2021 is almost over. Here’s a recap.

Well then. A couple drafts in the folder that I don’t really care to post, and 6 months since my last published post. You’d think this would be a long one, but I mean… not really.

So. Last post. Wednesday, 31 March, 2021. Two days later I get a text from mom, papa isn’t doing too well. He’s in the hospital and might not be around much longer. My first shot was later that day, so a lot of stressing and leaving work early and emergency planning/packing. Leave work, pack, go to the fairgrounds, get stabbed (so efficient!), and drive 4 hours to the hospital. My brother’s aunt runs the hotel in town so it was super cool to just open the door well past office hours and find a key and a comfy bed.

Wake up, go to the hospital, and spend all day just being present and in the moment. Said my see-ya-laters, I hate goodbyes, and left back for home. The village I live near has a traffic circle as you come into it, and as I was entering the vibe just completely changed. I can’t describe it. But the cats needed food and the grocery store was closing in 5 minutes, no time to analyze gotta feed the kitties. Get their food, head home, and get a call literally as I’m walking to the front door from mom. Papa passed away roughly at the same time as I was getting into the village. I’ll see you later, papa. Wish I had asked for a few more stories.

Well. Then we’re into April and for the resort that means it’s time for busy. Except we never really slowed down once we reopened last May so it was just more of the already more guests. Normal work bullshit. I did almost legitimately quit because of some intraoffice bullshit, but I was able to talk to the boss and we were able to work to help alleviate some of it. I’ve never had a boss that actually listened to me before. Like, I can put up with a lot of bullshit, but the fact that I let him know when I was at my absolute limit and him actually help make it better? There’s a reason I’ve worked with him for 8 years, and that responsiveness is definitely part of it. I know I can go onto bigger and better things, but why would I? I also have so many things that I just know that aren’t documented so I couldn’t in good conscience leave without getting all that written down. I like to joke that he only needs to be concerned when I start writing everything down.

May: The goal was to be fully inoculated on my birthday, but when I went to schedule my 2nd dose the only day available was going to make me fully done the day after my birthday. You know what? 13 days after 2nd dose is damn close enough, it’s still a win. Got my first unmasked haircut on my birthday. My hair designer was so sweet, she got me a cupcake with a candle 🙂 Cases were spiking here so I cancelled plans with friends to go out. We all work(ed) in hospitality and didn’t want to have bar staff have to be the bad guys about restrictions. It was all good, spent the evening at home playing video games, was still a good day. Went to Nevada for Mother’s Day and learned some unpleasant truths about my family. Guess I’m going to be on-call forever now.

June-September: Honestly all of it blurs together. Lots of guests, lots of bullshit/nonsense, so pretty much a standard summer. Maybe even more, to be honest, since groups were coming again. I think we’d only gone golfing as a team like twice.

Late September to now: Mom has a new boyfriend and I got to meet him. Didn’t want to like him off the bat, but I honestly really truly do. He’s funny, he helped me with my golf game (of course I was going to take him out), and he’s interesting. Even taught me a couple things about cars and you may not know this but I love learning new things. I got drunk one night and bought a new laptop that I’d been thinking about for a while. Typing this out on it now. Still upset that the fan in my laptop that’s only 2 years old isn’t really replaceable, and this thing is basically an iPad with a keyboard, but I’ve been thinking about getting a MacBook for a while now so I can’t be too mad at Drunk Joe for finally pulling the trigger.

Anyway, yeah. Couple significant events but other than that it’s just work work work. Somewhere in there I took a week off because my buddy took a week off (girlfriend was going out of town, he needed to focus on taking care of the doggos) and we just played video games the whole time. That was nice. I should be well on my way to being almost done with the light show but I haven’t even finished setting up the visualizer. So there’s that added stress. I’m also trying to record the whole process and maybe make a video showing how the whole thing gets set up. So if I get that done it’ll be nice.

I usually add some headers and GIFs and fun things but honestly not really feeling it. Might edit later. Probably not.

Y’all stay safe, hug your loved ones and pets, and don’t be afraid to be weird.

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