Day 10 of 56: Zoinks, Scoob!

Oh my goodness, look at the time! It’s almost 11pm (when I started writing this) and I’m only starting to write this up at almost 11! Zoinks!

I kind of feel like I”m dating myself with that opening couple sentences. Zoinks means I watched Scooby Doo growing up, and “oh my goodness” means that I’m secretly an old lady. For the record: I’m a 28 year old man.

Not going to lie, today was also pretty unproductive. I ordered Turnip’s prescription food, worked on the last couple hours of the event mine in my stupid game, have watched almost all of season 3 of Deep Space 9, and got about halfway through a paragraph in my school text.
That’s a typo… I got halfway through the chapter.
What makes that typo funnier is I’m working on a business ethics course right now. It’s just SO DRY… I struggled with my Linux+ classes since I don’t use it regularly enough, but that at least was slightly interesting. How I yearn for the listings of all the different flags for dpkg… *sigh*

Beyond all this excitingness that is my life in isolation, heated up some leftover homemade Salisbury steak (aka mini-meatloaf) with some mac salad, heartburn, don’t have Tums, then looked at the clock and here we are with my “zoinks” and my “oh my goodness”.

Maybe an introvert blogging during a pandemic doesn’t make for the most interesting content.
Oh well. It is what it is. If you have topics, I’m all ears in the comments below.

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