Day 54 of 56: Television

Like a lot of other people during this isolation, I’ve been watching a lot of content online. The majority has been YouTube (and Jenna and/or Julien at that).

But every once in a while I leave my blissful YouTube bubble and move onto something else.

NASA’s Unexplained Files

I don’t know what it is about it, but I can’t stop watching. I told my best frand, but she was like “ugh.” I don’t get that. I’ve seen all of Ancient Aliens that’s available on Hulu, and I watch it with a grain of salt. It’s fun to think about that kind of stuff. But NUF has somewhat credible people in it, and it doesn’t seem necessarily too far-fetched. They present this info and I’m like, “Yeah, someone smarter than me tell me what is going on.” Example: Sun dogs (s2e5).

I’ve always thought it’d be cool to work at NASA. Even just to observe operations. So cool. I blame Stargate: SG1/Atlantis for that.

Solar Opposites

I started watching this one today because it’s been in my Hulu recommendations for a while, and it’s actually pretty good. It’s by the same creators as Rick & Morty, which is another show I enjoy. Not because I think I’m somehow superior to others, I just think it’s funny. Rick is a dick, Morty has no spine, and the banter is glorious. New season either came out a few days ago, or will very soon. Either way: it’s not on Hulu yet. I may need to check my Sling DVR.

This show is like Rick & Morty meets Invader Zim. I don’t know why, but I just like it a lot. I’m already almost through the first season. And in the midst of writing that sentence, huge plot twist. #hooked

I also love that the lines in the opening credits change every time. Brilliant.

Daily Reflections

I’ve by now washed the mask Non made, but the smell from when I got it that reminded me of childhood has gone away. Which makes me more than a little bit sad. I want to go visit. But there’s a risk and I don’t want to take it.

Did I get my life together today? Not really. I did do a load of dishes, and I made actual food and my stomach doesn’t hurt today. Small improvements.

After I accidentally finished all of Solar Opposites while writing out this post, I started the Parks & Rec special. Not having seen the final season, I know I will cry and I haven’t been in a good enough space for that in YEARS, this is a great thing. Super clever. Love this show. Need to watch it all again. Like, right now. This episode was like seeing all my best friends again.

I think I wrote about it earlier, but I signed up for Imperfect Foods a couple weeks ago. This weekend was my first shopping window, and when I explored the offerings I was hungry and a little drinky so I picked some random stuff. Well, Sunday was the last day to update my cart and I spent the entire time editing that appendectomy post. My first box arrived today, and it was full of that random stuff I ordered.

Hair salons and a bunch of other things can open on Friday. Woo. This weekend I thought I was ready to get my hair cut, even with the safety measures, but then I started not being okay. I have a larger hair clipper than my beard trimmer (which I need to do again, yay finally being able to kind of grow facial hair). The back of my head does this duck tail thing when it gets too long and I think I can cut it with a 4 guard and be fine. My stylist uses a 2, and I’m sure it’ll be at least a month before I am comfortable in that kind of environment so she can fix any damage I do. Plus it’d just be the sides, we’ve been talking about a different style for a while now and all the new styles are all done with the top. Which I won’t touch.

Using a few things from the box of food I got today ahead of schedule, I made broccoli beef! Added some pepperoni because that’s what I do when I go to the Mongolian place and there wasn’t a space to add that. Over some rice, not too bad! Little too much salt on the beef, but next time I try this I’ll remember to go a lot less on the salt grinder.

Okay. Rambling. Time for bed.

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