, nowhere to be found. Went to the other spot I thought it would be, also not there.

Ran into a few friends from work and spent a very long time catching up. Because I haven’t seen these people in two months. We kept our distance (and I had a mask), so everything was on the up-and-up. Beyond that physical distancing hangout a month and a half ago, these peeps were the only other humans I’ve seen in person since the shutdown. Naturally, I was too excited to make coherent sentences. I swear I’m like a dog. See a person and just get overloaded by excitement. Woof.


Finally got my noodles! After finishing catching up with peeps, met up with the best frand at the local Mongolian BBQ. With all the restrictions, I figured it’d be easier to just order online and pick it up. We chatted from our cars while waiting, I missed the text saying it was ready by 10 minutes. Picked it up, got gas, and then we went to the parking garage to continue our physical distancing hangout.

I love this restaurant, we eat there enough the owner considers us regulars. But this time I ordered a beef broccoli bowl, and there was zero sauce. They cooked it just in water. A little let down by that, but there was nowhere to put the sauces I wanted when I ordered it.

Oh well. I got some noodles, and since I didn’t eat it all I now can reheat it on my own and fry it up with some more sauces. It won’t be the same, but this was a learning experience. Next time I’ll just build my own bowl, I know I can put in my desired sauces then. Sauce.

Daily Reflection

Tomorrow is my birthday! The weather is going to be gorgeous (it didn’t rain/snow today like it was forecasted) so I get to mow the lawn! Looking a little shaggy, neighbor across the street is showing me up. Going to fix that.

Still seriously considering going to Taco Bell tomorrow for their taco box and inviting friends to drive by and pick up a taco. Then I can fulfill my dog-like tendencies and be super excited to see them. I’ll find a way to do it safely so we maintain proper distancing.

I need to pick up stuff for margaritas, that was a thing I did last year and it seems like a good tradition to have for my birthday. I can use the cash Nonnie sent! Thanks, Non! Tequila!!!

Megan and I always race to be the first one to text the other on their birthday. A few minutes ago she sent the following:

  • FUCK
  • OH NO
  • IM NOT

She lives in Montana. So, not late. YOU GOTS 30 MINUTES, MEGA!

Mom will either text right at midnight (meaning it’s a race between the two of them to be the first) or she’ll wait until the actual time I was actually born. WHO WILL WIN THIS YEAR?!?!!?!

Okay, time to end this post. Going to ring in my day with some Apex. Just need 4 battle pass levels a day to hit level 88; thus, free next season.

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