Day 50 of 56: Home Stretch!

Another slow day. I had too many margaritas and wines last night. I had fun, and obviously couldn’t go anywhere, so it was fine. Plus I’ve been trying to drink more water since my latest adventure in dehydration on Monday. Could have been worse.

Regardless, my brain hurt this morning. Didn’t get moving until almost 1. Despite that, I did a fair amount of stuff.

Also, we’re in the home stretch, bb!!! Two months blogging every day is almost over!


For like the second or third day in a row I haven’t felt like making coffee. Mostly because I woke up so late. Today was no different. Got out of bed, sat in my chair, and started checking Facebook. Still have to thank a bunch of people for wishing me happy birthday. I’m just so bad at that. I also texted a friend I was talking with last night, I had started playing video games and forgot to text back until it was almost 1. We were supposed to have a physical distance hangout today. I said sorry my brain hurts, can we do it tomorrow? So we’re going to get takeout and do a hangout tomorrow night.

I saw that work had shared that Starbucks was open again! And I had the cell number for one of the peeps in it! Shot her a text to see how much a bottle of syrup would be and also can I get pumps for said syrup. She said yes. I sad cool I might show up later. She said it was all bagged up and ready to go. Damn.

Took a shower and went to Starbucks. Picked up the syrup and pumps, and got a coffee because why not I was already there. Got to chat with my coworkers for a little bit, so that was very exciting.

Propane and propane accessories, I tell you hwhat.

I made it about halfway home from The Bux before I realized I hadn’t brought the propane tank in to be exchanged. Drat. Oh well, it was getting close to the time for the mail and FedEx to show up. I’m expecting cat food and another package today.

I hung out until a little after 5 before giving up. Tracking shows both packages are in Eugene and Troutdale as of early this morning, so why didn’t they make the truck here? Oh well. Turnip can eat the crappy wet food I bought until Monday. Athena might be good, too, but she can also have wet food for a day or two if needed.

The hardware store closes at 6, so I quickly cleaned up the tank and loaded it into the car. Made it there before closing, made the exchange, and went back on my merry way home. I hate that I made two separate trips, but glad I went later on because the parking lot was packed the first time I drove by.

Got my BBQ hooked back up and started heating it up for dinner!

More Adulting

Not really full adulting, just more than normal for me.

While waiting for the BBQ to heat up and then for the steak to cook, I did a load of laundry and dishes. I suspect one of the cats has been hiding my short socks as I only appear to have like two pairs. When I’m working that’s not a problem, I stay in my long black socks all day. But when I’m not? I need them socks!!!

Yeah, that’s about the extent of the adulting. Nice steak (FYI pollo asado seasoning is nearly similar to carne asada, so no need to buy another thing of seasoning for a long while) and a potato for dinner. I still have a head of lettuce and some spinach in the fridge; I fully intended to make a salad because I’m not eating enough veg right now, completely forgot. Hope the lettuce and spinach are still good, maybe I’ll do that for lunch since I haven’t felt like anything substantial for a while.

Daily Reflections

I really should be writing these as the day goes on. Getting my tenses mixed up is really aggravating for me, I imagine it’s only more so for whoever is reading this.

It’s bittersweet that this is the final week of my blog-a-day challenge. Getting a post up every night has been great to be a little bit of a schedule for me. However, coming up with interesting things every single day is very hard. I’ll be glad to be able to put a little more thought into my posts.

In other news, I activated AdSense on my site today. I think I have enough content now to get my application approved. I of all people understand why ads exist but at the same time wish they didn’t. I’d like to upgrade the host and get some better equipment, not to mention hopefully help get some equipment for streaming or a podcast, and at the moment ads seem to be the best option. Sorry. If I ever take off and get enough of a following for some merch the ads are going to be the first thing to go. Suggestions for better content in the comments!

About halfway through writing out this post I heard Turnip get up and use the litter box and go get some food. A few minutes later I heard purring. But he wasn’t under my chair (always right where he can get run over if I move back) or in the surrounding area. I expanded my search and found him on my chair (NOT ALLOWED!), kneading his and my favorite blanket.

I see you, little soot sprite.

And now, almost half a hour later, I look over and he’s standing and still kneading the blanket. It’s a pretty amazing blanket, to be fair. It’s slightly weighted, fuzzy on one side, warm on the other. When my recliner still reclined, I lost track of the number of nights I fell asleep with it. Wake up at 4am, neck hurts, quickly brush teeth and go back to bed for work at 8am. Dangerous.

This shutdown sucks. I saw a post on Facebook from someone relating safe reopening of states to safe driving (paraphrasing) and had to stop myself from commenting on it. Because me giving them shit would go over better in person, versus online where tone doesn’t exist. Plus I’m almost certain I’d start a fight, and I don’t have the energy to deal with that. Ask me in 2021, looks like I’m out of energy for the rest of the year.

A week or two ago I signed up for Imperfect Foods and looks like today my shopping window opened. Now that I can see what they sell I want to check that out. I also need to figure out what I want to eat for the next week. Maybe they’ll have lemons and limes so I can make my own margarita mix instead of this pre-made stuff.

Okay, back to either Apex or Minecraft. Haven’t decided. I just know I want to play some video games. Tomorrow needs to be homework, some light cleaning, watering the lawn (squee!!!), and then hanging out with an old theatre friend.


QUICK EDIT: Opened my shopping cart for Imperfect Foods and holy crap that is a great selection. I’ve already added a bunch of stuff that sounds good, some stuff I could freeze, and things that would be nice to have hanging around. I definitely need to look at it again after figuring out what to eat for the next week. I’ve been craving Pad Thai for a while, and they don’t have the noodles, but I think I can get those at the store and the rest of the ingredients from IP. I chose some small and scarred avocados, as a Millennial I’m supposed to put them on toast. I don’t do that, but at like $2 for 3 I think I can afford it. I do already own my house, after all.

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