Spring Break Vacation

Wow. Two months. I made a draft a month ago being like “wow it’s been a whole month” and never posted it, but thought I had so I was like no big deal it’s been a month. Nope. Two of ’em. Oops.

Before Vacation

I don’t really remember what happened the last two months, so here’s an update on the Joe Front.

Work has been kind of crazy, lots of things happening, almost quit, didn’t.

The Friday before last I was playing Enigmatica 6 (modded Minecraft) with a streamer and accidentally spilled half my glass of wine on my very nice mechanical keyboard. Wiped most of it up, kept playing, everything was fine. Monday morning when I signed on to my work computer (share the nice keyboard between the work and personal ones), the keys were sticky and the lights wouldn’t turn on when I pressed keys. Even the Num/Caps/Scroll lights. Well that’s fine, I don’t really need lights. Let’s just clean off the sticky keys and we be good yeah?

No. Even after I popped off all the keys they’d still stick. Looks like the wine got into the switch itself, and it’s one of those that you can’t just replace the switch. So I bought a new one! This one has brown switches instead of blue (here’s how I learned the difference), so I still get the nice tactile feedback but it’s not annoyingly loud. Still a bit noisy, but I don’t want to stab myself while using it.

The boys and I downloaded Elder Scrolls Online and have been doing that for a couple weeks now. Yesterday I hit level 50 which is where you then level up with Champion Points and the game gets a lot less grind-y, and it was like a weight was lifted off my chest. Finally! I can run around and do stuff and actually feel like I’m making progress! Today I hit Champion level 100, only 60 left before the loot stops leveling up and then I really can just do what I want in the game without worrying about having the right gear for a fight.


My friend’s girlfriend was going out of town to see her family, and they got a new dog that needs a lot of one-on-one attention so he was going to take time off work to play games and focus on the dog. I said I’d do it, too, so he’d have someone to play with. All my big projects at work are done, we’re in shoulder season, it’s a lot easier to take time off now and not feel bad about it. From Thursday to today we played ESO, Apex Legends, and Rocket League all day; stopping only for animal care and food. Didn’t realize it was Spring Break, so I do feel like a little bit of an ass but not too much. I rarely take PTO for fun. Treat yo’ self.

The goal of the Epic Gaming Weekend™ was to get us to level 50 in Elder Scrolls and also work on the grind to Predator rank in Apex. ESO was the only one that happened. Since we (the three of us) have played ESO almost exclusively for three weeks we all collectively have gotten worse at Apex. They’re going to read this and feign outrage, but it’s true: boys, we got worse. Apex is stressful, while ESO you can just vibe and do quests. I’m sure we’ll get back to it and find a nice balance between our favorite games, but for now we’re chillin’ in Tamriel.

On Saturday I got 7 Days To Die for PC and started a new world with the streamer from earlier and her husband. I played it before on PlayStation but it is so much different on PC! Not just the controls, I’ve played Minecraft for years on PC, but the experience overall. I’m either terrible gaming on the computer or I’m just not good at shooty games with a mouse. I’m having a great time playing with them (both 7DTD and Enigmatica), they’re helping me get better at games I don’t usually play on the computer, and it’s a pretty fun group of people to hang out with.

It’s been a nice few days to just unplug from work and just veg out. I have to get back to the real world in the morning, not looking forward to that. Good news is tomorrow is a work from home day so I don’t have to put pants on.


Eh. I know I said I’d stop this section, and when I get to once- or twice-weekly posts I might, but this is a good catch-all for random things.

Why did this section get longer than the rest. Oi. Feel free to skip, it’s more stream-of-consciousness than normal. I’ll add memes to balance it out.

This is the first real thing I’ve done with the new keyboard besides play 7DTD, gotta say I like it a lot. Definitely quieter, but I’m making a lot of typos. Not sure if that’s just me being me or if I’m pressing buttons differently with the new switch types. Blame the user.

I figured out that weird throat thing. The other day at work I was taking a thing of cardboard out to the recycling, the wind picked up and kinda wrenched my body which tweaked my neck (also my old pillows weren’t helping). The next few days while it figured itself out I was coughing, constantly clearing my throat, and I also couldn’t look left or right. Now that my neck is feeling better I’m not coughing or clearing my throat as much. I also switched to a different pillow Megan gave me. Not sure if I’m back to pre-Montana throat feels or just pre-cardboard, all I know is my neck and throat feel better. After I get my shot I might just go see a chiropractor, make sure things are lined up correctly.

Speaking of the shot, turns out I’m considered a frontline worker because I’m in IT at a resort with restaurants. Covered by three categories. Yeah I can do a lot of my job remotely, but there’s a bunch of stuff you need to have hands on. Server won’t come back up after a reboot? Need to physically go poke it. Printer on a POS not working? There’s only so many things you can ask a busy F&B manager to do before you just need to get it in your hands. Cut fiber? Get your shovels, boys.

I’m in Oregon so the “frontline” group (phase 1b group 7, click the distribution plan link there) is only a couple weeks ahead of all 16+, but starting on Monday I have a chance to get an appointment! I’m beyond excited. Not sure which one I’ll be getting (all are good) but the possibility of not having to spend my birthday alone again is so freeing. My friends who don’t have the option to work remotely (front desk, housekeeping, F&B, etc.) y’all go ahead, I can wait my turn. IT is farther down the list and by all means you all deserve it before me.

I can’t wait to go do stuff again without worrying about getting myself or others sick. Browse in the store instead of getting in and out? You bet! Drink at the pub after a rough week? Hell yeah I’m buying this time (once all of us in IT have the jab I flat-out said I’d be buying shots for us). Movie and marg night? IT’S BACK THE HELL ON!!! Depending on when me and my friends get the jab I might either host a small gettogether on my porch with a fire (probably not, I need to buy a weed-eater still) for my birthday, but more likely we’ll head to the cigar bar since it’s outside, has fires, and a raspberry ale.

A’ight. Enough of the rambling. See you next time!

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