Day 8 of 56: Semi-productivity and random thoughts

Let’s be honest here for a second, the first seven days have been rough creatively. Trying to come up with interesting content every day of the shutdown, since that was my personal goal, is a lot more difficult than I thought. Especially since I’m sheltering in place due to the virus. There’s only so much interesting stuff that happens in Casa JoDrRe. So for today here’s some random thoughts and semi-productive things.

The Semi-Productivity

I took a shower today before 4. That was a feat in itself. I cleaned the kitchen, cooked, and had my first actual meal in two days ready by 6.

Though I didn’t have all the ingredients for Salisbury steak, and the gravy was nonexistent (fun fact: low-fat hamburger doesn’t leave a lot left in the pan, and you really should have beef stock on hand), it tasted great and was almost like a mini-meatloaf.

I also sent an important email that I hope helps get a thing resolved soon, even though I received the notice 3 weeks ago. Accidentally forgot to send this email because of all the stress of the last couple weeks. Almost adulting is still adulting, right?

The Random Thoughts

I have an SEO tool installed to help with SEO-stuff-that-I-don’t-understand since I eventually want to add ads and hopefully eventually make this a revenue stream (HOW?!?!) and I just can’t come up with anything to link internally/externally that would give a green smiley face so I don’t even care. This can be an off day. Whatever.

Today for the most part I’ve been playing my mobile games (TIME SUCK) and having my own marathon of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I know Quark is supposed to be mostly hateable, but damn that fashion. Could I rock that?

I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come. I just want to sit on my deck with a cup of coffee and read the news and listen to the cheeseburger birds. I had hoped it would be this coming week, but looks like that may be a while longer.

I posted on Facebook that I’m looking for an espresso machine. Got a targeted ad today for a knockoff, so if you have me on Facebook let me know of any machines you’d recommend. I really only need to pull shots, price under $100, not a big deal if there’s no steam wand (right now just want iced lattes, but could make hot lattes if it would heat the water on a schedule).


Sorry for not being very interesting today. Also sorry for not posting on the same day. I noticed early on that I was doing recaps of the previous day and I was losing some of the details. I feel that if I finish up the post as I go to bed (late since I have no job to go to right now) I can finish my thoughts until I head to bed.

While I have a vast library of memes saved, this is one of my all-time favorites. Please enjoy.

The top-front of my mouth (the little piece of skin above your front teeth that connects to your top lip) has hurt for the last two days, and I’ve been very runny-nose-y. Think it’s just the changing seasons or sleeping weird. No fever so I’m sure I’m fine. Everything feels better around midday (except my mouth, which is annoying), so when I go to town tomorrow for supplies I just need to make sure to wipe down carts and surfaces before and after I touch them.

Be well, all, and do your best to protect your community members who cannot protect themselves.

Shopping List

+ Litter Genie cartridge
Athena has one of those and ran out a couple weeks ago; I have to take Turnip’s waste in a trash bag through the house and add her waste to it. Gross. Too much kitty germs.

+ Potatoes
I have a few left, but the bag I got mostly has a bunch of bad spots in each spud. A lot of the food I’m making right now pairs great with mashed potatoes, so I’m going through those pretty fast.

+ Peppermint essential oil
Motherfuckin’ mice. Need to spray a peppermint solution under the house, maybe they’ll leave and stop waking me up in the middle of the night.

+ Coffee beans
If I can find a self-grinding coffee machine, would be nice to have some whole coffee beans. Nothing beats fresh-ground coffee. #baristalife

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