Day 49 of 56: Birthday! (and tacos!!!)

Hey, y’all! It’s my birthday!

Usually, I like to do whatever I want on my birthday because I can. Since we’re all stuck at home right now, I didn’t do anything different than I’d have done yesterday.

There, Megan. Your gifset because as the years grind on I find myself more like Yzma every day. (ˉīšƒË‰)


I woke up late today because it’s my birthday and I don’t care. Considered making a coffee but ended up getting sucked into a mobile game (been a while!) so I had water.

Around 1 I got a text from one of my coworkers that the taco truck at work was open, so I threw on some clothes and scooted down there for some tacos! My stepmom made me a couple shirts for Christmas, one says “Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult” which felt appropriate for today.

Coworker was headed off to a round of golf with his men’s club so we didn’t get to eat together, but he and his wife left me a bottle of wine at the truck! So nice! Thank you! If I didn’t have tacos to eat and tequila to drink, I would have tagged along walking with you 🙂 Eventually I’ll get my own pass and can play again. Even though I’m terrible.


One or two years ago (I think two? It was before Turnip.) I started a tradition of making margaritas on my birthday. Last year I did the same, and then also when we went out to dinner, but that’s Sunday’s post. #teaser

After picking up tacos, I headed off to the store to pick up some tequila (my store has a liquor store off to the side. You can physically go to the same building, but they’re legally separate. Because Oregon.)

I also picked up another box of wine, because I have one box right now, some pepperoni to add to my noodles from yesterday, and some steaks! Checked out with my favorite cashier, Jody. Turns out her birthday was on the 1st! Taurus buddies! I’ve actually reached out to her manager a couple times because she is such a pleasant person. I will wait in a long line if it means she checks me out. That’s rare.

Dropped off my groceries at the car and went back to the liquor store. I don’t really buy liquor or have any sort of preference, so I had to call Megan and see what she recommended. While I was waiting for her to text me back, since I couldn’t find what she recommended so I had to send pictures, I got to throw shade at a coworker with my other coworkers. Thankfully she didn’t recognize me because I was wearing the mask that Nonnie made me and also a hat.

I’m extremely close to cutting my sideburns and around my ears myself, all that extra hair messes with my glasses and I don’t like it.

Found the right bottle, went to check out. I handed the clerk my ID since I hadn’t been checked out by her before, and her coworker made a comment like “it’s much harder with the masks.” I get it, I have my OLCC license, I know the rules. But it still felt like they thought I was part of a sting operation. I’m used to getting carded, I have a baby face. You can’t tell under the mask, so that joke gets nowhere right now. Got my booze, and headed home.

Got home, realized I have no propane for my grill, and was a little sad I couldn’t make a steak for my birthday. Oh well, I still have noodles. That can be tomorrow’s adventure: “Swapping Propane Tanks Like An Adult”


One of the things I’ve most been looking forward to has been mowing the lawn. On Monday when my car was parked on the gravel pad (not where I usually park) and it was glaringly obvious that my grass was very long. Today, one of my “treat yo-self” things was mowing the lawn. I’m such a dad and I don’t have kids.

My lawnmower is battery powered. Usually I mow the front yard in two rounds, right about down the middle. Gives me a little break while the battery charges. Today, though, for whatever reason, the battery lasted the entire time. It didn’t turn red until I had two or three little passes left. Weird. Although, I didn’t mow the sand filter or the side yard. Sand filter I want to get a little longer, side yard I found a squirrel skeleton last year (must have fallen from a tree during the winter and partially decomposed) and haven’t dealt with that. Sort of want it to just go away on its own. It won’t, I know, but I still didn’t want to do it. Plus, if I did the side yard then I’d have to do the back, and I was just not ready for that today.

I got as close as I could to the rocks and trees, but it looks half-assed. I definitely need to get a weed eater of the same brand so I can reuse the charger I already have.

I also cleaned out my car. If you’ve ever ridden with me you know that stuff just accumulates. This car, while being the nicest thing I’ve ever owned, has also been the cleanest. So while there wasn’t a lot of junk/trash floating around, it still had a lot of stuff. Set the back seats back up, organized the trunk area (or whatever you call it in a wagon), and just organized everything.

Neighbor Dave dropped by while I was cleaning, turns out one of the trees on my property is dying/dead and in danger of hitting his house when the storms start to hit. He wants to proactively get it cut down. I didn’t actually know that was on my property, so that was news, but I offered to help with the cost of getting the pros out here to do it safely. Maybe I should have offered to do the whole thing? I don’t know. When I go outside I am focused, either going to the trash can or the car. Not a lot of observation going on. I also need more adulty adults to tell me exactly what they want me to do. If he had said that it was on my property and I should pay to get it removed because it was endangering his house, I would have done that. But the way the conversation went it sounded like he was going to do it and just wanted my permission to cut it down.

Finished cleaning the car, decided that was enough for one day, and just messed around on my phone for a while. Made some margaritas, as is my tradition, and have just been hanging out.

Daily Reflection

Dad texted me, Mom (and my aunty Jody and Morgan) video-chatted, so I got to talk with my family today. So many texts I need to return, as well as Facebook posts.

Overall, today was great. I got to eat one of my favorite foods, do a very Dad Thing, start cleaning up my life, and now I’m going to play some video games and eat leftover noodles.

Here’s to another year!


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