One of my ghost stories

It’s been so long, can’t believe it’s taken me so long to update, blah blah blah. Turned 31, this year was a voluntary stay home and get wine-drunk with the kitties, been working a lot, started gaming more.

A few weeks ago a streamer that I followed, DeannaDay on Twitch, made me a mod. Which was great. I have fun watching her streams. And she recently started playing Apex for more than an hour which oh my jeebus yes let’s gooooo. Apex is one of those games that I can play all day and still want more. So check her out, we play together sometimes and it’s a good time.

ANYWAY. From tonight’s stream she played a Sam & Colby video, I subscribed and am now like three videos deep and holy crap if you like paranormal then give them a view because they’re great. But watching this channel made me think of the couple times that I’ve had paranormal experiences. I don’t think I’ve shared this one here so let’s go.

A few years ago while I was still volunteering at the theatre, we were running a show with a Catholic bible as a prop. The set was of a living room, with an “outside” window and closet stage right. The way this building was constructed was the green room was the entire upstage, and there was an attic space above the green room that you could access from one of the entrances with a ladder.

So we did the performance, broke for dinner, and then me and some of the stage crew decided to do a ghost hunt. This might have been the same night that I was sitting in the hallway across from the entrance and saw a shadow figure hang on the ladder to the light booth. That same night we also got a recording of the piano in the studio playing and a voice saying “I can’t push it through.” Not sure if it was the same night. For whatever reason we decided to play hide and seek.

It was my turn to hide so I go into the theatre, onto the set, and hide in the space between the curtains in that window/closet piece. I could hear the seeker moving around in the other parts of the building, but nobody came in near where I was. It was 5-10 minutes and then I stopped hearing movement. Then: I hear someone walk into the seats, come to the section near where I was hiding, and stop right in front of the closet door. I start freaking out a little bit, thinking I was found, but then I hear someone from the far end of the attic start crawling towards the opposite end entrance that I was hiding directly under (upstage right). Now I’m in a full panic because I didn’t hear a ladder or anything that would get somebody up to the upstage left entrance. Meanwhile the crawling sounds are getting closer and closer.

I finally give up (due to feelings and experiences I’d had previously) and bolt from my hiding spot. As I’m racing outside I notice there is nobody in the auditorium space, nothing at the upstage left attic entrance, and really nobody inside the building at all. I get outside and am greeted by every other person. They had given up trying to find me minutes ago and all stepped outside. I was alone in the building for five entire minutes.

Of course, being skeptical and logical about things I asked if they were messing with me. I trusted those people completely, no they were all outside and nobody was playing tricks.

So yeah, that’s my most terrifying paranormal experience. The others from that building were the shadow hanging on the ladder from the light booth (where I worked), a general being-watched-feeling when I was alone at night, and a secondhand story of a lit candle appearing in the middle of the stage after an entire day of only the office manager being in the building.

I remain skeptical but open to the paranormal, give that YouTube channel a view, and hit me up if you want to check out some haunted places.

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