Day 4 of 56: Splitting The Difference

Have I talked about my cats? I can’t remember, I don’t even really know what day it is. I have two cats, each with their own personality. I don’t spend a lot of time in my room, so today I decided to try splitting the difference between them.


Athena is my baby, I’ve had her for coming up on 4 years. We just… connect. One of my old roommates noted once that it’s like we have our own language and just have entire conversations. (To be clear: I’m not one of those weirdos that will meow at their cat. She meows at me, I answer in English, and we just seem to know what the other wants/needs.)


Turnip is an asshole. All cats are assholes, Turnip more so. He meows constantly for no reason, shreds all my furniture, and just is an overall asshole. He meows when he’s in the sitting area and I move to the kitchen, I call it early-onset Kitty Alzheimer’s, but that’s not really relevant to anything.

Turnip also doesn’t get along with Athena, no matter what I do. Because Turnip is such an asshole to her, Athena stays locked in my room and he gets the rest of the house. That’s not fair to her or me because she’s my baby.

Splitting the difference

Today I decided to just split the difference. The time amount asleep doesn’t count, so let’s say 16 hours to split. And then I have to cook and eat food, so let’s take another 2 hours off, which leaves me with 14 hours to split between the two cats. I got out of bed a little after 10, unemployment FTW, so I figured starting at 11 I’d change rooms every two hours.

I did fairly well… for the first couple hours. At 1 I moved to the bedroom. I have a server from an old computer that does DNS, workgroup management, and is like a dev server when I’m building sites and tools. It was throwing errors at startup about 6 months ago so I turned it off; today I finally took a look at it. Just needed a filesystem check. Felt pretty stupid.

Anyway, got that fixed and a little after 3 moved back to the living room. Turned on the TV to have some noise and BBC America is having a Deep Space 9 marathon. Needless to say, I’ve been in the living room ever since. So much for splitting my time!


Today was a good first step in splitting up my time between my cats. Since I don’t really have anything to do with my time it’s difficult to stop doing nothing and go elsewhere. I’ve been toying with the idea of livestreaming or starting a podcast for a while now, and now that I don’t have a roommate I can easily reorganize the house. If I move my computers to the spare bedroom, including my game consoles, I could effectively create a streaming studio and workspace that I could bring Athena in for the time that I need to spend with her.

I also realized that when I went shopping yesterday I didn’t get enough ramen. Only got two packets of hot and spicy beef, should have gotten much more.

Another realization is that I’m posting these either at the end of the day (boring content), or in the middle of the day (interesting stuff happens but then I forget by the next day). In the comments put some ideas for posts that you’d like to see! I’d like to keep up the daily log format at least through the end of the quarantine, but if there’s content you’d like to see or thoughts of mine you want to see, I am always open!

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