Day 24 of 56: Down

Okay so yesterday you know how I was like “I had two hot dogs for lunch, not really feeling dinner?” Yeah, I never ate dinner. Around 10 I was thought about making dinner, and then forgot to.


Because I’m weak, I stayed up until 3 watching YouTube videos. I was looking for a specific version of a song. Didn’t find it.

So I slept in until like noon.

My pillow was humming very loudly and licking me this morning.

Started watching a show that I am a little embarrassed to admit right now, saving that for a podcast. Know when to hold ’em, folks. For a while I was like, “Oh, cool! Netflix turned off the still watching prompt! Because they KNOW!” And the next episode was disappointed.

Sat down on the bed for a second to spend some time with Athena and promptly became a bed.

I was made bed. I accepted my fate.

I’m craving Chinese food something fierce. There aren’t any restaurants out here, and I can’t really justify a trip all the way to town. My last trip to Fred Meyer was absolutely panic-inducing so I’ve been relegated to shopping at the small store out here. Yeah it’s more expensive (resort pricing) but it’s better for my sanity. To be honest, probably my health, too. Less people going through, less chance of infection.

I had a thought, and my one brain cell decided to forget it and watch three more episodes of this show. It was going to be deep, and probably was about food. And how much I miss eating dishes that I DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE. I swear, as soon as distancing ends I’m going to eat at different restaurants every day for a month.

Unrelated, I was thinking about my next trip to the store. I made some dishes that should be able to hold in the fridge for a while longer, so I’d really just be going to get wine. FUN FACT: I was able to find a website I could order from. More expensive than Fred Meyer, less expensive than the country store, but might equal out with shipping. I could buy like 4 at a time to make it more cost effective. Then I wouldn’t need to leave the house for a lot longer, I have enough frozen food to last a while!

No, I think I should go to store once a week. I need to get out of the house.
I also need the weather to change so I can putter around outside. 50F is fine, but I gotta be comfortable. 65F is gonna get me out from under my blanket.

I gave you real-life cat pictures, so no GIFs today. Also the Giphy search function in WordPress really sucks.

Day 9 of 56: Some thoughts

Let’s chalk up today as a mostly unproductive day. At 7 I ventured forth to acquire supplies, but I also drove around a little bit. Here’s some things from the brain of Joe from today. No subheadings, no extra crap to make SEO easier, I don’t care. Just thoughts.

For the most part, I spent today continuing my marathon of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Chief O’Brian and Quark still remain my favorites for various reasons. Miles is both a kind soul and a badass tech, Quark is a good person despite his desire for profits.

Woke up with a slight ear infection (feels like), mouth still hurts, and a little sneezy/runny nose. It all felt better in the afternoon. Added a comb to the shopping list, I apparently haven’t had one for several years. Now that I’m not doing my hair every day, I figured combing it every once in a while would help with overall health. Watched Julien’s video where Jenna cuts his hair, it’s been 6 weeks since my last haircut so I’m awfully tempted to cut my own hair. Maybe I’ll shave the sides and go with a full mohawk. Maybe even dye it blue.

Around 2 I realized I hadn’t eaten anything, or even had a coffee, so I compromised and made a bagel. I also became concerned that when I’m not sleeping I’m sitting in my chair in the living room. That’s not healthy, I need to find a way to get more steps and keep up my physical health. Thankfully I found my exercise bands in a box, I need to find a way to integrate some exercise time into my day. Granted, I wasn’t the best when I was able to go to the gym, but I was moving around a lot more than now.

At about 5 I realized that the day had pretty much passed. I needed to go to town, Fred Meyer is the closest store that has some of the things I need. Not really sure how it happened, but another hour and a half transpired (I blame Deep Space 9) and then my only option was to go to the village. I’ll probably have to go to town in the next couple days, but for now I’m good.

I went to the village and did a similar routine to the last time: drive past the store and do a half-loop through the area. The store had only a few people there this time of night, but I still wanted to check in on the place that I love. Same as before, minimal cars in normally occupied units, next to no other cars on the road, restaurant parking lots empty. This time, because of the Governor’s order, the parks and recreation areas I passed had fencing around them. I was a little sad because it sucks that it had to come to this, but also happy to see that my community is taking this pandemic seriously and taking steps to limit the spread.

I finally went to the store and it was more or less empty. That’s great! I was greeting by several signs reminding shoppers that only one person per party should be shopping and to observe at least 6 feet of space. Also great! I grabbed most of what I needed, still no toilet paper (I have a half dozen rolls still, should be fine, but given the shortages I need to keep an eye).

Quick tangent: I don’t understand the need to hoard toilet paper, of all things. Sanitizing products, sure I get that, but toilet paper? If anyone has any sort of psychological reason why this is the case, please enlighten me in the comments.

When I got to the check-out counter, they had signs again reminding to keep the 6 foot distance, and marks on the floor. While staying behind the line I was able to load most of my stuff onto the belt while staying distant from the checker and the other shopper. That was super cool. Checked out, went home, reheated leftovers, played some Apex, and here we are.


I guess my main thought from today was that yes this isolation sucks and it’s for the greater good, but it brings me a certain amount of joy to see that everyone in my area is taking it seriously. It might also help that the majority of residents in my area are older so we all feel a certain responsibility to distance. We’re coming into the second week and I’m already bored out of my skull, but in the end I know that we’ll come through this.

I realize that most of my reflections are all super cheerful about the outcome of this whole thing, but that’s just how I feel. I think that the steps being taken locally are responsible and for the good of the community as a whole.

Also, holy crap it was almost a week before I left my house?! I only went outside twice in that time to move the trash can to and from the street. Wow. Time flies when you can’t leave your house, I guess.

Last 10 Days Out

28 March – Store – 10-ish minutes
22 March – Store – 10-ish minutes
19 March – Work – 30 minutes to clean up/out my office, nobody was there…
18 March – Store – 5 minutes, needed stuff for dinner

Day 8 of 56: Semi-productivity and random thoughts

Let’s be honest here for a second, the first seven days have been rough creatively. Trying to come up with interesting content every day of the shutdown, since that was my personal goal, is a lot more difficult than I thought. Especially since I’m sheltering in place due to the virus. There’s only so much interesting stuff that happens in Casa JoDrRe. So for today here’s some random thoughts and semi-productive things.

The Semi-Productivity

I took a shower today before 4. That was a feat in itself. I cleaned the kitchen, cooked, and had my first actual meal in two days ready by 6.

Though I didn’t have all the ingredients for Salisbury steak, and the gravy was nonexistent (fun fact: low-fat hamburger doesn’t leave a lot left in the pan, and you really should have beef stock on hand), it tasted great and was almost like a mini-meatloaf.

I also sent an important email that I hope helps get a thing resolved soon, even though I received the notice 3 weeks ago. Accidentally forgot to send this email because of all the stress of the last couple weeks. Almost adulting is still adulting, right?

The Random Thoughts

I have an SEO tool installed to help with SEO-stuff-that-I-don’t-understand since I eventually want to add ads and hopefully eventually make this a revenue stream (HOW?!?!) and I just can’t come up with anything to link internally/externally that would give a green smiley face so I don’t even care. This can be an off day. Whatever.

Today for the most part I’ve been playing my mobile games (TIME SUCK) and having my own marathon of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I know Quark is supposed to be mostly hateable, but damn that fashion. Could I rock that?

I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come. I just want to sit on my deck with a cup of coffee and read the news and listen to the cheeseburger birds. I had hoped it would be this coming week, but looks like that may be a while longer.

I posted on Facebook that I’m looking for an espresso machine. Got a targeted ad today for a knockoff, so if you have me on Facebook let me know of any machines you’d recommend. I really only need to pull shots, price under $100, not a big deal if there’s no steam wand (right now just want iced lattes, but could make hot lattes if it would heat the water on a schedule).


Sorry for not being very interesting today. Also sorry for not posting on the same day. I noticed early on that I was doing recaps of the previous day and I was losing some of the details. I feel that if I finish up the post as I go to bed (late since I have no job to go to right now) I can finish my thoughts until I head to bed.

While I have a vast library of memes saved, this is one of my all-time favorites. Please enjoy.

The top-front of my mouth (the little piece of skin above your front teeth that connects to your top lip) has hurt for the last two days, and I’ve been very runny-nose-y. Think it’s just the changing seasons or sleeping weird. No fever so I’m sure I’m fine. Everything feels better around midday (except my mouth, which is annoying), so when I go to town tomorrow for supplies I just need to make sure to wipe down carts and surfaces before and after I touch them.

Be well, all, and do your best to protect your community members who cannot protect themselves.

Shopping List

+ Litter Genie cartridge
Athena has one of those and ran out a couple weeks ago; I have to take Turnip’s waste in a trash bag through the house and add her waste to it. Gross. Too much kitty germs.

+ Potatoes
I have a few left, but the bag I got mostly has a bunch of bad spots in each spud. A lot of the food I’m making right now pairs great with mashed potatoes, so I’m going through those pretty fast.

+ Peppermint essential oil
Motherfuckin’ mice. Need to spray a peppermint solution under the house, maybe they’ll leave and stop waking me up in the middle of the night.

+ Coffee beans
If I can find a self-grinding coffee machine, would be nice to have some whole coffee beans. Nothing beats fresh-ground coffee. #baristalife

Day 7 of 56: Turneeeep!!!

Turnip, aka “Turneeeep,” aka “Monsieur Turneeeep,” aka “Demon,” aka “Asshole” has been with me now for two years. Technically, two years ago yesterday, but we didn’t get back from Idaho until very late so we’re going to say it was 26 March.

Our Relationship

Turnip and I have clashed from Day 1. He picks on Athena, he screams at me, and thankfully we finally got past the peeing everywhere stage. However, he will lay on his back and point his toes, makes the most adorable little chirp noises when you poke him, and for some reason loves the stupid games I play. “Where’s Turnip?!” is my favorite, it’s when I put a blanket over him and say, “Where’s Turnip?!” and then he finds his way out. There’s also “Squeesh” which is when he is sitting between my feet on my footrest and I just squeesh him.

The Vet

A little over a month ago he started peeing in the guest bathroom’s sink and tub, and some other places, and it had a little bit of blood in it. I figured it was because he had some stale water (stopped drinking as much so I didn’t pay much mind that it hadn’t been a while since I last changed it out), so I made extra sure to make sure he had fresh water. The problem went away for a week or two, and then returned. Since it came back, I became extra concerned and took him to the vet the next day. To be clear, it wasn’t a lot of blood and he didn’t seem to be in pain so I hoped to be able to take care of it myself.

His vet was very nice. His exam went well, but they wanted to hold him for testing to see what was going on. When they called for me to come pick him back up they said he was extremely well-behaved, at which point I audibly laughed. There’s no way this demon was well-behaved in a strange environment! But it’s true: during the exam he was absolutely ENAMORED with the tech and the vet… and that’s just what I was there to see!

The Damage

Long story short, he had a UTI (possibly from the stale water, the vet was hesitant to blame me even though I knew I had slacked in my responsibilities), concentrated urine, and bladder stones. She prescribed him some antibiotics for the UTI and a special wet food to help dissolve the bladder stones since I didn’t want to put him through surgery.

The entire time I was talking with the vet I was extremely nervous and could barely make coherent sentences. It was at that point that I knew I loved this furry little asshole, despite our differences.

The Turneeeep

So, with all that said, happy Turneeeep Day! Have some photos of my adorable little asshole.

Day 3 of 56: Venturing Forth But Also Not

Last night I was pretty good as far as falling into alcoholism during this crisis, but also not really. I had about 2 glasses of wine left of my fancy box wine so I finished that off after dinner. Unfortunately, I was also playing a really stupid game on my phone and by the time I knew what was going on it was 2 in the morning. So I really didn’t start day 3 until almost noon.

The majority of today was playing that same stupid game on my phone, not gonna lie, and also watching the Jenna & Julien podcast. The game is called “Idle Miner,” and it’s really dumb, but they have these event mines that expire and this mine only had until 8 tonight to finish it. I didn’t get anywhere near complete. This is absolutely not a sponsored post, I advise you to steer clear of this game because it is highly addictive and a complete time-suck. **goes to upgrade his moonstone mine in the meantime**

Around 6 today I started getting hungry and knew I was out of wine. Even though I knew this would be a bad idea, I took a shower and went to the store.

22 March Shopping List:

  • Wine
  • Soda
  • Hot dogs
  • Bunzzz (hot dog buns)
  • Mac salad
  • Hamburger
  • Mustard
  • Chaaaaps (chips)
  • Queso
  • Ramen

I swear, I shop like a college student. I still technically am, so yeah whatever.

Joe Ventures Forth

Bringing my bottle of hand sanitizer with me (can’t be too careful), I trundle off to the store. This is the first time in 4 days that I’ve listened to music so I’m having a good time. I hit the first roundabout by the store and there is at least 40 cars there. Nah, that’s too many people given the current situation, I’ll just drive around for a while; it’s nice out, and it’s just great to be not in my house.

Swing by work and the parking lot has maybe 5 cars in it, there’s nobody around, everything is just abandoned and empty. Surreal is the word I used to describe it to my coworkers in the group chat. Everything was empty, except for the volleyball court (20-ish people), and the large park at the center of the resort (PACKED / 50-ish people and pets). The way my resort works is it’s basically its own town and the resort manages a fair amount of homes and condos. There are people who live in the resort full-time, and a lot of the homes are managed by other property management companies. Because my resort suspended operations, of course there’s going to be significantly less people. Beyond just being mostly empty, it was also boggling how many people were still taking their spring break vacations in spite of the situation.

Despite the surrealism of both the resort being empty and yet still bustling with activity, I return to the store. There’s maybe 20 cars, so it should be a little better to head in. I’m able to quickly grab all the items on my list while staying away from other people.

When I got to the checkout line, the cashier finished with the lady in front of me, turns to her coworker, holds up a block of cheese and asks, “Where did this come from?” Her coworker doesn’t know, so she puts it back on the counter to be returned. I’m all like “Hey is it still cold? I could buy that!” She holds it out to me to check the temp because she’s wearing gloves (GOOD FOR YOU, STEPHANIE!!!) and it’s pretty warm so I turn it down. I have half a block of cheese at home that’s still good, I don’t need to buy some warm mess.

Joe Returns Home

I finish checking out, take my items to the car, and re-sanitize my hands and the steering wheel with that bottle of sanitizer I brought. Have you noticed that when you need to not touch your face is when it itches? Yeah.

From the time I left to when I got back home: about 45 minutes. That includes travel time and driving around the resort. Approximate time to be exposed: 10 minutes. Shabooyah.

Then I made dinner (top sirloin and mac salad) and started blogging! Some more Jenna & Julien, some Vine compilations, and of course some wine. I refuse to learn any sort of lesson.

Last 10 days amount of time in public

22 March – Store – 10-ish minutes
19 March – Work – 30 minutes to clean up/out my office, nobody was there…
18 March – Store – 5 minutes, needed stuff for dinner
14 March – Starbucks & Store – 10 minutes total
Store was for creamer and small supplies
13 March – Pizza – 2 minutes to pay for the pizza, they already were takeout-only!

I think this section is good to include whenever I leave the house now for tracking’s sake. Don’t think I’ll put it in every day, but at the very least whenever I leave the house.

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