What a whirl

In this blog post, I talk about the last few months of my life. Also, according to WordPress statistics, it’s been over 5 months since my last post, and only 20% of you are subscribed. Click that subscribe button, it’s free, and you can unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind.

Enjoy the post!


Seriously, dude. I’ve watched SO MUCH Dream and Technoblade the last few months. It may or may not have taken a toll on my psyche.

Send help.

I’m never going to be a famous YouTuber. Bruuuuuhhhhhh

Quick shoutout

Speaking of YouTube: I’ve barely used Netflix or Hulu the last couple months, instead watching YouTubers. So beyond Dream and Technoblade, I’ve started watching Markiplier (how have I sat so long on this, he’s great! AND EXISTS) and just tonight came across Kitboga.

I can’t believe it took me this long to watch Markiplier’s vids, I think he and his friends are great! I think Bob and I would get along great, maybe Wade, too.

But Kitboga, riding this train right now, doing God’s work scamming the scammers. I’m like 6 videos in right now, and I’m having the best time. I can’t really fault anyone for doing what they need to do to survive, but my god do the scammers deserve every bit of harassment. I did improv for a few years, I don’t think I could ever get to the same level as him.

Future Joe here: I’ve been writing this post off and on for the last couple days. FULLY on board the Kitboga-train. Choo choo.

Some Catch-up

Okay. My last update was August. What a whirl.

August and September, kind of a blur. We (my department) had adopted one-guy-at-a-time schedules, so I didn’t see anyone. I’ve had that weird lump in my throat since July (makes me clear my throat a lot, generally uncomfortable), which combined with rising risk sent us all home.

October: more IT work, some Traditions programming.

November: IT work, Traditions programming, and Traditions setup.

Early December: Spending nearly every night at Traditions. Big Boss came one night, saw the throng of unmasked people, immediately suspended the show. I got my life back.

Late December / Early January: I’ve gotten my life back. I am free to play video games, sleep in, and just sort of hang out. It’s nice. With only being in the office two days a week, I only need to shower a couple times a week, otherwise jam-jams all day! The downside of having my life back is I switched back to my broken recliner and now I fall asleep in it a lot. Not ideal. The last two weeks I’ve fallen asleep in my chair, woken up around 5, and then either can’t go to sleep or can’t risk it so I end up staying awake forever. Not. Ideal.

Death and the Avoidance Thereof

In November, Megan said goodbye to Booboo Fish Brains. She deserves her own post, I’ve been feeling guilty for not doing the same as quickly as I put up Doodoo’s, but… Life. Joojoo Bean was my baby. At one point when we lived together we decided I’d take her with me when I moved. That didn’t happen, Megan moved first, but Bobo was my baby. Cranky ol’ bitch. This will all be its own post. See you later, Bijou.

For the “avoidance thereof” portion, I have a family member who has reached out several times to come visit. Another family member isn’t doing very well, they had a mini-stroke the other day, and are forgetting things and people. Were we not in the midst of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, I’d be over there to say my seeyas, while they still remember me. I work with the public and live in a county 3x the population of that county, my family member is EXTREMELY high risk, and I refuse to be the reason for their death. I live alone and haven’t even seen my best friend at a distance in 4 months, but I am taking zero chances. Family member is a tough ol’ coot, they’ll last a couple more months until I can get vaccinated and reduce the risk.

I slept weird last night (another chair night) so today I’ve had this weird ear thing, and the throat thing came back. Like I have a cat hair stuck in my throat. I probably do. No fever, no loss of taste/smell, so I’m sure I’m fine.

Future Joe here again: Yep, I’m fine. I’m pretty sure that the ear and throat thing was a combination of sleeping in my recliner and a couple of my new masks are too tight and pulling my ears forward.

Regardless. It’s irresponsible for two people who work in the public to interact with an extremely high risk person.


I wasn’t going to continue this section, it’s always felt like Too Much. Since it’s been a few months it’s probably not the worst thing to include.

Right now I’m in a weird sleep schedule. If I could stop falling asleep in my recliner I’d be able to get to bed on time. But I do, and then I don’t.

The last couple weeks I’ve played Cards Against Humanity and some Jackbox Party Packs. One round of Jackbox I fell dead asleep. Woke up 4 hours later, still in the Discord call, everybody gone, and only a couple hours until I needed to start work.

My day-to-day isn’t very exciting, even less than when I was furloughed. I either walk 20’ to my desk, or drive into the office. Either way, I’m alone. The two days a week I go in, if I have to go desk-side to fix a problem it’s the highlight of my week.

Started playing games with bestie and her friends over Discord. Among Us is hella fun, we’ve also been playing Cards Against Humanity and now some Jackbox. What a nice way to get some social interaction.

I took Turnip back to the vet in September (?) and his bladder stones are gone. Huzzah! He still needs to eat special food to keep everything balanced, but this food is much easier to obtain. Plus with the stones gone, if I don’t have enough food for him then I can give him normal kitty food for a little bit without having to worry too much about him getting sick again. He gets a little can of special wet food, and now half a cup of special dry food. That’s a lot of food. And yet he still yells at me at 6 for food. Homie. You’re eating a lot. Chill. The. Fuck. Out.

To kind of wrap this all up, I finally got my Bluetooth keyboard working again, been writing this on the iPad for a couple days now. Even worse than furlough the day-to-day has been pretty monotonous. Doom-scroll through Reddit/News/CovidActNow, watch some streamers, go to bed at some point. I can’t wait for things to go back to normal in the next few months. I miss nouns.

Now that I have a keyboard again for the iPad and I don’t need to move my keyboard and mouse from the work computer to the home computer (shares the same monitor), maybe I’ll be a little bit better getting posts out. And maybe I’ll find a topic I can talk about that isn’t a blog post. Gotta get that AdSense revenue, bb!!!


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