Day 7 of 56: Turneeeep!!!

Turnip, aka “Turneeeep,” aka “Monsieur Turneeeep,” aka “Demon,” aka “Asshole” has been with me now for two years. Technically, two years ago yesterday, but we didn’t get back from Idaho until very late so we’re going to say it was 26 March.

Our Relationship

Turnip and I have clashed from Day 1. He picks on Athena, he screams at me, and thankfully we finally got past the peeing everywhere stage. However, he will lay on his back and point his toes, makes the most adorable little chirp noises when you poke him, and for some reason loves the stupid games I play. “Where’s Turnip?!” is my favorite, it’s when I put a blanket over him and say, “Where’s Turnip?!” and then he finds his way out. There’s also “Squeesh” which is when he is sitting between my feet on my footrest and I just squeesh him.

The Vet

A little over a month ago he started peeing in the guest bathroom’s sink and tub, and some other places, and it had a little bit of blood in it. I figured it was because he had some stale water (stopped drinking as much so I didn’t pay much mind that it hadn’t been a while since I last changed it out), so I made extra sure to make sure he had fresh water. The problem went away for a week or two, and then returned. Since it came back, I became extra concerned and took him to the vet the next day. To be clear, it wasn’t a lot of blood and he didn’t seem to be in pain so I hoped to be able to take care of it myself.

His vet was very nice. His exam went well, but they wanted to hold him for testing to see what was going on. When they called for me to come pick him back up they said he was extremely well-behaved, at which point I audibly laughed. There’s no way this demon was well-behaved in a strange environment! But it’s true: during the exam he was absolutely ENAMORED with the tech and the vet… and that’s just what I was there to see!

The Damage

Long story short, he had a UTI (possibly from the stale water, the vet was hesitant to blame me even though I knew I had slacked in my responsibilities), concentrated urine, and bladder stones. She prescribed him some antibiotics for the UTI and a special wet food to help dissolve the bladder stones since I didn’t want to put him through surgery.

The entire time I was talking with the vet I was extremely nervous and could barely make coherent sentences. It was at that point that I knew I loved this furry little asshole, despite our differences.

The Turneeeep

So, with all that said, happy Turneeeep Day! Have some photos of my adorable little asshole.

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