Day 2 of 56: The Hangover: Part 1

Okay, first of all, don’t come for me. I didn’t drink enough water yesterday so it’s all my fault that I have a hangover. I’m usually pretty good about staying hydrated, but that’s usually during the week when I’m in the office. The last couple weeks I’ve been home and therefore lax on water.

Yesterday after I got the site up and the first blog posted I took a shower and then started playing some Apex Legends. Total trash player, but I have fun so that’s all that matters. 0.37 KD/R. Don’t come for me. Played a few rounds, had my first glass of wine around 6. Me and the friends played until 7/7:30, broke for dinner, wasn’t feeling up to cooking a full meal so I threw some buffalo chicken stripes in the oven and made mashed potatoes. Few more rounds of Apex, another glass or two of wine because hey it’s a really long weekend!

Finally logged off the PlayStation, poked around Amazon and Honey for stuff to maybe do a livestream or to start the podcast, realized I need to save money so put a stop to that. Let’s be honest, though, I’m probably going to find a screamin’ deal and go in. Hit me up in the comments if you have good and cheap audio gear recommendations.

Anyway, long story short, somehow I ended up watching our cast recording of Avenue Q and I was singing along really loudly at midnight, and there was wine. Don’t drink your feelings, folks. Because you’re gonna be hung over in the morning. You’re also going to forget to plug in all your things when you go to bed so it’s just an all-around bad time.

That’s been my morning so far. Today I’ve been chilling, drinking water, playing some Apex, and just listening to Jenna and Julien videos. I’m out of soda, snacks, and ramen, but I have enough food for lunch and dinner for a few days so it’s really hard to justify leaving just for snacks. I’m also somehow for some reason low on wine, no idea how that could have happened. I know I say this every time I wake up with a hangover but maybe I won’t drink for a few days. Give the body a chance to recover. Probably not going to happen, but it’s nice to dream.

The video I’ve been listening to while tapping this out is one of Julien’s, the one where he makes tamales. Now that’s literally all I can think about. I’m a terrible cook, so I hope the store has tamales. Or maybe the Mexican restaurant will still be open.

Since all I can think about is food I’m going to go ahead and just end this here. While I don’t have tamales, I do have stuff for sandwiches. Nowhere even remotely close, but it’s something.

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