Y’all. I’m going to cry.

Today a little before noon I was in the main building at work looking at a thing that needed fixing, I couldn’t remember the exact problem so I was checking Outlook on my phone. I had two unread messages, which was weird because when I left my office I only had one and I knew what it was. Personal mailbox was all read, IT inbox had that one that I didn’t want to open, all that was left was my Gmail that I learned I could add just a few days ago. I check my Gmail, and it’s a message from the local health system saying that I’m invited to schedule an appointment for my first vaccine shot.

Boring story short, I made the appointment on the only day available to me at a time where I’d be able to get to the place after work since I’m the only IT guy on property and can’t really leave early.

This is 3 days earlier than the last update I saw, which is still two months earlier than I was told previously.

This means if I get the second dose exactly three weeks to the day later, two weeks to the day later is my birthday and I can celebrate it with friends (socially distanced and masked) in public. Thankfully my two favorite places to celebrate have had outside seating even before all this, and one has fires. Which is good because early May is still really chilly at night.

I’m honestly really afraid I’m going to cry when I get the shot because even though I’ve been pretty okay through this whole thing since I play video games with friends online anyway, it’s still been rough. My only in-person interaction is at work but I tend not to stay in one place longer than needed because there’s just so much to do. Chatting with friends over PSN or Discord is nice because we get to do stuff together, but it’s really not the same. I live alone. Humans are social animals. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my best friend in the last 12 months.

We’re so close. I just want to see people again and do stuff. As soon as you’re eligible and invited (“invited” sounds so strange… “as soon as the health systems tell you it’s your turn” is closer, but still not quite right…) get your shot. The sooner we all get it done the sooner we can safely get back together. I want to go to a bar one night and not have to worry about accidentally killing my older or immunocompromised coworkers the next day, or my family. I can go do stuff again. I can see my family. My cousin just had a baby, I can congratulate him in person.

That’s it. I’m excited that life can go back to normal sooner than expected and that I don’t really have to be completely alone again for my birthday.

Stay safe. We’re almost there.

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