Day 51 of 56: Dumplings

The existence of dumplings implies the existence of a much larger Dumple.

Also, tomorrow is the story of my laparoscopic appendectomy! Are you excited?! Because I’m excited!!!

The Day

I woke up around 11. Yeah, that sounds late, but I’ve been getting up around noon or 1, so it’s an improvement. Last night I watched a lot of “NASA’s Unexplained Files” and got to bed pretty late.

For the majority of the day, I was on Facebook and casually watching a YouTuber play Minecraft with some custom mods. I’m not invested enough in him to subscribe, he and his friends seem like a bunch of young’uns, but he’s still fun to watch play (no camera, only going by their voices). It is pretty cool how they can speedrun the game, I’ve never even been to The End.

Repurposed some shot glasses into espresso shot glasses. I was worried with the amount of crema that they haven’t been good shots, but with these clear shot glasses it looks like they are. Still not perfect shots of espresso, but until I can figure that out it looks like they’re good enough.

Briefly considered doing some schoolwork, but Facebook easily overruled that. I do think I need to hit the request button for the teacher to approve my second attempt at the MySQL class’ test. May do that tomorrow. Identifying vs non-identifying relationships is really the only thing that trips me up on this specific test, but I think I have that figured out.

One of my friends posted that they were looking for a lawn mower. I have a lawn mower I don’t use (it’s electric, I don’t have any easily accessible outlets, so I got the battery-powered one). Found it in the shed and texted a picture. They were on their way to buy one off Craigslist. Homie. Seriously. I was going to give it to you, all you needed to get were extension cords. You do you, but I could have saved you like $20.

Briefly considered visiting my stylist for a haircut at her house. Timing would have worked, but I felt like I should wait until closer to when I get to go back to work. Salons can open next Friday, I can wait until after then. While I want to support her, I can wait until I get to go back to work for a cut. Plus, the longer I wait, the more hairstyles I can change to. I’ve had a faux for a while now, it’s time to find a new style.

The Dumplings

Futzed around until my theatre friend messaged me. We figured out where we wanted to get take-out from (Dump City!!!) and where to eat it. Went to take a shower to meet her, but the tub hadn’t drained from my last shower. Two days ago. The filter I have over the drain was clogged with Athena’s hair. Took a few minutes to get the tub drained and cleared out, I’m glad I have a Tub Shroom in my cart on Amazon; I’ve been wanting to buy one at Freddie’s for a long time, they’ve always been sold out, seems like now is the time to just get it on Amazon. It’ll be a little more labor-intensive than my current solution, but if it keeps hair from going down the drain I don’t care.

Finally got showered and headed into town. We ordered our dumplings on our phones and chatted in the parking lot until they arrived. We both work in hospitality (me in IT, she’s at a front desk), so we swapped some thoughts on how our respective hotels would fare for the next few months.

Dumplings were delivered to us, we moved to a park to eat them. There was a lot of people there for a lockdown. We kept our distance from everyone else, but sat nearish each other and had our food. Got caught up on various things, it was very nice.

The Evening

Came home. started playing some more Apex. I now have 10 levels left before I’ll have enough coins for a free season, but with two days left I don’t think I’ll make it. Once I’m done here I may try again to level up some more, but it’s looking like I have to spend money again.

Which isn’t a bad thing. Apex is free to play, I don’t buy skins or anything, I shouldn’t be upset about buying a season pass. The developers have done an amazing job with this game. Looking ahead at season 5, I’m sad that we’re losing an area and do wish we’d be able to choose what season we play with. Season 1 King’s Canyon? Yes, please!

During my hangout today I realized my toenails were disgustingly long. When I got home, and between rounds of Apex, I tried looking for my nail clippers. Literally nowhere to be found. At one point I hid clippers for this exact situation, and they also disappeared. I just want to cut my nails.

Daily Reflections

Today, I oddly don’t have any reflections.

I didn’t think too much today. Which is odd. I’m fine with that,

I did pull out my USB SNES controller, Raspberry Pi, old TV, and AppleTV to move to my bedroom. I want to get rid of my iMac, maybe upgrade (probably not) so I need to migrate my nightly routine to the AppleTV. I listen to the same three podcasts at night, why not just run it through the TV? With the RasPi in my room I’ll most definitely spend more time with Athena who continually gets the short end of the stick with my time.

Sounds like I’m going to spend a lot of time with my GBC emulator tomorrow 😀

Okay. Good night.

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