Day 53 of 56: Update

Hey all.

Today I didn’t do much of anything. Not really sure why.

So here’s just a quick update.

I upgraded my web server from the LTS (long-term-support) version to the latest. That took a little while to research and carry out. And then it broke the websites I host. Got that all sorted. Plus now I have scheduled backups of the databases and files.

My left shift on my laptop is starting to die. That’s unfortunate. Just another reason for me to be unhappy with this purchase. And of course the warranty ran out a couple months ago.

Last night I was coughing a lot and felt like I had to puke. I’m going to go with I too much wine Saturday night and was dehydrated. Again. I know that I cough and feel like I have to puke when dehydrated, but I still couldn’t help but think I did something wrong and got infected. Some slight panic.

Today I also drank a lot of water (80oz so far) but my stomach still kind of hurts. I also didn’t have much of an appetite today, had a Totino’s pizza around 3 but here it is almost midnight and I haven’t eaten anything else. Nothing sounds good. So a little of it may be because I’m hungry.

My Chewy order arrived today! Only two days late! Why it was chilling in Troutdale over the weekend is beyond me. Turnip got his special food, Athena got her food, and I bought them some toys! Turnip got one of those round things with the ball on a track and a scratching pad. Found him sleeping on it because it has catnip. Athena got an automatic laser. My room is oddly shaped so it took a while to find a place for her to play with it. It has a timer for 15 minutes but she was only interested for like 5. So that’s a fun thing I get to do to try and exercise my chubby kitty.

Sorry this post is bland. Just not feeling it today.

I’ve told myself for the past 6 weeks that tomorrow is going to be the day I get my life back together and clean and stop just sitting in my chair. I really need to do that. For Chrissake, the box the espresso machine came in is still in the middle of the floor. It may help that I’m starting to re-adjust my sleep schedule to go back to work soon. Today I woke up around 10, tomorrow I’m shooting for 9, I should be able to get back to a 7am alarm in the next couple days.

I also thought today was Tuesday and got really excited that my first box from Imperfect Foods was coming. I didn’t finish editing my cart this weekend before the cutoff so I’m getting some random stuff. Like two pounds of limes. And four lemons.

Okay, time to go to bed. After I chug another 40oz of water. Because I’m still not feeling 100% and you never go wrong with hydrating yourself.

Day 52 of 56: Appendectomy

Okay, the day has come! The anniversary of my first ever hospital visit that ended up with me being stabbed repeatedly.

I apparently waited almost an entire month before telling my sister I was in the hospital. I sent her a very long text message regaling my experience, so for today’s post I copied it here to the Interwebs and did some editing and expanding. I’ll leave the original in the comments because it was GOLD.

Anyway, ENJOY! It’s a long one, but I think it’s funny as hell.

And happy Mother’s Day to my mom and my aunt! Thank you for taking care of me!!!

The Day Before

Thursday, 5/9/19.

I get home from work and my stomach hurts all along the bottom. I thought it was because I didn’t eat very much that day. I wasn’t very hungry for dinner so I just said meh and went to bed.

In the morning, the pain had moved to my lower right. Thought it was still since I hadn’t eaten. Didn’t have my morning poop. Still not concerned, I didn’t have dinner so no poop. Made sense.


At some point in the morning I had mentioned to the controller that I was having some pain. She joked back and was like “maybe you have appendicitis!” We laughed about that because what’re the odds?! Fun fact she found, the median age for appendicitis in males is 28. I turned 28 three days earlier. There’s no way.

I go through my normal day, and had pizza for lunch. Payday Pizza Friday! I had a project that involved me going to the network closets by the hotel rooms and discovered that jumping off the decks hurt my tummy. I tried to keep it low key and just used the stairs like a real adult. I just turned 28! That’s almost 30! Act like an adult, Joe!

Movies and margs!

Get off work, change into shorts and flip-flops and meet the crew at Red Robin for dinner before we go see Detective Pikachu. A group of us at work would meet up at the Mexican-Peruvian restaurant by the movie theater for dinner and margaritas. For my birthday I wanted to see Detective Pikachu, and since it was my birthday I wanted to go to Red Robin to shake things up.

Had a marg and some fried pickles, everything was good. My entree came, I ate like two fries and immediately felt like I had to puke. Went to the bathroom, still couldn’t poop, but the nausea went away. Drank some water, nausea came right back.

I remembered my chat with the controller so I Googled the symptoms.
*clap* *snap* *finger guns*
Hey guys, I have all of these symptoms and I have to leave right now.

But wherefore do I go for help?

We were in Old Mill, and there’s an Urgent Care down there. Cool, they can tell me what’s wrong. I drive over but I missed them by literally two minutes.

Started feeling better-ish so I was like, “I’ll go to the one by Walmart.”
They closed at 6.
So I’m sitting there in their parking lot trying to find another urgent care open after 7 on a Friday, thinking, “Maybe it’s not appendicitis and I just need to take a nap,” and I started getting dizzy and losing focus.

Fuck it. I’m going to the ER. Something is very wrong.

Drive across town to the hospital, still in a brain fog. I’m honestly amazed I didn’t crash. I had pretty good luck with the traffic lights, which was awesome. I walk in the main entrance and was like, “Hey is there an urgent care or do I need to go to the ER?” The guard was like, “ER, and you have to walk through the hospital to get there because you’re stupid and came in the main entrance.” I’m paraphrasing, of course. I really didn’t want to go to the ER because I knew it would be expensive. But that’s all that was open.

At the hospital

They checked me in and had me sit in the waiting room. I sat towards the back, there were maybe like five other people, because a couple people were coughing, but mostly because of my social anxiety.

The triage nurse calls me over, asks what I was feeling, had me pee in a cup. Since I had just peed at the restaurant I had nothing, but she had me keep the cup until I had to go. I got moved to another waiting area (with couches!) I think I was here for a while, little fuzzy on time while I was there. Eventually I had to pee so I did that. I couldn’t find anyone so I remember just holding on to the cup full of urine, trying to not put it on surfaces.

A cute nurse came by a little later and took a couple blood samples. She also inserted an IV just in case. Better to have the thing in my arm now and not need it than not having it later if it was needed.

This is what we writers call “Foreshadowing”

Not taken at the time, but this is what it looked like sans tubes. It really was pink, that’s not blood.

In the ER

Once the cute nurse was done with me she told me to wait by the ER doors for a little bit until they can get me a bed in the ER. A bed opens up, they give me a gown and tell me to change. I get my shirt off and gown on and am trying to get my shorts off when the nurses and techs come in so I’m like “fuck it, I’m probably fine so I’ll just leave ’em on.” This is about an hour after the restaurant so I feel totally fine.

Guy comes to get some more information from me. I also signed something, I think it was the standard “I promise to pay you” thing, but I don’t remember. Around this time I texted my aunt to let her know I put her as an emergency contact since she lives here. I also texted my mom because that’s what you do while you’re in the hospital. You let your family know.

Now that I’m going through my texts to get the timeline, the guy most likely came for that signature and also emergency contacts.

The doctor comes in and is like “hey, we’re gonna want to get a CT scan to confirm, but it sounds like appendicitis.” Cool. Cool cool cool.

An orderly (??? Is that the right name for the guy who wheels you around?) comes and takes me to Imaging. I’m just having a blast at this point. So much technology to look at (their patient system looked super interesting, I wanted to ask how it worked but figured that would be frowned upon. I’m not a hacker, I’m just super into computers!!!), I’d never had an IV before, some guy is pushing me in a wheelchair, this is GREAT!!!

We get to Imaging and the imaging tech is like “hey, this dye is going to make you feel very warm and flushed and it’s going to go from your head to your toes.” Fuck me up! C’mon! Let’s stick me in this machine, homie! Let’s go!!!


Quick side-note, the previous two paragraphs I couldn’t bring myself to edit. Added some punctuation in the first one, clarified he injected dye in the second, but these were just too beautiful to change.

Another side note, the CT machine was super cool. Since it was a pelvic image I didn’t have to go all the way in. I wish I could just shadow these people and watch them work. So cool.

My guy wheels me back to my bed, I hang out for like an hour, post some jokes on Facebook and a picture of the IV. Not much to do since various doctors have to check the results. That’s fine, I have Internet on my phone. Except by now it’s almost 9 and my phone is dying. Texted the best frand to see if she could swing by and get my charger from the car.

After waiting for a while (results took longer to get back than expected), the doc says I have mild appendicitis. She says it’s treatable with antibiotics, but there’s a high risk of it occurring again in the next few years.

The Surgery

I didn’t really want to have a surgery, but I’m like, “I have no idea where I’ll be in the next few years. I could be camping or it could be a worse attack next time. Let’s just take it out.” She says okay, starts me on a saline drip, and gets the trauma surgeon.

Mustn’t get dehydrated. No, no we mustn’t.

Surgeon comes in and is like I’m gonna cut you, bitch.

Then I met the anesthesiologist and he was like I’m gonna drug you so you pass out.

Not really. They were both extremely professional. They each explained what was going to happen and made sure I understood. Just two more lines that were too beautiful to change from the original.

Laparoscopic appendectomy is the full name of the procedure. Lap appy for short. What they do is make three small incisions: one in your bellybutton, one 6ish inches below that, and one on your left side. They inflate your abdomen, stick a camera in one of the holes, and cut out the appendix. Super simple.

Once I was done meeting with the team, I texted my aunt and mom to let them know I was going to have the surgery. My aunt offered to come by, which I declined. She lost my uncle less than two weeks earlier in that same hospital. No way was I going to ask her to come back after that deep loss. Please feed my cats, though. I didn’t feed them before I left for the movies.

Mom also offered to come. At this point it was almost 10, she lives about 4 hours away. I’ll be fine, Mom. They’re going to have me on the table before you’d be able to get here, just come in the morning. Safer.

Surgery was supposed to be at like 3 in the morning so I had some time to kill. I think I dozed off once or twice? I do remember needing to pee, which was an ordeal with the IV stand and a gown. Remember my shorts from earlier? Yeah, still on. In retrospect I could have used the time in the bathroom to take them off, but I didn’t.

My best frand and her then-fiance (now hoosband!) came by just as they were wheeling me out to go to the operating room. That was very nice of them. Especially since I got bumped up somehow and was headed in at midnight.

They get me moved into the OR, and the last thing I remember before going under was the anesthesiologist saying to think about my favorite vacation spot. I think it was a beach.

The next thing I know I’m in Recovery, my shorts are off, my underwear is half rolled down, my throat hurts (intubation), but my hair was still on point. Anesthesia is the fucking bomb.

I don’t think I made the joke at the time, but when I would tell it later I would say, “My shorts were gone, my underwear was half-off, my throat hurt, and I didn’t remember anything. I either had surgery or missed out on a real good time.”


So yeah, I woke up from the anesthesia in Recovery, and then I think I passed out again because next thing I knew I was in a regular room.

I don’t know why, but the second thing I did when I woke up in the room was message the spa director at work. Something about how the hospital has good food. At two in the morning. (The first thing I did was tell my mom what room I was in.) I blame painkillers and anesthesia.

The nurse that took care of me overnight was absolutely amazing. Nurse Carla, you worked a double shift and put up with me. The real MVP.

I woke up and was deemed a fall risk. Fair.
Can I get one to wear every day, though?

I’ve always tried to be as low-maintenance as possible. If I can do something myself, I’m just going to do it. I don’t ask for help because I don’t want to bother anyone. So you can imagine how I felt when I looked down and noticed blood coming from my bellybutton. Oh no. I have to call for the nurse. I press the button, and in a drugged-out voice that was still raw from being intubated, say “my bellybutton is bleeding.” She came in, changed the bandage and said it wasn’t torn just some left over. So that was good.

I fell asleep again. When I woke up I had to pee. Well, I’m tied into this bed with wires and tubes, I have to bother her again. Press the button, “I have to pee” in my still-raw voice. She comes in and helps me up, I do my business and get back in bed.

Drugged-2am-me was right. Hospital food is pretty bomb. And not just because the only things I had eaten in the last 24 hours was half an individual pizza, a margarita, and a few slices of a pickle.

A PT tech came by later. We walked around the floor of the hospital to make sure I wasn’t feeling any more pain. Ass cheeks flapping in the wind. Not really, I still had my underwear on.


Mom got in around noon, came and sat with me while I got discharged, then brought me home. I wanted to drive, since I drove myself there, but turns out you can’t drive for 24 hours because of the painkillers. Wish they’d have given me something to take home, recovery sucked. I was told to take Advil and Tylenol for the pain.

Swung by my aunt’s house to say hi and my cousins were also there! So that was also nice! I lasted a little bit before I had to leave; I couldn’t find a comfortable position.

And then yeah that was pretty much my Mother’s Day weekend. Mom took care of me for a few days. On Mother’s Day, though, we got Olive Garden to go. Needed to pick up my car so we were headed that way anyway. Would have been nicer to go in, but I didn’t have pants that wouldn’t press on the incisions and no way was I going in shorts that were tattered (the only ones that would fit).


This is already an ungodly lengthy post so I’m not going to do my daily reflections today.

I just want to say, though, that even though I got screwed with bills, my entire experience at St. Charles was awesome. Everybody was friendly and professional.

A few more things I want to say about my experience, but it’s best to just put them in another post ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks for reading!


My friends think they’re funny. Lookin’ at you, Marc.

Screenshot from my Facebook post last year.
Another funny guy on my post.
Even drugged I could spell “fuckered” but not the correct title of the movie.

Day 51 of 56: Dumplings

The existence of dumplings implies the existence of a much larger Dumple.

Also, tomorrow is the story of my laparoscopic appendectomy! Are you excited?! Because I’m excited!!!

The Day

I woke up around 11. Yeah, that sounds late, but I’ve been getting up around noon or 1, so it’s an improvement. Last night I watched a lot of “NASA’s Unexplained Files” and got to bed pretty late.

For the majority of the day, I was on Facebook and casually watching a YouTuber play Minecraft with some custom mods. I’m not invested enough in him to subscribe, he and his friends seem like a bunch of young’uns, but he’s still fun to watch play (no camera, only going by their voices). It is pretty cool how they can speedrun the game, I’ve never even been to The End.

Repurposed some shot glasses into espresso shot glasses. I was worried with the amount of crema that they haven’t been good shots, but with these clear shot glasses it looks like they are. Still not perfect shots of espresso, but until I can figure that out it looks like they’re good enough.

Briefly considered doing some schoolwork, but Facebook easily overruled that. I do think I need to hit the request button for the teacher to approve my second attempt at the MySQL class’ test. May do that tomorrow. Identifying vs non-identifying relationships is really the only thing that trips me up on this specific test, but I think I have that figured out.

One of my friends posted that they were looking for a lawn mower. I have a lawn mower I don’t use (it’s electric, I don’t have any easily accessible outlets, so I got the battery-powered one). Found it in the shed and texted a picture. They were on their way to buy one off Craigslist. Homie. Seriously. I was going to give it to you, all you needed to get were extension cords. You do you, but I could have saved you like $20.

Briefly considered visiting my stylist for a haircut at her house. Timing would have worked, but I felt like I should wait until closer to when I get to go back to work. Salons can open next Friday, I can wait until after then. While I want to support her, I can wait until I get to go back to work for a cut. Plus, the longer I wait, the more hairstyles I can change to. I’ve had a faux for a while now, it’s time to find a new style.

The Dumplings

Futzed around until my theatre friend messaged me. We figured out where we wanted to get take-out from (Dump City!!!) and where to eat it. Went to take a shower to meet her, but the tub hadn’t drained from my last shower. Two days ago. The filter I have over the drain was clogged with Athena’s hair. Took a few minutes to get the tub drained and cleared out, I’m glad I have a Tub Shroom in my cart on Amazon; I’ve been wanting to buy one at Freddie’s for a long time, they’ve always been sold out, seems like now is the time to just get it on Amazon. It’ll be a little more labor-intensive than my current solution, but if it keeps hair from going down the drain I don’t care.

Finally got showered and headed into town. We ordered our dumplings on our phones and chatted in the parking lot until they arrived. We both work in hospitality (me in IT, she’s at a front desk), so we swapped some thoughts on how our respective hotels would fare for the next few months.

Dumplings were delivered to us, we moved to a park to eat them. There was a lot of people there for a lockdown. We kept our distance from everyone else, but sat nearish each other and had our food. Got caught up on various things, it was very nice.

The Evening

Came home. started playing some more Apex. I now have 10 levels left before I’ll have enough coins for a free season, but with two days left I don’t think I’ll make it. Once I’m done here I may try again to level up some more, but it’s looking like I have to spend money again.

Which isn’t a bad thing. Apex is free to play, I don’t buy skins or anything, I shouldn’t be upset about buying a season pass. The developers have done an amazing job with this game. Looking ahead at season 5, I’m sad that we’re losing an area and do wish we’d be able to choose what season we play with. Season 1 King’s Canyon? Yes, please!

During my hangout today I realized my toenails were disgustingly long. When I got home, and between rounds of Apex, I tried looking for my nail clippers. Literally nowhere to be found. At one point I hid clippers for this exact situation, and they also disappeared. I just want to cut my nails.

Daily Reflections

Today, I oddly don’t have any reflections.

I didn’t think too much today. Which is odd. I’m fine with that,

I did pull out my USB SNES controller, Raspberry Pi, old TV, and AppleTV to move to my bedroom. I want to get rid of my iMac, maybe upgrade (probably not) so I need to migrate my nightly routine to the AppleTV. I listen to the same three podcasts at night, why not just run it through the TV? With the RasPi in my room I’ll most definitely spend more time with Athena who continually gets the short end of the stick with my time.

Sounds like I’m going to spend a lot of time with my GBC emulator tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay. Good night.

Day 50 of 56: Home Stretch!

Another slow day. I had too many margaritas and wines last night. I had fun, and obviously couldn’t go anywhere, so it was fine. Plus I’ve been trying to drink more water since my latest adventure in dehydration on Monday. Could have been worse.

Regardless, my brain hurt this morning. Didn’t get moving until almost 1. Despite that, I did a fair amount of stuff.

Also, we’re in the home stretch, bb!!! Two months blogging every day is almost over!


For like the second or third day in a row I haven’t felt like making coffee. Mostly because I woke up so late. Today was no different. Got out of bed, sat in my chair, and started checking Facebook. Still have to thank a bunch of people for wishing me happy birthday. I’m just so bad at that. I also texted a friend I was talking with last night, I had started playing video games and forgot to text back until it was almost 1. We were supposed to have a physical distance hangout today. I said sorry my brain hurts, can we do it tomorrow? So we’re going to get takeout and do a hangout tomorrow night.

I saw that work had shared that Starbucks was open again! And I had the cell number for one of the peeps in it! Shot her a text to see how much a bottle of syrup would be and also can I get pumps for said syrup. She said yes. I sad cool I might show up later. She said it was all bagged up and ready to go. Damn.

Took a shower and went to Starbucks. Picked up the syrup and pumps, and got a coffee because why not I was already there. Got to chat with my coworkers for a little bit, so that was very exciting.

Propane and propane accessories, I tell you hwhat.

I made it about halfway home from The Bux before I realized I hadn’t brought the propane tank in to be exchanged. Drat. Oh well, it was getting close to the time for the mail and FedEx to show up. I’m expecting cat food and another package today.

I hung out until a little after 5 before giving up. Tracking shows both packages are in Eugene and Troutdale as of early this morning, so why didn’t they make the truck here? Oh well. Turnip can eat the crappy wet food I bought until Monday. Athena might be good, too, but she can also have wet food for a day or two if needed.

The hardware store closes at 6, so I quickly cleaned up the tank and loaded it into the car. Made it there before closing, made the exchange, and went back on my merry way home. I hate that I made two separate trips, but glad I went later on because the parking lot was packed the first time I drove by.

Got my BBQ hooked back up and started heating it up for dinner!

More Adulting

Not really full adulting, just more than normal for me.

While waiting for the BBQ to heat up and then for the steak to cook, I did a load of laundry and dishes. I suspect one of the cats has been hiding my short socks as I only appear to have like two pairs. When I’m working that’s not a problem, I stay in my long black socks all day. But when I’m not? I need them socks!!!

Yeah, that’s about the extent of the adulting. Nice steak (FYI pollo asado seasoning is nearly similar to carne asada, so no need to buy another thing of seasoning for a long while) and a potato for dinner. I still have a head of lettuce and some spinach in the fridge; I fully intended to make a salad because I’m not eating enough veg right now, completely forgot. Hope the lettuce and spinach are still good, maybe I’ll do that for lunch since I haven’t felt like anything substantial for a while.

Daily Reflections

I really should be writing these as the day goes on. Getting my tenses mixed up is really aggravating for me, I imagine it’s only more so for whoever is reading this.

It’s bittersweet that this is the final week of my blog-a-day challenge. Getting a post up every night has been great to be a little bit of a schedule for me. However, coming up with interesting things every single day is very hard. I’ll be glad to be able to put a little more thought into my posts.

In other news, I activated AdSense on my site today. I think I have enough content now to get my application approved. I of all people understand why ads exist but at the same time wish they didn’t. I’d like to upgrade the host and get some better equipment, not to mention hopefully help get some equipment for streaming or a podcast, and at the moment ads seem to be the best option. Sorry. If I ever take off and get enough of a following for some merch the ads are going to be the first thing to go. Suggestions for better content in the comments!

About halfway through writing out this post I heard Turnip get up and use the litter box and go get some food. A few minutes later I heard purring. But he wasn’t under my chair (always right where he can get run over if I move back) or in the surrounding area. I expanded my search and found him on my chair (NOT ALLOWED!), kneading his and my favorite blanket.

I see you, little soot sprite.

And now, almost half a hour later, I look over and he’s standing and still kneading the blanket. It’s a pretty amazing blanket, to be fair. It’s slightly weighted, fuzzy on one side, warm on the other. When my recliner still reclined, I lost track of the number of nights I fell asleep with it. Wake up at 4am, neck hurts, quickly brush teeth and go back to bed for work at 8am. Dangerous.

This shutdown sucks. I saw a post on Facebook from someone relating safe reopening of states to safe driving (paraphrasing) and had to stop myself from commenting on it. Because me giving them shit would go over better in person, versus online where tone doesn’t exist. Plus I’m almost certain I’d start a fight, and I don’t have the energy to deal with that. Ask me in 2021, looks like I’m out of energy for the rest of the year.

A week or two ago I signed up for Imperfect Foods and looks like today my shopping window opened. Now that I can see what they sell I want to check that out. I also need to figure out what I want to eat for the next week. Maybe they’ll have lemons and limes so I can make my own margarita mix instead of this pre-made stuff.

Okay, back to either Apex or Minecraft. Haven’t decided. I just know I want to play some video games. Tomorrow needs to be homework, some light cleaning, watering the lawn (squee!!!), and then hanging out with an old theatre friend.


QUICK EDIT: Opened my shopping cart for Imperfect Foods and holy crap that is a great selection. I’ve already added a bunch of stuff that sounds good, some stuff I could freeze, and things that would be nice to have hanging around. I definitely need to look at it again after figuring out what to eat for the next week. I’ve been craving Pad Thai for a while, and they don’t have the noodles, but I think I can get those at the store and the rest of the ingredients from IP. I chose some small and scarred avocados, as a Millennial I’m supposed to put them on toast. I don’t do that, but at like $2 for 3 I think I can afford it. I do already own my house, after all.

Day 49 of 56: Birthday! (and tacos!!!)

Hey, y’all! It’s my birthday!

Usually, I like to do whatever I want on my birthday because I can. Since we’re all stuck at home right now, I didn’t do anything different than I’d have done yesterday.

There, Megan. Your gifset because as the years grind on I find myself more like Yzma every day. (ห‰๏นƒห‰)


I woke up late today because it’s my birthday and I don’t care. Considered making a coffee but ended up getting sucked into a mobile game (been a while!) so I had water.

Around 1 I got a text from one of my coworkers that the taco truck at work was open, so I threw on some clothes and scooted down there for some tacos! My stepmom made me a couple shirts for Christmas, one says “Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult” which felt appropriate for today.

Coworker was headed off to a round of golf with his men’s club so we didn’t get to eat together, but he and his wife left me a bottle of wine at the truck! So nice! Thank you! If I didn’t have tacos to eat and tequila to drink, I would have tagged along walking with you ๐Ÿ™‚ Eventually I’ll get my own pass and can play again. Even though I’m terrible.


One or two years ago (I think two? It was before Turnip.) I started a tradition of making margaritas on my birthday. Last year I did the same, and then also when we went out to dinner, but that’s Sunday’s post. #teaser

After picking up tacos, I headed off to the store to pick up some tequila (my store has a liquor store off to the side. You can physically go to the same building, but they’re legally separate. Because Oregon.)

I also picked up another box of wine, because I have one box right now, some pepperoni to add to my noodles from yesterday, and some steaks! Checked out with my favorite cashier, Jody. Turns out her birthday was on the 1st! Taurus buddies! I’ve actually reached out to her manager a couple times because she is such a pleasant person. I will wait in a long line if it means she checks me out. That’s rare.

Dropped off my groceries at the car and went back to the liquor store. I don’t really buy liquor or have any sort of preference, so I had to call Megan and see what she recommended. While I was waiting for her to text me back, since I couldn’t find what she recommended so I had to send pictures, I got to throw shade at a coworker with my other coworkers. Thankfully she didn’t recognize me because I was wearing the mask that Nonnie made me and also a hat.

I’m extremely close to cutting my sideburns and around my ears myself, all that extra hair messes with my glasses and I don’t like it.

Found the right bottle, went to check out. I handed the clerk my ID since I hadn’t been checked out by her before, and her coworker made a comment like “it’s much harder with the masks.” I get it, I have my OLCC license, I know the rules. But it still felt like they thought I was part of a sting operation. I’m used to getting carded, I have a baby face. You can’t tell under the mask, so that joke gets nowhere right now. Got my booze, and headed home.

Got home, realized I have no propane for my grill, and was a little sad I couldn’t make a steak for my birthday. Oh well, I still have noodles. That can be tomorrow’s adventure: “Swapping Propane Tanks Like An Adult”


One of the things I’ve most been looking forward to has been mowing the lawn. On Monday when my car was parked on the gravel pad (not where I usually park) and it was glaringly obvious that my grass was very long. Today, one of my “treat yo-self” things was mowing the lawn. I’m such a dad and I don’t have kids.

My lawnmower is battery powered. Usually I mow the front yard in two rounds, right about down the middle. Gives me a little break while the battery charges. Today, though, for whatever reason, the battery lasted the entire time. It didn’t turn red until I had two or three little passes left. Weird. Although, I didn’t mow the sand filter or the side yard. Sand filter I want to get a little longer, side yard I found a squirrel skeleton last year (must have fallen from a tree during the winter and partially decomposed) and haven’t dealt with that. Sort of want it to just go away on its own. It won’t, I know, but I still didn’t want to do it. Plus, if I did the side yard then I’d have to do the back, and I was just not ready for that today.

I got as close as I could to the rocks and trees, but it looks half-assed. I definitely need to get a weed eater of the same brand so I can reuse the charger I already have.

I also cleaned out my car. If you’ve ever ridden with me you know that stuff just accumulates. This car, while being the nicest thing I’ve ever owned, has also been the cleanest. So while there wasn’t a lot of junk/trash floating around, it still had a lot of stuff. Set the back seats back up, organized the trunk area (or whatever you call it in a wagon), and just organized everything.

Neighbor Dave dropped by while I was cleaning, turns out one of the trees on my property is dying/dead and in danger of hitting his house when the storms start to hit. He wants to proactively get it cut down. I didn’t actually know that was on my property, so that was news, but I offered to help with the cost of getting the pros out here to do it safely. Maybe I should have offered to do the whole thing? I don’t know. When I go outside I am focused, either going to the trash can or the car. Not a lot of observation going on. I also need more adulty adults to tell me exactly what they want me to do. If he had said that it was on my property and I should pay to get it removed because it was endangering his house, I would have done that. But the way the conversation went it sounded like he was going to do it and just wanted my permission to cut it down.

Finished cleaning the car, decided that was enough for one day, and just messed around on my phone for a while. Made some margaritas, as is my tradition, and have just been hanging out.

Daily Reflection

Dad texted me, Mom (and my aunty Jody and Morgan) video-chatted, so I got to talk with my family today. So many texts I need to return, as well as Facebook posts.

Overall, today was great. I got to eat one of my favorite foods, do a very Dad Thing, start cleaning up my life, and now I’m going to play some video games and eat leftover noodles.

Here’s to another year!


Day 48 of 56: Noodles

Today was kind of a big day! My stomach felt better, I was primed to do homework, didn’t, it was great!

I did get out of the house today, but I was most excited when I checked the mail. So that’s going to be the first bit.


After I got back from town, I went to check the mail. I can’t remember if I wrote about it, but Informed Delivery said I had something from the OSU survey center. I watched the governor’s press conference last week where she mentioned the state was partnering with OSU to create a voluntary study of either 10k or 100k Oregonians to test for The Rona. That’s something I’m on the fence about. I would like to do my part and also just know if I get it, but at the same time I really don’t want to take that test. Nothing larger than my finger should be inserted into my nose farther than my finger can go. If I do get invited for the study, I think I’d do it For Science. But I haven’t even been chosen for jury duty, I doubt I would make the list.

Turns out, it was just a survey for ODOT regarding the state of the highways. Cool, I can do that. I live on the edge of the district so a lot of those highways I don’t actually ever use. But I’m glad to do my part. ODOT does a good job overall, in my opinion, so I’m happy to provide feedback.

ANYWAY. The reason I was so excited about the mail: my grandma sent me a birthday card and a HOMEMADE MASK!!! She also wrote a little note on the bag the mask was in, in her disgustingly perfect cursive that I cannot get my handwriting to look anything like, that it was pre-washed and put into the bag with her gloved hand so it was safe to put on as-is. Of course I immediately put it on because she made it for me!

Like the quote block below, I had something in mind that conveyed my pure joy at a hand-made thing but my Google-fu has apparently weakened after almost 2 months not at work. I will find it and update the post.

She printed a card with a nice little note with some cash. Every time I get a card I want to call and say thank you because that’s what you do when someone sends you a gift, but it’s late when I usually open mail and then it slips my mind for a few days and then enough time passes that it would be more awkward to call. So then I just feel like an inconsiderate grandkid. Non, I know you read these, so please accept this as my apology for not calling and my thanks! I swear I’m not trying to be an inconsiderate jerk! I do still have your number memorized, there’s only like 5 I know and yours and Dad’s are two of them!

I swear I have a comic to go here that is apt and kinda funny, but I’ve spent 30 minutes searching for it and can’t find it. Will update later.


Around 3 I was seriously craving tacos so I went to work to see if the food truck was open. Amazing tacos. Walked around the main building, nowhere to be found. Went to the other spot I thought it would be, also not there.

Ran into a few friends from work and spent a very long time catching up. Because I haven’t seen these people in two months. We kept our distance (and I had a mask), so everything was on the up-and-up. Beyond that physical distancing hangout a month and a half ago, these peeps were the only other humans I’ve seen in person since the shutdown. Naturally, I was too excited to make coherent sentences. I swear I’m like a dog. See a person and just get overloaded by excitement. Woof.


Finally got my noodles! After finishing catching up with peeps, met up with the best frand at the local Mongolian BBQ. With all the restrictions, I figured it’d be easier to just order online and pick it up. We chatted from our cars while waiting, I missed the text saying it was ready by 10 minutes. Picked it up, got gas, and then we went to the parking garage to continue our physical distancing hangout.

I love this restaurant, we eat there enough the owner considers us regulars. But this time I ordered a beef broccoli bowl, and there was zero sauce. They cooked it just in water. A little let down by that, but there was nowhere to put the sauces I wanted when I ordered it.

Oh well. I got some noodles, and since I didn’t eat it all I now can reheat it on my own and fry it up with some more sauces. It won’t be the same, but this was a learning experience. Next time I’ll just build my own bowl, I know I can put in my desired sauces then. Sauce.

Daily Reflection

Tomorrow is my birthday! The weather is going to be gorgeous (it didn’t rain/snow today like it was forecasted) so I get to mow the lawn! Looking a little shaggy, neighbor across the street is showing me up. Going to fix that.

Still seriously considering going to Taco Bell tomorrow for their taco box and inviting friends to drive by and pick up a taco. Then I can fulfill my dog-like tendencies and be super excited to see them. I’ll find a way to do it safely so we maintain proper distancing.

I need to pick up stuff for margaritas, that was a thing I did last year and it seems like a good tradition to have for my birthday. I can use the cash Nonnie sent! Thanks, Non! Tequila!!!

Megan and I always race to be the first one to text the other on their birthday. A few minutes ago she sent the following:

  • FUCK
  • OH NO
  • IM NOT

She lives in Montana. So, not late. YOU GOTS 30 MINUTES, MEGA!

Mom will either text right at midnight (meaning it’s a race between the two of them to be the first) or she’ll wait until the actual time I was actually born. WHO WILL WIN THIS YEAR?!?!!?!

Okay, time to end this post. Going to ring in my day with some Apex. Just need 4 battle pass levels a day to hit level 88; thus, free next season.

Day 47 of 56: Subscriptions

Return to Normalcy

No, not real normalcy. Just a return to feeling better in general. Like yeah for the last few weeks I’ve been more or less okay, but every once in a while that sneaky panic creeps in and just kinda shuts you down, you know?

But, as we near the end of the work shutdown it’s helping a lot. Knowing that there is an end within sight. While things will definitely be different for the foreseeable future, my life will have structure again, and that’s all that matters.

Since I was feeling more okay about stuff, I finally finished and returned the practice test for my database class. The instructor returned it with corrections (only a couple wrong things) but hasn’t yet approved the second attempt of the actual test.

But, hey. I’ve got these classes left:

AND THEN I’M DONE. I just need to keep this feeling of normal long enough to knock them all out. Honestly, the hardest ones are going to be the math from the current term (but now that I’ve found my calculator that should be much better), and the web development one because I’m terrible with CSS.

A Rant About the Restrictiveness of Subscriptions

As a Millennial, it’s kind of my job to have subscriptions to services, right? Like, I have Hulu, Netflix, Sling, Spotify, Quip, Amazon Prime, Creative Cloud, and a bunch more that I can’t think of right now. That’s a lot. Why does everything need to be a subscription? From a business standpoint I get it, subscriptions generate guaranteed income.

The following paragraphs brought to you by Yesterday Joe who just wanted to read an article relating to the coronavirus:

Apple News+ is such bullshit. Iโ€™m almost annoyed enough to get a subscription but that just plays into their plan. Especially stuff relating to the virus, that shouldnโ€™t be behind a paywall. It’s a public health emergency, let me read all related information for free. Because I am a public and I have my health to worry about.

At least twice a week I see an article that I would like to read, but itโ€™s subscription only. I get it, Apple and the news outlets need to make money somehow, but I already have subscriptions to so many things. I want to have less subscriptions. But I canโ€™t. Hulu and Netflix have different things, some stuff is only on HBO GO or whatever.

I think that speaks for itself. Drinky Yesterday Joe, and all.

So much stuff now is behind a paywall. I’m lucky enough to have a job where theoretically I can afford all these different things, but that creates an inequality in society. “Only those that can afford all these disparate services shall know the information.”

Again, I get it, it’s capitalism and everyone needs to make money somehow, but it’s definitely not fair. And then those same companies get upset that multiple people are sharing accounts. Because not everyone can afford them, Susan! It’s so much more accessible for one person to pay (or a group of people pay one person a smaller amount) than paying for your own account.

Let’s say I shared all of my streaming accounts (Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Sling) with three friends. That’s $70 for one person, but if the other three throw me $17.50 every month then that’s much more manageable. I’ve been there. That other $50 could have been all I could afford for food. Again, I’m not in that place any more and am grateful I don’t have to deal with that, but still. I must pay close to $200 a month in various things. Past Joe working as much as possible but still not able to fully pay rent on time would never have been able to afford that. And then Apple wants to charge me however much for “premium” access to a global pandemic? I’m really close to explicitly saying something here, I hope you can infer where I’m going because I don’t want to say it outright.

This will definitely be revisited. Drinky Yesterday Joe was mostly upset that stuff relating to the virus isnโ€™t available.

Daily Reflections

I think I did a pretty good job with putting the daily reflections up top. Maybe one day I can forego this section. Not today, though.

Woke up late today for some reason. Well, the reason is my alarm went off at 9, I was having some good dreams, so I went back to sleep. Because why not, I’m not working right now.

Made a coffee, did some Facebooking, got caught up on the Internet, and then finished working on my practice test. Submitted, and then was like, “Well, got to wait for the teacher to grade that so I’ll just play some Minecraft for a couple hours!”

That was at 3. By 6 I realized I was finally hungry, so I popped a pizza in the oven and kept playing. Next thing I knew it was 9. Made some good progress in the game and started working on my first mine (I literally need one diamond to finish my AFK fish farm).

Well, time to sign off the computer and keep cracking on my Apex goal of battle pass level 88 so I don’t have to pay $10 for the next season! That’d just be ONE MORE THING I WOULD SPEND MONEY ON. </rant>

Day 46 of 56: Home

Today was a self-care day. Details below.

Trip to Town!

Last night I was browsing Facebook settling down from whatever the hell I did yesterday, playing some rounds of Apex because I have 20 more Battle Pass levels until the next season is free. I have a week. And I’m terrible.

Anyway, someone I know from theatre posted that her computer was randomly typing characters and that she had 20 days to finish her class and HELP!!! That’s like right up my alley, so I commented that it sounded like she had a bad keyboard and to try a different one. Long story short, it was a laptop, it was the built-in keyboard, and she didn’t have a spare. Luckily I’ve amassed a sizable number of keyboards through the years. So we decided to meet up and I’d give her one as a temporary workaround until she can either get the laptop fixed (not my forte AT ALL, they include way too many extra screws) or get a new one.

Cool. I was already planning to get noodles with my best frand, I’ll just come in early, bring the laptop with the car inverter, get some homework done, and then noodles.

Wake up early today, forgot how clothes worked (you have to take them OUT of the washing machine in general, but best BEFORE you take a shower), and tried to do my hair. For the last few years I’ve had a fauxhawk and need to get a haircut every month otherwise it just gets crazy. It’s been three months. I now have a lot of hair. My product just doesn’t cut it. No matter what I did I could get the middle bit to stand up, but not the hair going from the sides to the peak.

Spent far too much time trying to get my hair fixed, gave up, gathered my things and headed out. Made it maybe two miles before I started getting really hot and felt like I had to puke. Uh oh, dehydrated. Again. There’s a theme. Turned off the heat, rolled down a window, chugged some water. It was okay.

Got to the park to make the handoff. What happened next was kind of bittersweet? I get out the car with the keyboard and my mask, see her, say hey, and as we start getting closer we both pull out our masks and put them on. Like, it was sweet but also kind of sad. Sweet in that we both cared about each other enough to put on a mask just in case. Sad because that’s just the reality of living through a pandemic where nobody is immune yet.

Got back in the car and headed home because I didn’t bring the laptop, had decided that instead of staying in town I would go back home and clean out the car. I felt nauseous as soon as I sat down. Yeah, going home for more water would be a good plan.

Back at Home

So the plan was to come home, drink water, feel better, and then go clean out the car. I sat down in my chair with my awesome weighted blanket, and just got the chills. Like, no matter what I did with the blanket I just could not get warm. I had opened the windows for some breeze, so closed them, same thing. It was 68F in my house, I shouldn’t have felt cold.

I remembered the CDC released some new observations about symptoms of The Rona so I checked those. Chills were listed. Uh… I’ve also had this low-key sore throat for the last couple weeks, which is another symptom (not a low-grade one, just says sore throat). I just thought I’ve been snoring at night. I’ve kind of been warm for a while, too? But I don’t own a thermometer so there’s really no way to check. That could just be me wearing this heavy sweatshirt all the time, or trying to connect dots that don’t need to be connected.

Cancelled my noodle plans and wanted to take a nap. I’m convinced all my symptoms are just me not having enough water. Realized I barely ate anything yesterday, so I made a couple corn dogs.

Spent the rest of the day not moving and drinking water. I am feeling a little better with the nausea, why do I keep doing this to myself.


Not feeling chili or bangers and mash, and also wanting something more substantial than ramen, I decided to cook that tofu I bought! Went down a little rabbit hole looking at marinade recipes, tips and tricks, and the history of tofu. Also the difference between tofu and tempeh.

I found this marinade recipe. Pressed the tofu using my CCNA study book, finally getting some use out of that monstrosity. While waiting for it to marinate played some video games with the guys.

I couldn’t decide between soba noodles and rice. Both great options. At some point I pulled the noodles out of the fridge because I decided on them for tonight and forgot; so I pulled out the rice cooker, measured rice, and only remembered I decided on noodles when I went to move the lid and the noodles were there. Tomorrow, idiot.

The noodles came with this soy ginger sauce, and after putting it all together I realized that I either don’t like ginger or just that sauce. I should have thrown it out, I have stir-fry sauce in the fridge that tastes much better.

I’m going to throw out the rest of the stir-fry, I just can’t eat it. The tofu turned out good, so the marinade will make a comeback. But next time I get those noodles I’m going to not use the sauce they include.

Daily Reflections

Some of my reflections are above. Bittersweet feelings, how much I hate that I get dehydrated all the time (YES, I KNOW I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER AND LESS WINE.), thoughts for cooking better.

Today really was just a don’t move and hydrate kind of day. I took pictures of the tofu, fully intending to do like a step-by-step, but I’m just not feeling it right now. Maybe later when I go through to edit the SEO crap after this challenge is over. Just know that for the most part it was delicious.

Day 45 of 56: Food

Food-Driven Personality

I am very easily influenced when it comes to food. I was watching a vlog and they showed that they got a burrito and right now (00:30) all I want in the world is a burrito. With nacho cheese.

What I really want is something from Super Burrito (downtown Bend) but I’d settle for some Taco Bell. I could also go for some french fries. Going to town Monday for some noodles (plus gas and propane, I don’t make trips I don’t need), I think I’m going to have to also stop and get some fast food. It’s been two months.

I’m meeting up with my best friend for noodles and a physical distance hangout again. Beyond the cashier at the store, I’m almost certain the last person I talked to in person was her, well over a month ago. I’ve had conversations on the phone and in game chat, but more or less I haven’t seen anyone in two months. It’s fine, I’m fine. It’s been like one long weekend, and I stay home on the weekends. Being an introvert helps.

No, Joe, you don’t need to spend money on useless things.

I’m trying to talk myself out of buying a camera. I’ve been watching a lot of vlogs and just YouTube vids in general. I don’t have a computer that can easily edit pictures or videos. I would eventually like to stream or have an actual YouTube channel, but there’s a lot more equipment I need to get first. I have a camera that I use for school, I have a video cam that is older but would work for streaming.

First step is to get/build a computer that can handle gaming and streaming (thus also Photoshop and Premiere), then a green screen, better Internet, sound equipment (which would also benefit if we ever start the podcast), and then at the very bottom of the list is a camera. I have a computer in my pocket that also comes with a camera and I barely use it. Sure it’s only 12MP, but it gets the job done.

Spent some time looking at rice cookers and side tables for the kitchen. These are things I actually do need, but I can’t bring myself to buy them. It could be since I’m not working I feel like I need to save money. Good thing there’s a 12 days until the resort opens back up.

Be Prepared!

Julien shared a video where he shows his emergency bags and I feel like such a bad Boy Scout. I don’t have one of those. My dad and stepmom sent me a water filtering straw and flashlight for Christmas this year, and those would be perfect for a bag. Thankfully no earthquakes, and power outages aren’t very frequent here. But I do live in the middle of a forest. In the high desert. Where there are fires every year.

I should probably have a bag ready to go. But I don’t. Because I was a terrible Boy Scout. An Ad, Yet Not An Ad

I’ve gotten cat food from Chewy for about two years now. This is not a sponsored post. But Chewy, if you want to hit me up with a sponsorship, let me know. Back in the day I would just get whatever food was cheap but still okay for Athena. When I moved out to the forest, I wanted to switch her to a food that I could get out here that was good for her and available if she ran out before the next time I went to town. I settled on Supreme Source. Hey Supreme Source: same offer as Chewy. Give me money and I’ll pimp your product. What I really liked about this food, besides being available at my local store, is that it’s grain-free. Kittehs don’t eat grain in the wild, that made it the best choice. I also got approval from my friend who was a vet tech. May not be the best food for her but it checks the boxes and she eats it all so until a vet tells me otherwise that’s what she gets.

Then I got Turnip. That motherfucker ate food like it was going out of style. He came from an environment with a lot of other cats so it was mostly just resource-guarding. But initially since he was eating me out of house and home, I made the decision to get bigger bags delivered. Supreme Source wasn’t available at Fred Meyer, I can’t remember if I looked at PetSmart or Petco, but I don’t frequent those anyway so Chewy was the best choice for getting the food I wanted to feed my cats.

So I signed up for autoship. I had almost figured out a good schedule for it, I was either a week early or two weeks late, and then Turnip developed a UTI and bladder stones. His vet prescribed him special food to help dissolve the stones. That same day I called every pet store in the area, nobody had it. Thankfully I already used Chewy so that’s where I was able to get him his special food. He got shitty wet food from the store for a couple days until his vet approved the order and it arrived. He was not complaining. I digress.

Turnip has five cans of special food left, so that should last another five days. I ordered food for both him and Athena (bought a bag half the size from normal because now it’s just her on that food again). Decided to also get some toys. Turnip got a toy with a ball on a track that also has a scratching pad since he has claws. Athena’s toy is an automatic laser. Set it on a surface and turn it on, it moves a laser randomly for like 15 minutes. She loves lasers, and I lose interest (slash my thumb hurts from pressing the button) pretty quickly. She’s also getting pretty chonky being trapped in my room. So I hope she likes it and this will help her get more active again. She’s afraid to leave the room even if I have the door open. Haven’t quite figured out how to make the two of them exist peacefully together, Turnip is an asshole and picks on her. Breaks my heart that I can’t spend time with her in the living room. Sucks that the only time I spend with her is right before bed and then just as I wake up. Again, I digress.

Chewy has a warning on their site and sent an email after the order was placed that shipments are taking longer than normal due to increased orders. I was initially confused, like why would they be backed up? That just makes no sense! But then a second later I realized that people aren’t leaving their homes very much, so of course there’s an increase in orders. That kind of sucks for Turnip because they’re saying it’s taking 7-10 days to ship and he has less food than that. Plus the lead time for the vet to approve the shipment for his prescription food. She said no more dry food so I’m glad I bought a big pack of that shitty food, at least he’ll be able to eat while we wait for the shipment.

But yeah. This non-sponsored post basically boils down to if you have pets you should really order from Chewy. I get hand-written cards for their birthdays. They’re generic and definitely just a gimmick that they do to set themselves apart from the rest, but it really does mean a lot to me. The cats don’t care, because they’re cats, but I’m touched that someone spent a portion of their day for my screamy hell demons. The prices are decent, too, especially if you order more than $49 worth of stuff. Which Turnip’s food is. $50 for 24 cans. Not only does he not appreciate me, the bastard is expensive. And monthly vet exams (yet to come, the Rona hit after his diagnosis so we haven’t been able to get in for a followup). Spendy little demon soot sprite.

Daily Reflections

I didn’t realize that the majority of this would be me reacting to the delay from Chewy and also how awesome they are. Sorry.

Round two of bangers and mash tonight. Which means I reheated the gravy I made the other night, and then cooked potatoes and sausages. Not really a round two since I’m only reheating one thing made before. Made two sausages because last time I only made one and wanted two, only ate one. Wasteful. I hate that.

Made some good progress in Minecraft in the village. Built a pretty rough iron farm. For whatever reason the golems hang out on the back end of the spawning building, so I found some lava, dug a giant hole, and now I get like 40 iron a day.

Well, tonight I need to go to bed before 4am. If I have to be awake before noon in 12 days, I need to start re-training myself.

Day 44 of 56: Delivery

Oh God, after trimming the facial hair yesterday I can blow my nose and not feel weird. Hairs aren’t going UP INTO MY NOSE when I put tissue to face and blow.

So that’s the opening statement that I’m going with. The post only gets worse from here.


I need to get a weed eater. I actually need a lot of yard care equipment. A weed eater is the biggest one, though. Electric, though. I don’t want to have to deal with keeping gas around the place. I have an electric mower and it’s great. There’s a lot of grass so I mow about half, charge the battery and take a break, and then finish the rest when it’s ready. Built-in union breaks, bb!

I also should plant some flowers soon, as soon as it stops freezing at night. Potentially starting on my birthday. Keep an eye out. It rained today, and forecast says it’ll rain again Wednesday before getting warm and not freezing starting on my birthday! I have a couple packets of seeds sitting by my front door, Thursday I’ll just get up and pour them out. It’s gonna be great.

My birthday is on Thursday and I already have it all planned out: make some margaritas and mow the lawn. That’s it. That’s all I want to do. I lead a very exciting life.


I knew when I moved out to be close to work that I wouldn’t be able to get delivery from the pizza place out here. Thank god, when I lived in town I had pizza delivered like twice a week and I weighed so much. So much. I’m pretty sure in the last two and a half years I’ve lost like 40 pounds, simply because I can’t get food delivered. Ten of those pounds came off since work closed, because every meal is homemade and sometimes I forget to eat. Also some muscle atrophy, but still.

Actually, I kind of can’t get over FORTY POUNDS LOST. When I was in town, chilling around 220. I was working out a bit so some of that may have been muscle, but seriously I was eating out for almost every meal. Bought this house and live alone so I can’t split bills, had to start cooking for myself because there’s only like five restaurants out here and eating out in a resort community would quickly bankrupt me. Now I’m around 180, was at 190ish the last time I went to work. Even though most of my dinners were homemade, I would always forget to pack a lunch so I’d go to Subway, Mexican, or pizza for lunch.

Where was I going with this. I got distracted by losing 40 pounds.

Oh. Delivery. Right. So when I lived in town we still didn’t have Uber Eats. I think it launched like two months after I moved. Thanks. That was a two years (ish) ago, more restaurants have signed up, we have DoorDash, PostMates, and whatever else I don’t know about. The delivery area stops about 15 miles down the highway.

But, like, I don’t get that? If I lived at the south end of town and ordered from a restaurant on the north end, that’s like 20-30 minutes easy delivery time. I lived south-central and it was 22 minutes door-to-door to work, I now live a few minutes from work. All the restaurants I would love to be able to be delivered are on the south side and/or close to the highway, so it’d be 30 minutes. So why not make it available based on distance?

I’m just salty because one of my favorite restaurants is the Mongolian BBQ place and I got an email saying they reopened for takeout, and all I want now is a bowl of noodles. They’re taunting me with delivery. DoorDash doesn’t come out this far.

Unrelated to delivery, related to noodles, my best frand and I are going to do a physical separation hangout on Monday and you can bet we’re going to get takeout noodles.


Yesterday when I went to the store, there was an alert that deer migration is in progress. Score! That means my deer friends will be back! One of the selling points for me on this house was that deer hang out in the yard. I love that. I had a mom and her baby hang out for a while. Baby would freak out when I went to the car, but I was able to talk to the mom and keep her from running away. Pretty soon I didn’t have to say anything, they’d just chill as I left for work. There’s also a couple families at work that sleep in the traffic circle and come up to the building so they can eat the grass.

I had a thought that since the neighbors got their dog last year I haven’t seen any deer friends, especially since they can’t control him and he just roams the neighborhood. While checking Instagram for the last time I saw them, turns out they were last here in July. So maybe I’m just early.

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Deer friends are back!

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But yeah, fuck that dog. Total asshole.

Daily Reflections

Watching Jenna and Julien’s videos while I write this, and they’re talking about the car crash they were in. In Jenna’s video she talked about getting an IV and then getting contrast to check for internal bleeding. She was like “my blood got hot.” When I had it done, I wished they had warned me that my butt hole would feel like it was on fire. I can’t wait for next Sunday’s post. I wrote an awesome text describing the entire ordeal of an appendectomy and it needs to be shared with the world on the anniversary of my first real hospital visit. That’s going to be an amazing post.

After I posted yesterday, I stayed up and watched some old recordings of shows I worked on. Not really sure how that started, but long story short I drank a lot, sang along very loudly, and didn’t go to bed until 5. Needless to say, I woke up late today and everything needed to be quiet for a while.

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