The Return to Normal

First off, I do apologize for being away for so long. My original goal was to take a week or two off so I could get back into the swing of things at work and figure out some good content instead of the same drivel I was pumping out during lockdown.

JennaMarbles says it better than me:

“Black Lives Matter. And it shouldn’t be controversial to say that.”

JennaMarbles – Bunny Eating Things Politely

When I got back to work, the BLM protests over George Floyd and countless others came to a head and as a white guy I figured I would take a step back and give room for POC to make their voice heard. So I didn’t post anything anywhere. I was still on Facebook and saw sides of some people that I had never seen before, and that really caused me to further retreat from the Internet. I unfriended a lot of people I thought I knew, and eventually stopped going on there. Jenna held out longer than me, so huge props to her. It’s hard being in such a toxic environment. So to my POC friends, colleagues, acquaintances, even those I haven’t talked to in a while: I hear you, I am listening, and will help you however I can. I am beyond outraged, and can’t believe that this shit is still happening.

I was raised to believe everybody was equal, no matter their color, religion, or anything. Treat everyone the same as you would like to be treated. The fact that there’s still racism, sexism, xenophobia, and discrimination in fucking 2020 is beyond unacceptable and goes against everything I believe in. If you believe in or engage in that behavior, fuck you. I want nothing to do with you, and you have no place in society. No. Place. In. Society. It’s not a political stance, you’re a fucking asshole, you need to go away and never come back.

Quick Catch-up

I’m a little riled up from what was supposed to just be a quick intro, so here’s a very quick overview of life since my last post almost three months ago.

  • The first couple weeks of work honestly felt like I was on task force. How do I triage the current status, what are the fires that need to be put out, what needs to be done to get this department back up to 100%. We’re at a better spot now, but having projects put on hold for two months is kinda crappy now that all the vendors are coming back, guests are returning, and business still needs to happen.
  • I finally got through AdSense. I was denied because I don’t have original content on here. Excuse me?! The last time I tried to run ads I had just synced WordPress with my Tumblr feed, so yeah, not a lot of original content. This time, it’s ALL ME! How more original do you need?! Whatever. Probably some SEO problems that I gave up on very early on. Will adjust, and hopefully get a couple bucks eventually.
  • I went to Montana to visit my sister and say goodbye to Daisy. This will be another post.
  • Soon as I returned from Montana I had a COVID scare. Still kind of happening, but this again needs to be its own post.
  • Best frand has been coming out here once in a while to do yard work. She lives in an apartment so it’s been nice for me to have some company all the way out here, and for her to be able to do stuff.
  • Mom came to visit for a couple hours. That was nice. Turneep remembered her, and he absolutely ADORES HER, so that was nice for him too.
  • I had a hilarious incident with my hair. I have pictures. This’ll need to be its own post. Too funny.
  • I quit school. Got a couple emails saying I was approaching my loan limit due to the number of credits I’d earned. Since I got nothing done during lockdown, and with the amount of work I had once I got back to work (plus my projects that I knew I was going to have), I figured the best course of action was to withdraw, save up some money, and pay for the last few classes with cash. I just want to be done with this damn degree, but I already have a job in my desired field (and the years to back it up) so I can take a break and finish it when I am able.
  • Ran out of things to watch online, somehow stumbled upon an old subscription. SuperCarlinBros. J looks like me, Ben looks like my friend Ben… we all even have similar quirks and idiosyncrasies. It’s been a month and I’m still reeling.
  • Visited my aunt, helped with some computer problems, talked for a while.
  • An old theatre friend came down this week. Had some food and then walked 7 miles just catching up. My legs still hurt (did the whole thing in flip-flops, bad idea)
  • This Friday after work I washed off my bike and went to a park with the best frand to run her dog. I’m almost 30 but still ride a bike like I’m in my teens. That’s all great, and I had a great time, but my butt HURTS. Keep thinking I’ve been sitting too much or something wrong with how I’m sleeping, but no. It was messing around on a bike for three hours. And we all know that now the bike is in my car it will stay there for MONTHS. We’re looking forward to some rides before the weather goes south.
  • I bought a printer. This is one of the lamest things, but it deserves at least a section of a post. More to come.
  • I was finally selected for jury duty! I am beyond excited! Definitely its own post. Because my excitement is completely absurd.


This hasn’t been a very informative post. Now that I’m a little more willing to be online I can expand on what I touched on above. I have a bunch of posts to catch up on, so that’ll all be coming soon.

Despite Everything That Has Been Going On, since returning to work it’s felt more normal, which has been a great thing for my mental health. Yeah, I can’t go out and do stuff, and when I see other people there’s stuff that needs to be observed, but I still get to leave the house every once in a while and I’m not as anxious to be out and about. Obviously more on this later.

It’s good to be back online, even in a different capacity than before.
Thanks for being here.

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