Day 1 of 56: The Beginning

Okay, take 2 on this now that I got permalinks working…

I’ve forgotten what the wind feels like, the sun on my face, the smell of juniper and petrichor, even what my friends and family look like.

Just kidding, it’s just been a long and cold winter. Good news is the cheeseburger birds are back!

So to start, the topic on everyone’s mind right now is the coronavirus, COVID-19. It’s been a weird last few weeks, and it’s only going to get weirder. My county has 8 confirmed cases as of this writing, and three deaths in the state. The governor has ordered restaurants to be take-out only. As a result, my work decided to suspend operations for 8 weeks (56 days) since we’re a resort. Not only was it a good business decision (rapidly declining tourist levels, no sense paying a lot of people when there will be little to no business) but it was a good social decision to help limit the spread of this virus. I’m an IT guy, not a doctor. I won’t make any claims about this virus, just urge everyone to listen to the professionals and stay home. So while closing the resort is good to slow down the spread, it does suck for the employees. In the end it’ll all work out, we just have to keep a stiff upper lip.

I started working from home about a week ago, and yesterday (Thursday) was my last day of employment. I’m already going stir-crazy because I’ve been limiting my outings for some time now. I figured the best thing to do would be to try and blog every day during this. I’ll be staying home so this seems like the most constructive use of my time. I’ll share thoughts, things I’ve done, pictures, and whatever else pops into my brain!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, so strap in. We’ll get through this together!

Until next time,

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